DC #731: Top 5 Character Assassinations

On today’s Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels count down their Top 5 Character Assassinations in soaps. The DC gang has so many characters to choose from, whether on past soaps or on current series.

Share your Top 5 Character Assassinations in the comments.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!



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5 August 2010
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Marty Saybrooke....ugh! It should be a crime for what they did to her and Susan Haskell is one of the only actresses to play the same character who won 2 Emmy awards for her portrayal. THAT'S how they treat her? By making her "Mad Marty"? It's SO insulting! I also didn't even mind when Christina Chambers portrayed her, just FYI

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19 November 2007
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I know the character of Marty on OLTL was destroyed, but Susan Haskell gave an awesome performance as Mad Marty! I loved Marty throwing Natalie off the roof.

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19 June 2009
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So let's flip this around and what character did they drastically change for the better? NutMeg, ATWT, and Bitchy Bangs, OLTL jump to mind. Others?

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2 December 2011
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Having loved ATWT since I was a little girl (in the 80s), I have to admit that I selectively remember very little of the last decade of that show.
Except for the beginning of the Marshall Travers storyline (another character that went down the tubes on that show, before he even got a chance), and Katie and Simon and a few other storylines, I didn't really like most of the last decade of the show.

Luke I feel sorry for your honey, you missed some of the best stories on ATWT (check You Tube to see Barbara Ryan at her best--her faux affair with Tom Hughes, rivalry with HBS' Margo Hughes and her feud with Shannon O'Hara. That was prime time Barbara!
Speaking of ATWT,

Sorry but for me, Craig Montgomery in the 80s and 90s was the ONLY Craig Montgomery. Don't know who those other mustache twirling impostors were. They took a complex mix of pathos and passion and turned him into a joke!

Dustin Donnovan-ATWT. As much as I liked Grayson McCouch as an actor (and for his looks too), he should've been playing another character. Dusty was a 'salt of the earth' kind of guy. Not in a saccharine type of way. He was just as complex and conflicted as any character and he wasn't perfect but he was genuine. ATWT kind of made Holden into what Dusty used to be: a basically good man who occasionally lost his way and made questionable choices. Holden used to be a schemer who played mind games became Dusty and Dusty became a wannabe gangster. I didn't get it and I didn't like it. Anytime I see a picture of Brian Bloom, all I can do is sigh at those baby blues.

And yes, Sharon Collins Newman, etc. would be my number one because sadly, her deterioration continues.
I said years ago, they should've discovered a brain tumor or a 'mass' that was affecting certain parts of her brain related to decision making and emotions and I stand by it now more than ever.

Yes, JILLIAN BOWE-- PREACH! Every rahtid thing I wanted to say. I got tired of waiting on Y&R to produce some decent resolution to the whole mess, so I only tune in on occasion. Let me know when Y&R decides to truly 'fix' Sharon.
Dylan is the one getting stronger because he's eating the show like a damn bowl of Wheaties!

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7 July 2009
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FoxyMegan wrote:
Daniel St. John wrote:
Holly Lindsey (GL) becoming a serial child snatcher.

Ahh, Daniel. You always were so loyal to Holly.
She was my favorite character on GL for many years and I flew into a rage (not really) when they wrote that storyline.
I was working for CBS at the time and even called the show's publicist to complain, but he did manage to calm me down by assuring me that Holly was not being written off the show and that the character would eventually be redeemed.

I got so angry at GL when they did that kidnapping storyline. Honestly I felt like they began ruining Holly the second she let Fletcher climb her back on top of that desk at the Journal. She was never the same after that.

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7 July 2009
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angrierblackerman wrote:
(3)Vanessa Bennett (All My Children)

Yes! Yes! A thousand times yes!

Vanessa was initially the one true bitchy villain on AMC and that type of character was long overdue. Marjorie Dusay killed t in that role too "T". she was able to go from frothy money hungry scheming to deathly cold malevolence without breaking a sweat.
And her relationship with David and Leo was so much fun to watch. To tank such a great character fr that dreadful Proteus storyline was just a shame.

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22 June 2011
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That whole Bianca/Zarf storyline was appalling -- somehow they wanted to get Bianca next to a dick and if they had to have it attached to a wannabe transgendered woman so be it.

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1 July 2009
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Billy Newman, I mean Abbott: He was once the loveable screw up. He was interesting and multi-layered. He had charisma and charm. Now his manhood resides in Victoria's purse next to the hairbrush she forgets to use 80% of the time. He has been bending over backwards to please that spoiled, self-centered, whinebag who ABANDONED him when he needed her most. He needs to grow a pair and gain freedom already.

Victoria Newman: She used to have brains AND was strong enough to stand up to Victor. But now she is a whiny, selfish, fishwife who sucks the sexy out of all her male leads. Although I have to attribute it to the recast, I simply cannot with Amelia's weak potrayal of Victoria.

