DC #731: Top 5 Character Assassinations

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels count down their Top 5 Character Assassinations in soaps. The DC gang has so many characters to choose from, whether on past soaps or on current series.

Share your Top 5 Character Assassinations in the comments.

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42 Responses

  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    #1 Sharon Collins Newman (Y&R)
    Once beloved heroine that used to lie her way through some life challenging time, but never appeared as villain material. That changed over the last two years when Sharon faked her death, started stealing things, then kissed and married former father-in-law Victor, took over Newman, tried to commit bigamy by marrying Tucker and just recently switched the DNA results that prove Summer’s paternity. That just ain’t the Sharon fans once knew and loved.

    #2 Luke Spencer (GH)
    Part of soap opera’s most recognized supercouple, Luke had his best days in the early 80s. Even after raping Laura the writers turned Luke into a romantic hero. Not much was left of this in the late 2000s. Luke became a drunk, a loser who then killed his legal grandson in a car accident. Killing Jake hurt the character of Luke beyond repair. Especially since the character is sorry but does not acknowledge his drinking problems to that date. Luke and his douche behavior have become the character’s identification. Not much seems left of the romantic lead and star of the show he once was.

    #3 Victoria Newman (Y&R)
    Unbelievable what happened to this character. Once a strong businesswoman that was so much like her dad has become a desperate needy woman who has not much in common with her former self anymore. Since Heinle took over the role in 2005, the real Victoria fans loved in the 90s seems missing. And yes, while the writing can be blamed for some of this character’s assassination, Heinle is part of the problem.

    #4 Connie Falconeri/Kate Howard (GH)
    It was like the soap’s version of “The Devil Wears Prada” when Kate Howard arrived in Port Charles. A strong businesswoman who made a name for herself in the fashion and publishing world. Six years later, after DID and dealing with her alter Connie, it’s like looking at a totally different character. Kate/Connie, even without the DID, has lost much of her appeal from the early years.

    #5 Taylor Hayes (B&B)
    A therapist that fell for fashion designer Ridge Forrester brought a breath of fresh air to the show after Caroline’s death. Taylor has become a beloved character over the years that had to suffer in a rivalry with Brooke Logan. Over the years the rivalry became very unhealthy and the once successful therapist became obsessed with another woman’s life, seeing her as a slut … while they practically shared the exact same men. Well, Taylor even went into bed with Brooke’s son. Something that was only teased by Taylor’s rival Brooke. Turning her into a some time crazy and obsessive slut, the character lost it’s appeal and got on the back burner multiple times over the last years.

    #Honorable Mentions
    Jill Foster Abbott (Y&R)
    Once a power-hungry businesswoman, who also was a hit with men, these days Jill lives a miserable life on the back burner. Has to fight with an impostor over Chancellor Industries while she has nothing to do with Jabot or the Abbotts anymore. That also includes her son Billy, which she is rarely seen with while taking care of impostor Cane and his family. Jill was written into boredom which hurt the character without doubt.

    Holly Sutton Scorpio (GH)
    Such a great character in the 80s and a fan favorite, her first return in the 2000s destroyed her character by her becoming somewhat of a villain in one of Guza’s many Sweep storylines. It hurt the character even more to write an off-screen affair with Luke Spencer while married to Robert Scorpio into the show that produced son Ethan. Fans of today don’t have to say many good things about Holly – even though in their latest attempts they tried to fix her now damaged image a bit.

  2. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    I only watch Y&R. But I would put Sharon Newman and Jill Abbott at the top of the list, for reasons that need no explaining! And Billy Abbott has gone from working at Jabot to CATERING WEDDINGS?!?! WTF?

    Devon, Lily, and co. DO NOT BELONG AT JABOT COSMETICS!!!!

  3. Profile photo of katehhoward


    Kate came to Port Charles as a strong, intelligent, level headed, career driven, attractive, fashionable and prestigious woman. Megan Wards portrayal was superb and memorable. Megan’s characterization actually redeemed Sonny in my mind. I began to tolerate dimples. Megan was hired to only be on the show for a few months but because her fan base grew they extended her to a three year contract.

