Maya Issues a Warning to Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Rick Forrester (Jacob Young) will do anything to keep his job running his family's fashion dynasty, even accept help from his scheming, ex-girlfriend Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey). How will his current flame, Maya (Karla Mosley), react to the news of Rick and Caroline's alliance? 

Today on The Bold and the Beautiful, the aspiring starlet has a harsh warning for her boyfriend regarding Caroline. Meanwhile, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) struggles to keep from planting one on his brother's girl. Watch a sneak peek of today's B&B after the jump!

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    OK… I am all for this new love interest with Hope and the new spawn of Bill’s seed but adding in Liam and having Hope conflicted is ridiculous! Seriously, Liam dumped you because he wanted to be with Steffy and he told Steffy and the world that he LOVED HER and only her and wanted a life with her.

    Then the actress who played Steffy left and with her Steffy followed and all of sudden Liam now wants and would like to marry HOPE?!! And HOPE is all for it?!

    Seriously, couldn’t they have written it that Bill’s Spawn met Hope and started dating her. Liam became jealous and the rivalry for Hope’s heart began! Couldn’t Liam… Mr wimpy nice guy… have started to show his Spencer side and done everything to get Hope and Spawn2 apart?!

    Couldn’t Spawn2 have begun to hate Liam because Hope is a great girl and why would he string her along?! The two could fight with Hope taking SPAWN2’s side. Then an epic fight could ensue after months of the triangle with Liam about to push SPAWN2 over a cliff when Lois arrives from Port Charles and screams HIS YOUR BROTHER and then the true fight begins.

    At least there is drama there and not a repeat as is now.

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