Taylor Hayes: She used to be the voice of reason with a functional brain. But her common sense has faded as Hunter Tylo's face has become more plastic. Her and Ridge had a pretty happy marriage for 8 years, Brooke was not always that big of a thorn in her side.

Vienna Hyatt: I thought Henry and Vienna were a great couple. They started out rocky yet grew to have more substance. They were funny, Sexy, and quirky. A nice change of pace from the usual soap pairing. But then they set up Henry and Barbara and suddenly Vienna was hooking up with Casey and lying about being pregnant. It was hard watching Vienna being destroyed to prop up Henry and Barbara.

And I can't even count the ways Sharon Collins has been destroyed on Y&R. And each writer that says they will fix her is just LYING.

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28 June 2012
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Josh actually did a great job at steering Sharon back to redemption until the paternity test was switched.

And we still haven't found out the reason why...so I think there is still some hope for her.

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6 December 2009
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Gosh, as men soooo many to choose from:

5. Sharon Newman - she's ruined now
4. Alexandra Spaulding - as a drug dealer
3. Alan Spaulding - as a "murderer"
2. Emily Stewart - as a hooker
1. Reva Shayne Lewis - as "Dolly" (talking about turning sugar into shiz)

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14 June 2009
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My character assassinations are all from Days. It seemed easier that way.
1 Jack Deveraux Days. I have watched this character since day one and it was bad bad bad. He was so sweet and innocent and sick. Then one day Matt Ashford came along and suddenly he was a raping, ambitious politician who would do pretty much anything. Well finally I got used to that then Jennifer came into his orbit and took on the challenge to reform his butt. Jen and Jack were now this wonderful Tracy/Hepburn type couple. Loved it loved them. Then Matt gets fired and the writers (I won't mention any name but we know who) reworks the role into a good sweet guy again. All the humor, all the guilt and bad boy was gone. Two recasts later, he was younger and nicer than ever. Then Matt comes back (and Melissa Reeves too) and the fire was back but the stories were not there. They go again and then Missi comes back and she gets with Daniel. Then a stripped down Jack comes back with a serious case of PTSD. Gone down an elevator and there goes perhaps the most reworked and up and down characters in history. pretty much 30 years down the elevator shaft.
2 The Terrible triangle. Days Chloe, and the uncle/nephew twins Brady Black and Phillip K. I am not sure where to start but here goes. Brady and Phillip were born and graduated from high school the next year. They both loved Chloe a shy smart girl with a big voice. Suddenly these sweet boys
decided later in life to be conniving underhanded drug dealing thugs. And Chloe went from an opera star to a hooker. Really? She couldn't have gotten a job at the college teaching voice lessons? Or maybe just moved in with a rich friend until times got better? No let's be a hooker. Now Brady
is all high and mighty about Kristen but he has done alot of bad stuff, so where does he get off?

3 Roman Brady. This didn't start with Josh Taylor. It started with Wayne Northrop. On his return trip to Salem, pretty much every personality trait that Roman ever possessed, disappeared. He went from this hyper, smart, funny, romantic international spy, to a dumb ass cop. All of his personality went to his other self John. Of course Marlena preferred John! John was the Roman Brady that Marlena knew. This new cardboard copy of Roman completely gave John the upper hand for Marlena's heart. Josh just sealed the deal for the most ruined character in history.

4 Marlena Evans. Marlena comes back from the dead and is so happy to be reunited with Roman. But surprise she has one too many Romans. Whats a girl to do? Go into therapy maybe? Group therapy even? A psychiatrist might think to do that. Marlena who had always lived honestly and above board. When Don cheated on her, it caused the end of her marriage. But does the woman get her head straight and be honest with these two men? No. She sleeps with both. And gets pregnant by the one who she is not married to and passes the girl off as the one she is married to. Then sets her daughter off on a decades long rampage. I was on Sami's side. Marlena's character went from saint to tramp.

5 Tony Dimera. The man who died. Pretty much as many times as his papa. Or was it his papa? Did he really sleep with his sister? Was she his sister? He had so many personality traits conflicting that they had to create a twin cousin to explain it. He went from bad boy play boy to good guy with a heart to an evil villain to a guy who had spent 20 years on a deserted island. Then he was once again shot and killed once again in a mafia fight between the Kiriakis' and the Dimera's. What? Next up Count Anthony Dimera vampire. Dragged from the Salem river by a sympathetic vampire who nurses him back to health and gives him the dark gift.

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I'm just catching on Podcast and I have to give BIG props to Jillian for her ideas on how Carly Manning *should* have rturned to days and for schooling Luke on m to f transexuals! Smile