    Kate was good friends with Jasper Jax among other notable PC high society. Megan knew how to deliver a line. The scene where she tears into Lulu was truly one of the best moments on GH.

    Kate relationship with Maxi and Lulu at Crimson was fun and light. Kate also had a fabulous friendship with both Alexis and Diane. It was odd that when Kelly Sullivan came on that seemed to have changed. As though Kate never sat and conversed with these two ladies. It was horrible. For the first time there were mature successful career minded females on our screen. Three females that represented success.

    When Kate broke up with Sonny they had her paired with Coleman and for a brief few weeks it was cute but Kate was meant to be with Sonny. If they wanted they could have paired her with many of the gentleman on the show. Megan had chemistry with many of the actors.

    On Septmeber 12, 2011 that all changed. The talented, sophisticated, attractive, strong yet feminine, intelligent, graceful, and indomitable Kate Howard was no more. We were introduced to Connie Falconeri. This was the beginning of the end of the history of Katherine Howard. The character was dismantled and ripped to shreds. Not only did they recast the role with a younger actress but the whole history of the character was raped, no pun intended. The queen of couture was now being portrayed as a psychotic real housewife white trash. Kelly could of only hoped to hold a candle up to Megan’s work. Kelly is very talented but she played a major role in the degradation of the character of Kate Howard. No one could relate to this new version. The fans of Kate began to lose interest in the DID nonsense and after months of vile distortions of this once amazing character people gave up.

    I am at peace with the killing of Connie Falconeri because she was never the real Kate. In my world, Kate is still in Paris back at the helm of Couture and she has left Crimson to Connie and Todd. This was one of the worse character assassinations that I have ever had the displeasure sitting through. This regime although pretty decent at times, could have redeemed the character by bringing Megan back and continuing on with a new story for the fashionista instead they chose another direction.

    Katherine Hardwicke Howard is my choice for the vilest character assassination ever on daytime tv.

  4. Profile photo of SaveYRNow

    I would easily put Sharon Collins Newman at # 1.

    As for those who place Taylor Hayes on their list, sorry to say, I’m glad she’s gone. I started really disliking Taylor AND the actress who played her, Hunter Tylo AFTER Hunter got her lips all jammed up with gel! That ruined the character for me and the fact that she got up all in Brooke’s business all the time when she was no better than Brooke.

    The other character that was greatly assassinated was Ridge Forrester, but that was only because of the actor playing the role. Now that Ridge is being recast, hopefully we’ll get a better actor in the role who can take the character to new heights and better story telling.

  5. Profile photo of Cornfed

    DING DING DING, Yoryla for the win! :beer: :bigsmile: :crown:

    But have we forgotten Jack Deveraux, DOOL under the JER regime and forever after??? (tho Marlene Clark and Darelle whats his face undid some damage but too little too late)

    And arguably Dr. Marlena Evans Brady Black during the James Reilly regime? Or did James Reilly massacre about half the cast, meanwhile giving us years of addictive delicious vixens/heroines like Carly Manning, Vivien Alamaine, Billie Reed, and Kristen/Susan/Mary Moira/Penelope/Thomas etc ?

  6. Profile photo of liason4real


    1) Jason Morgan. The hitman with the “heart of gold” spent over a decade under Frons carrying Carly’s purse, Sonny’s “bitch”, and unable to shake off Kung Fu Barbie or the wannabe action chick, Sam. Jason’s popularity (IMO) died seconds after he had sex with Sam in Mexico. This once feared hitman, wouldn’t forgive Robin for over a decade for outing Michael’s paternity, slaughtered Faith for kidnapping Sonny’s spawns, and at one time could kill his intended victim without them showing up alive (Lorenzo and Franco) under a new regime, but when it came to going back to Sam after she terrorized Jake, Jason Morgan aka “Pod Jason” died in 2009.

