Melanie Tells a NASTY Lie on Adam on The Young and the Restless! (SNEAK PEEK)

I guess Melanie (Erin Chambers) didn't feel launching a sexual harassment claim against Adam (Michael Muhney) was punishment enough for the corporate mogul. SPOILER ALERT: Today on The Young and the Restless, Billy's (Billy Miller) partner-in-crime decides to up the ante, by accusing Adam of rape. Such a charming girl, that Melanie. Watch a sneak peek of today's Y&R after the jump!


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    RealityCheck 33

    Uh-oh, this is going to get nasty real quick. Billy has created a monster that’s going to blow up in his face.

    I can’t stand Melanie or the actress that’s playing the role. I hope this isn’t going to go on forever, but with these shitty writers, I fear it will.

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    It seems to be the new regimes way. Give us a bunch of crap and throw in Melanie or my personal favorite, DUMBO DYLAN. He must be on vacation. 4 beautiful days without that talentless HACK.

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    It seems to be the new regimes way. Give us a bunch of crap and throw in Melanie or my personal favorite, DUMBO DYLAN. He must be on vacation. 4 beautiful days without that talentless HACK.

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    I thought that she and her Lucky Charms accent were AWFUL on GH but she’s–shockingly–even worse on Y&R. JFP should do the opposite of what she thinks is a good idea.

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    REALLY? The most compelling story that Y&R can write RIGHT NOW is a FAKE RAPE story?! Seriously.

    Who writes this crap?! Plus the actress has as much range as the pitching arm of that dad in the volkswagen commercial. NONE!

    Several months of this and WHINETORIA and I am not sure if I will be around for the verdict.

    This story will quickly turn into a murder mystery.


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    I’m hating this hoary story and Billy’s back and forth degrees of involvement. The lawyerling has no case and will likely face the wrath of Victor let alone a wronged Adam in the days (and hopefully not weeks) to come.

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    He was busy practicing his confused stare, Yojoromo. That just don’t come natural, ya know!

    BTW, TPTB, I think we GET that hormone therapy and in vitro treatments make a woman CRAZEE…oy

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    Friday’s episode was awful. You have glorified day player Melanie(played by a mediocre actress IMO) crying rape so Billy can get Newman back for weak ass Victoria. Oh, and in the meantime, Billy needs Jason Quartermaine to build a bookcase for Victoria so it can help save his marriage. A FUCKING BOOKCASE. Then you have Victoria “threatening” Chelsea again about keeping Chloe away from Billy. Yeah, I laughed too when I typed “Victoria threatening…”–little Johnny is more threatening than this spineless character. And, oh yeah, Jason Qua…I mean Dylan shows up to ask Chelsea the only question he ever asks Chelsea, “Is Adam bothering you again?”. No dude, but you sure as hell are. And, of course, you have poor Rob Adamson showing up for his weekly ten lines of dialogue so he can prop up crazy, bug-eyed Sharon while she goes off the rails AGAIN. And then, to top it off, we get to see Michelle Stafford lie in a hospital bed, pretending to be in a coma, as her time on the show unceremoniously comes to a close.

    Personally, I don’t even know what to say anymore. End of ’12/beginning of ’13 was very promising but since then this show has collapsed thanks to some very bad story execution(the dialogue is still sharp but that’s about all you can say). And sadly, I don’t see it getting better under JFP/JG any time soon.

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    hey mon

    You all are going to be a-missin MAB in a major way with the shiggety being pushed down our throats. Melanie has Adam arrested for rape? Billy — you’re marriage is OVER.

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    M T S is tweeting that she has ” a major story line coming up ” and I am assuming it has to do with the passing of Catherine.

    Unless Nikki is having an affair with the hunky Dylan….

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    hey mon

    Sure Tracey — sure Melody is. She tweeted last year that she thought that her MS story-line was major, and it wasn’t. She is basically an adviser to Victoria, and that’s about it. She must have to ‘toe the party line’ or be banished.

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    I have still to watch Y&R from Friday but why doesn’t Adam just drop the ball and inform the STATE BAR of what Melanie has been doing?! Threatening her with NO REFERENCE or a bad one seems silly when all he has to do is threaten her with disbarment!

    I mean, honestly, without a law degree she won’t get any job and all those years working to be a lawyer will be a waste. All he has to do is say that he suspected that she was working for Victor Newman to take him down so he forced her to give Victor wrong info to see if his suspicions were correct.