    2) Elizabeth Webber. This once “bratty” teenager came to town sixteen years ago and turned Audrey’s staid life upside down. I no longer see the once feisty teen, but a shell of a woman with three WTD stories, stuck yapping about “poor snot nose Lucky Spencer” who dumped his children and ran off to help orphans in Africa. Liz spent years having to pimp JaSam or Sam in order to try and make fans forget that SHE is the love of Jason’s life. Liz became a popular character in her own right, but spent way too many years on the backburner or dealing with whiny exes (Lucky, Zander, Ric, and Nik).


    1) Taylor Hayes. I was once a fan of Taylor and Brooke’s, because the women were so different, now you can’t tell them apart. Taylor barely waits until Brooke turns her back, before she’s humping one of her enemies exes or the woman’s son.


    1) Dorian Lord. Dorian used to be fierce, but she has since been saddled in way too many campy stories, and being paired up with David Vickers has done more harm than good.

    2) Jessica Buchanan. I watched Erin Torpey’s Jessica grow up on the show, so when TIIC suddenly began pulling DID alters out of their collective noses, it truly ruined the once lovable heroine.

    3) Clint Buchanan. I fondly remember when Clint Richie’s version of Clint came to Llanview back in the late 1970’s, and fell in love with his character. Today’s version of Clint is too much like Asa (and I loved Asa!) with his schemes and manipulations, that it no longer feels right to want him anywhere near Viki. The day that Clint allowed the Ford’s father to almost rape Nora, was the day that this character was destroyed.

  7. Profile photo of Yoryla

    IOWA :beer: :)

    katehhoward – I must say, you’re synopsis and description of the life and destruction of Kate Howard is very accurate. She well qualifies for this list.

  8. Profile photo of EricasBlackSon

    Jesse Hubbard. The character was rough around the edges but always had nobility. Now he’s just a loser who keeps lying to his wife and screwing up. David Hayward, The Master of Shade, had Jessie’s number when he told him “I’ve done more for your family than you have.” I can’t wait for David and Angie to get it on.

    Dorian Lord. YouTube “The Trial of Dorian Lord” to see how bad this B**** used to be. Dorian was not to be played with. Now the writers have stolen her fire.

    I understand that characters have to change after decades of being on the air or the audience will tire of them. But these two characters have been destroyed.

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Victoria Newman (She’s really the only one that sends me into a rage. |() and half the casts of Santa Barbara, Another World, and As The World Turns (especially Lily Snyder and Craig Montgomery) just before these shows ended.

    I’m still bitter about ATWT by the way. That show should NEVER have been cancelled. Bastards!!!!!

  10. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    1. Phillip Spaulding (GL) becoming a cold-hearted douche who arranged hits and kidnapped his own children.

    2. Alexandra Spaulding (GL) being turned into a drug dealer.

    3. Clint Buchanan (OLTL) becoming Asa Buchanan.

    4. AJ Quartermaine (GH) from the minute Guza started writing Soranos fan fiction on GH.

    5. Holly Lindsey (GL) becoming a serial child snatcher.

  11. Profile photo of Windsor Heights
    Windsor Heights

    The worst character assassination I have ever witnessed was Chloe Lane on Days of our Lives since her return in 2007. Her history was twisted, all of a sudden *everybody* hated her and they kept making her cheat and sleep around. It was the furthest thing from who she originally was. And they still write her as a schemer, which would be ok, if she was one but she wasn’t!!! I still have not gone back to days after the hooked storyline

  12. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    In no particular order for GH:

    Robert Scorpio
    Luke Spencer
    Felicia Jones
    Frisco Jones (his offscreen persona didn’t match his original onscreen one)
    AJ Quartermaine (the one who shot his dad and kidnapped 3 kids)
    Elizabeth Webber
    Sam McCall
    Jason Morgan
    Rick Webber
    Holly Scorpio
    Jerry Jax (not that I don’t love Sebastian Roche’s performance, but that’s not Jerry)

  13. Profile photo of ThomHunt

    OLTL’s Marty Saybrooke, from town bad girl to rape survivor who eventually worked past her demons to become a psychologist, only to be turned into a crazed killer.

  14. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I will add to the chorus…

    Sharon Newman (Y&R) So much has been said.

    Victoria Newman (Y&R) I miss the bad chick that slapped Victor.

    Taylor Hayes (B&B) I am a Brooke fan, but Brooke is more fun when she has a foil instead of a twin. Taylor was made worse when she had done some of the same things that Brooke did, yet still acted high and mighty…and Brooke COULD NEVER call her out on it!!!

    Brooke Forrester (BB) I am sick of the matronly chick. I want red suit Brooke back. Brooke was always sexual, however she was MORE THAN THAT! She was empowered. She knew her own strength. Now? She apologizes all the time and whimpers.

    Victor Newman (YR) Yup. I said it. Maybe I had rose colored glasses, but I never saw him as all bad. He had ebbs and flows and got the best revenge on people, but I think the moment he hired Patty was a change in his character. Victor used to hire professionals. Revenge works best when there are no emotional attachments. For him to hire someone that loved Jack was too risky and unlike Victor. The chain of events that began the day that he hired her is something he won’t come back from. He seems to get worse and worse and his humanity appears less and less.

  15. Profile photo of twb6yz

    Hey DC Confidential!

    I know most of you hate having to do the Top 5 shows but I love ‘em! As a matter of fact I always thought a good topic would be actors who were blah or just so-so on one show who took off when they got to be a better character on another show and Jillian touched on one for me (Sharon Case who was blah on GH and ATWT and really took off on Y&R, Austin Peck who showed us he could act on ATWT, Hunter Tylo going from AMC to B&B, and Kim Zimmer, who was the reason I stopped watching OLTL in the ’80s for many years and then became Reva on GL)

    Anyway, here are my choices and I’m concentrating on those not mentioned on the show or already listed above. Some of them are multiple characters who were assassinated in similar methods. In no particular order:

    1. Young, legacy characters that go crazy and commit irredeemable acts for no reason. (Adam Munson, ATWT for trying to rape Maddie and Gwen, framing Will, etc. and Ben Reade becoming a serial killer on GL).

    2. Young, independent women that come to town who are strong and can stand up for themselves that turn into whiny victims that constantly need a man’s help to save them (Natalie Buchanan, OLTL, Gwen Norbeck, ATWT)

    3. When the writers try to manipulate us to like a particular character by having another character do something out of character that makes the person we may have problems liking more sympathetic (Almost every woman involved with Josh Lewis on GL except Reva, AJ Quatermaine, GH). I never cared for Sonny on GH. In his original stint GH the character of AJ was flawed but whenever there was too much backlash of a backlash on Sonny they had AJ do something completely over the top and vile simply to try to force the viewers to like Sonny a little more. On GL the writers really tried to make us love Reva. She was friends with all her exes (H.B., Billy, Buzz) and we were to think they would take her back in a heartbeat if she would have them (Alan, Prince Richard). Yet most of the women who were with Josh we may or may not have liked yet they made them bitchy or batshit crazy just so we’d want him back with Reva (Sonni/Solita, Annie Dutton, Olivia Spencer, Cassie Winslow)

  16. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Oh Dear Lord, there are so many. Where to even start?!
    I’m going to just make a list of everyone I think have been assassinated and/or ruined. I’m not taking into account ruination by killing off a character or not using them at all.

    These are in no particular order:

    – Sharon Newman, Y&R
    – Victoria Newman, Y&R
    – Ashley Abbott, Y&R
    – Jill Abbott, Y&R

    – Luke Spencer, GH
    – Laura Spencer, GH
    – Felicia Scorpio-Jones, GH
    – Holly Sutton Scorpio, GH
    – Rick Webber, GH
    – AJ Quartermaine, GH, pre-2012
    – Brenda Barrett, GH, 2011, 2013

    – Jennifer Horton, DAYS
    – John Black, DAYS
    – Chloe Lane, DAYS
    – Carly Manning, DAYS

    – Amber Moore, B&B (!!!)
    – Rick Forrester, B&B, 2005 to 2011

    – Marty Saybrooke, OLTL (omg!!! horrid!)