    Then you have Billy chatting with her in front of Adam? Why didn’t Adam just walk up to them RIGHT THEN AND THERE and say in his snarky way “Gotcha! Oh, Billy, you are really pathetic and now you have given me more reason to ruin any chance you have with Victoria. And Melanie… I have the Bar Association on speed dial. Say Bye to your law degree and lawyering.”

    No… Adam slinks away so that Melanie can concoct this stupid plan and Billy frets over a bookcase?!

    Honestly, I am thinking Maria Bell is back on this show!!

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    Just watched the episode before bed and I have to say that ever since Paul Williams has become a cop he has been made in REVERSE of everything he has been for decades… he is now an idiot.

    I know RAPE is an extremely aggressive and horrendous crime and it should be looked at in every way through the eyes of the victim. But when you look at the full story of that Melanie gave you have to question whether or not it was a consensual act or an aggressive one. We all know BECAUSE NOTHING ON A SOAP OPERA THESE DAYS IS A SECRET that it was consensual. We also know that the character is conspiring with Billy to take Adam down. We also know that Victoria’s glee over seeing Adam’s downfall is the BIGGEST WASTE of time since Victoria will quit and is an annoying character.

    But what makes PAUL SUCH A STUPID character now is a few reasons: One, he knows that Kevin committed several crimes to get Michael out and cleared. It would be fantastic that he wouldn’t charge Kevin with a crime but would say to him that he is fired because PAUL can’t risk Kevin doing what he wants to protect someone next time. It makes no sense for Paul… never a cop and something I could overlook if he actually tried to do the right thing… would keep Kevin on the payroll. The same with Chavez who terrrorized and harrassed Kevin and Chloe over and over again before Kevin was caught AND WITHOUT evidence. (Even hiring Chavez who was fired from the largest city police force in the world, the NYPD, and Paul felt he was good for GCPD without even getting an explanation?!”

    Now with Melanie. She comes in all composed and says I WANT ADAM TO PAY… which to me and any cop would & should make RED LIGHTS come up because it sounds more like payback than I was violated. Then she pulls out her clothes… which again would GROSS ME THE HELL OUT MORE THAN MONICA LEWINSKY’S blue stained dress since when they got “soiled” was over a month ago and since this is a lie WHY DIDN’T MELANIE get those garments washed/cleaned?!! ewwww”. Then, she was fired BY VICTOR and she just filed sexual harassment charges against Adam.

    To me… if I didn’t know all the other story with Billy and insider info conflict, I would be like “We’re sorry, Melanie, for what appears to have occurred. Since you were having “relations” with Adam, we will have to have your clothes tested with his DNA. We will have to question him first and substantiate your claims.”

    I may be off here but I think that in real life that they would have called him in for questioning and not hauled him off WHILE THE supposed VICTIM followed the cop cars to the restaurant allowing her to watch the arrest.

    THIS IS NOT DRAMA since we know everything already. WHY can’t there be suspense or secrets that are slowly revealed. I’m sorry, I hope when all is said and done that Billy loses as much as Melanie does because ever since hooking up with Victoria and buying a kid at KIDS-R-US for her he has become unwatchable when his story has to do with WHINETORIA. Building a book shelf, working with a woman to bring Adam down and having it be a crime that will prove to be wrong and I AM SORRY, the ultimate should be that Melanie leaves town and Billy should be arrested and then see Victoria fight for him than the other way around.

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    Melanie will probably be killed and a WHO DUNIT ensues and we will know the moment the body is found WHO DID it but made to watch as Paul tries to figure out who did it. EXCITING… NOT!!!

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    The best part of this rushed story is that it gives our fav police capt. some air time. Otherwise unless it really does bring Adam down somehow most of us don’t care.

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    hey mon

    I think that this is going to be yet another way to make Adam look good to the whole Newman clan. Soon Victoria and Adam, once the truth comes out, will be holding hands and singing songs. Billy will be out of the picture, since he orchestrated the whole “Melanie takes on Darth Adam” in the first place.

    I wonder what Nikki’s major s/l will be. Anything short of her and Dr Kurt having an affair will be minor.

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    What I don’t get is why Police Chief Williams simply goes on the story from a crime weaver he should easily see through and marches off to Billy’s restaurant (how did he know he was there) and automatically arrests Adam.
    And why is Billy readily armed with his trusty cell phone to record “evidence“ when he knows darned well that lawyerling Melanie has concocted the whole story. I hope Adam rises like the phoenix he is to destroy all those misguided creatures.

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