  17. Profile photo of FoxyMegan

    [quote=Daniel St. John]Holly Lindsey (GL) becoming a serial child snatcher.[/quote]

    Ahh, Daniel. You always were so loyal to Holly.

    She was my favorite character on GL for many years and I flew into a rage (not really) when they wrote that storyline.

    I was working for CBS at the time and even called the show’s publicist to complain, but he did manage to calm me down by assuring me that Holly was not being written off the show and that the character would eventually be redeemed.

  18. Profile photo of pferrando

    I’m hoping that somehow our Sharon gets redeemed…but she’s up there for sure.

    The first one that came to my mind though was Marlena on Days. I could never look at that show the same when they wrote the possession. Ruined the show and a great soap character.

    And Kim Zimmer for the clone crap.

    So many more from the cancelled shows too…

  19. Profile photo of Cornfed

    Liason4real — FANTASTIC POST! Gotta agree with all you said. Brilliantly written!

    Ericasblackson — It’s so true. Ron C’s controversial decisiion to put Dorian in a *comedic* category — arguably to broaden Strasser’s duties and the character in one fell swoop (?) — just reeks of camp. I watched the first online episode and grew tired of David and Dorian’s antics in merely a few minutes. Thom Racina & Co wouldn’t hurt to go revisit Harding Lemay’s Rachel Cory 1.0 to find some inspiration. Sure, Robin can’t push 70 and bed hop like she used to, but there MUST be more for her to do. Racina needs to dip back into that well…

  20. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Excellent choices everyone! :beer:

    For myself I would say: Sharon from Y&R, Marty from OLTL, and Ben from GL.

    The shifts each character has done or did made me think each time: “Oh what the f*ck is this $hit?”. :p

  21. Profile photo of SoapsRHere2Stay

    Dorian Lord (I feared Dorian back in the day now she was a joke)
    Tad Martin (Tad killing Dr. Madden was a great reveal but Tad character never recovered)
    Emily Quartermaine (Soily & Niz enough said)
    Tina Lord (Mendorra Queen! UGh)
    Steffy Forrester (She was a vixen then came Liam ugh she wouldn’t want his weak ass. Bill anyone?)

  22. Profile photo of DonnyA2001

    Marty Saybrooke….ugh! It should be a crime for what they did to her and Susan Haskell is one of the only actresses to play the same character who won 2 Emmy awards for her portrayal. THAT’S how they treat her? By making her “Mad Marty”? It’s SO insulting! I also didn’t even mind when Christina Chambers portrayed her, just FYI

  23. Profile photo of twb6yz

    So let’s flip this around and what character did they drastically change for the better? NutMeg, ATWT, and Bitchy Bangs, OLTL jump to mind. Others?

  24. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=FoxyMegan][quote=Daniel St. John]Holly Lindsey (GL) becoming a serial child snatcher.[/quote]
    Ahh, Daniel. You always were so loyal to Holly.
    She was my favorite character on GL for many years and I flew into a rage (not really) when they wrote that storyline.
    I was working for CBS at the time and even called the show’s publicist to complain, but he did manage to calm me down by assuring me that Holly was not being written off the show and that the character would eventually be redeemed.[/quote]

    I got so angry at GL when they did that kidnapping storyline. Honestly I felt like they began ruining Holly the second she let Fletcher climb her back on top of that desk at the Journal. She was never the same after that.

  25. Profile photo of Daniel St. John
    Daniel St. John

    [quote=angrierblackerman](3)Vanessa Bennett (All My Children)

    Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

    Vanessa was initially the one true bitchy villain on AMC and that type of character was long overdue. Marjorie Dusay killed t in that role too “T”. she was able to go from frothy money hungry scheming to deathly cold malevolence without breaking a sweat.
    And her relationship with David and Leo was so much fun to watch. To tank such a great character fr that dreadful Proteus storyline was just a shame.

  26. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    Having loved ATWT since I was a little girl (in the 80s), I have to admit that I selectively remember very little of the last decade of that show.
    Except for the beginning of the Marshall Travers storyline (another character that went down the tubes on that show, before he even got a chance), and Katie and Simon and a few other storylines, I didn’t really like most of the last decade of the show.

    Luke I feel sorry for your honey, you missed some of the best stories on ATWT (check You Tube to see Barbara Ryan at her best–her faux affair with Tom Hughes, rivalry with HBS’ Margo Hughes and her feud with Shannon O’Hara. That was prime time Barbara!
    Speaking of ATWT,

    Sorry but for me, Craig Montgomery in the 80s and 90s was the ONLY Craig Montgomery. Don’t know who those other mustache twirling impostors were. They took a complex mix of pathos and passion and turned him into a joke!

    Dustin Donnovan-ATWT. As much as I liked Grayson McCouch as an actor (and for his looks too), he should’ve been playing another character. Dusty was a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of guy. Not in a saccharine type of way. He was just as complex and conflicted as any character and he wasn’t perfect but he was genuine. ATWT kind of made Holden into what Dusty used to be: a basically good man who occasionally lost his way and made questionable choices. Holden used to be a schemer who played mind games became Dusty and Dusty became a wannabe gangster. I didn’t get it and I didn’t like it. Anytime I see a picture of Brian Bloom, all I can do is sigh at those baby blues.

    And yes, Sharon Collins Newman, etc. would be my number one because sadly, her deterioration continues.
    I said years ago, they should’ve discovered a brain tumor or a ‘mass’ that was affecting certain parts of her brain related to decision making and emotions and I stand by it now more than ever.

    Yes, JILLIAN BOWE– PREACH! Every rahtid thing I wanted to say. I got tired of waiting on Y&R to produce some decent resolution to the whole mess, so I only tune in on occasion. Let me know when Y&R decides to truly ‘fix’ Sharon.
    Dylan is the one getting stronger because he’s eating the show like a damn bowl of Wheaties!

  27. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    That whole Bianca/Zarf storyline was appalling — somehow they wanted to get Bianca next to a dick and if they had to have it attached to a wannabe transgendered woman so be it.

  28. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    Billy Newman, I mean Abbott: He was once the loveable screw up. He was interesting and multi-layered. He had charisma and charm. Now his manhood resides in Victoria’s purse next to the hairbrush she forgets to use 80% of the time. He has been bending over backwards to please that spoiled, self-centered, whinebag who ABANDONED him when he needed her most. He needs to grow a pair and gain freedom already.

    Victoria Newman: She used to have brains AND was strong enough to stand up to Victor. But now she is a whiny, selfish, fishwife who sucks the sexy out of all her male leads. Although I have to attribute it to the recast, I simply cannot with Amelia’s weak potrayal of Victoria.

    Taylor Hayes: She used to be the voice of reason with a functional brain. But her common sense has faded as Hunter Tylo’s face has become more plastic. Her and Ridge had a pretty happy marriage for 8 years, Brooke was not always that big of a thorn in her side.

    Vienna Hyatt: I thought Henry and Vienna were a great couple. They started out rocky yet grew to have more substance. They were funny, Sexy, and quirky. A nice change of pace from the usual soap pairing. But then they set up Henry and Barbara and suddenly Vienna was hooking up with Casey and lying about being pregnant. It was hard watching Vienna being destroyed to prop up Henry and Barbara.

    And I can’t even count the ways Sharon Collins has been destroyed on Y&R. And each writer that says they will fix her is just LYING.

  29. Profile photo of pferrando

    Josh actually did a great job at steering Sharon back to redemption until the paternity test was switched.

    And we still haven’t found out the reason why…so I think there is still some hope for her.

  30. Profile photo of harlee490

    Gosh, as men soooo many to choose from:

    5. Sharon Newman – she’s ruined now
    4. Alexandra Spaulding – as a drug dealer
    3. Alan Spaulding – as a “murderer”
    2. Emily Stewart – as a hooker
    1. Reva Shayne Lewis – as “Dolly” (talking about turning sugar into shiz)

  31. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    My character assassinations are all from Days. It seemed easier that way.
    1 Jack Deveraux Days. I have watched this character since day one and it was bad bad bad. He was so sweet and innocent and sick. Then one day Matt Ashford came along and suddenly he was a raping, ambitious politician who would do pretty much anything. Well finally I got used to that then Jennifer came into his orbit and took on the challenge to reform his butt. Jen and Jack were now this wonderful Tracy/Hepburn type couple. Loved it loved them. Then Matt gets fired and the writers (I won’t mention any name but we know who) reworks the role into a good sweet guy again. All the humor, all the guilt and bad boy was gone. Two recasts later, he was younger and nicer than ever. Then Matt comes back (and Melissa Reeves too) and the fire was back but the stories were not there. They go again and then Missi comes back and she gets with Daniel. Then a stripped down Jack comes back with a serious case of PTSD. Gone down an elevator and there goes perhaps the most reworked and up and down characters in history. pretty much 30 years down the elevator shaft.
    2 The Terrible triangle. Days Chloe, and the uncle/nephew twins Brady Black and Phillip K. I am not sure where to start but here goes. Brady and Phillip were born and graduated from high school the next year. They both loved Chloe a shy smart girl with a big voice. Suddenly these sweet boys
    decided later in life to be conniving underhanded drug dealing thugs. And Chloe went from an opera star to a hooker. Really? She couldn’t have gotten a job at the college teaching voice lessons? Or maybe just moved in with a rich friend until times got better? No let’s be a hooker. Now Brady
    is all high and mighty about Kristen but he has done alot of bad stuff, so where does he get off?

    3 Roman Brady. This didn’t start with Josh Taylor. It started with Wayne Northrop. On his return trip to Salem, pretty much every personality trait that Roman ever possessed, disappeared. He went from this hyper, smart, funny, romantic international spy, to a dumb ass cop. All of his personality went to his other self John. Of course Marlena preferred John! John was the Roman Brady that Marlena knew. This new cardboard copy of Roman completely gave John the upper hand for Marlena’s heart. Josh just sealed the deal for the most ruined character in history.

    4 Marlena Evans. Marlena comes back from the dead and is so happy to be reunited with Roman. But surprise she has one too many Romans. Whats a girl to do? Go into therapy maybe? Group therapy even? A psychiatrist might think to do that. Marlena who had always lived honestly and above board. When Don cheated on her, it caused the end of her marriage. But does the woman get her head straight and be honest with these two men? No. She sleeps with both. And gets pregnant by the one who she is not married to and passes the girl off as the one she is married to. Then sets her daughter off on a decades long rampage. I was on Sami’s side. Marlena’s character went from saint to tramp.

    5 Tony Dimera. The man who died. Pretty much as many times as his papa. Or was it his papa? Did he really sleep with his sister? Was she his sister? He had so many personality traits conflicting that they had to create a twin cousin to explain it. He went from bad boy play boy to good guy with a heart to an evil villain to a guy who had spent 20 years on a deserted island. Then he was once again shot and killed once again in a mafia fight between the Kiriakis’ and the Dimera’s. What? Next up Count Anthony Dimera vampire. Dragged from the Salem river by a sympathetic vampire who nurses him back to health and gives him the dark gift.

  32. Profile photo of Dariclone

    I’m just catching on Podcast and I have to give BIG props to Jillian for her ideas on how Carly Manning *should* have rturned to days and for schooling Luke on m to f transexuals! :)

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