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Michael storms into the courthouse, and tells Kiki she can’t marry Morgan. He shows her the newspaper with her birth certificate on the first page.  Kiki asks if Franco is not a Quartermaine, but Michael informs Kiki she isn’t Franco’s daughter. Silas is her father, and Ava admitted it to him.  

Silas is angry with Ava, and demands she admit he’s Kiki’s father.  At first, Ava tries to spin things, but ultimately confesses the truth.  Silas asks if Kiki knows, and Ava figures her daughter has likely seen the newspaper like everyone else.  
Luke wonders if the vial Sean is holding is the cure, and Anna Donely explains it’s just a temporary measure.  She informs them the Balkan targeted Sean, and shot him with a Polonium laced bullet. They also went after Jerry for the cure.  Anna D. mentions the production of the cure has stopped, and what they have is only temporary.  
Britt is surprised to find her mother waiting for her in the apartment.  She was at the movies with Nikolas, and her mother is not happy about it.  Britt complains Patrick loves Sabrina, so Dr. Obrecht suggests they get rid of the competition.  Britt points out her suggestion is something her father would do, and her mother snaps at her to speak with respect.  Britt becomes annoyed, and heads out to her birthing class.  Dr. Obrecht speaks to a photo of Faison with a young Anna and Robin. She vows to get rid of her own competition. 
Maxie has decorations for Mac and Felicia’s pre-wedding celebration.  Spin tries to help her, and she snaps at him.  He apologizes, and admits he’s been feeling fatherly since attending her birthing class.  
Dante and Lulu arrive early to the birthing class, and discuss Luke’s absence. Lulu is determined not to stress about it. 
Duke tells Anna about the upheaval at ELQ, and warns he may be out of a job thanks to Ava.  He shows Anna the newspaper, and Anna feels she can’t judge Ava, because she did the same to Robert.  The two are sad Robert won’t be at Mac’s wedding.  Anna knows Robert is too stubborn to die, and will wake up from the coma.  She promises she’ll give him Dr. Obrecht’s head on a stick.  
Silas wonders why Ava kept the secret for all these years, and asks if she hated him that much.  Ava claims she always loved him, and is a very passionate person.  She goes off on him, and then pulls him into a kiss. Silas breaks it off, and says he wants to be a part of Kiki’s life.  Ava warns Silas he’s going to ruin things for both of them.  
Sabrina still has suspicions about Britt and her mother. However, Patrick reminds her the baby is coming soon, and he needs to treat it like his own.  
At the birthing class, Lulu continues to thank Maxie for helping her and Dante bring their child into the world.  Patrick tells Britt he can’t wait to fall in love with this baby.  Britt has something to tell him.    
Luke asks Sean for Jerry's whereabouts, so he can find him and the cure for the both of them.  Sean agrees, and gives him the vial. 
Spinelli tells Felix and Sabrina he found Britt’s birth certificate, which lists her mother as Liesl Westbourne.  Liesl became a doctor, but had her license stripped and disappeared.  He shows them a photo of a young Dr. Obrecht, and Sabrina recognizes her.
Anna tells Duke she found out some more information on Dr. Obrecht with the WSB’s help. Before the clinic, Dr. Obrecht doesn’t seem to exist. At that moment, Dr. Obrecht in a blonde wig sits downs beside them, as they continue to discuss her.  She pulls out a bottle of Propofol to use on Anna.    
Michael tells Kiki they aren’t related, and it’s okay for them to be together. He wants her to call off the wedding, and tell Morgan it’s over.  Morgan announces they are already married. An enraged Michael accuses Morgan of knowing about the newspaper, which is why he rushed things. 
Kiki asks Morgan if he knew, and he skirts around the question. Morgan claims it makes no difference who she is, because he loves her.  Again, Kiki asks him to tell the truth, but Morgan doesn’t.  He tells Michael they are going to celebrate their wedding night together.

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    Morgan is aware that there is such a thing as divorce, right? I mean, his parents have a ton of them, you’d think he would know. Also, why would he want the girl who pines for someone else?

    Michael is aware that this is his brother’s girl right? That it wasn’t just about the cousin thing?

    Whatever reason Ava has to say that Franco was Kiki’s father, it had better be big. Bigger than serial killer, big.

    Loved that blue top on MAxie.

    Why is Dr O suddenly so interested in getting rid of Anna? Isn’t Faison sitting in a WSB prison right now and not about to betray her with Anna?

    I want to see this pre-wedding party of MAc and Felicia’s. They better not play that off screen, when I’m forced to sit through the Kiki mess every single day.

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    I can’t believe that Kiki was so dumb she left with Morgan. She questioned whether he knew, and still went home with him, she HAS to realize that’s why he rushed her to the altar.

    And yes, I guess Morgan forgot about that pesky little thing called divorce, or at this stage, she could get an annulment.

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    TV Gord

    I wonder when Laura is going to turn up in the Luke storyline.

    Could Kiki have been more moronic when she left Michael today? Morgan never answered her question about whether he knew about her paternity. Only on a soap would she have walked away from Michael without saying “WTF?”.

    I’m enjoying the scenes with Holly and Sean Donely and Ana. Dr Oldgasm was a hoot today, especially when she dove into that blonde wig. She’s a hoot-and-three-quarters!

    I don’t feel chemistry between Silas and Ava, but that doesn’t concern me much, since he’s bound to spend more time with Sam once all of these revelations die down.

    I barely know Mac and Felicia, but I’m looking forward to all of the antics at their wedding.

    I’m loving Britt’s belly, which fluctuates up and down like a lava lamp! Today she looked like a giant lower-case-b. (I hope that’s the last time we’ll visit lamaze class, because they were so dull, I expected to see a sign that read, “Lamazzzzzzzzze classzzzzzz”.

    Finally, I enjoyed catching up on posts this weekend, where people were freaking out at the possibility of one show having both an Anna and an Ana on it, while completely overlooking that there is currently a Sean and a Shawn. (I hope there are no The Good Wife fans involved, because their heads are going to explode this fall, with both Cary and Carey! ;-)

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    [quote=TV Gord]Could Kiki have been more moronic when she left Michael today? Morgan never answered her question about whether he knew about her paternity. Only on a soap would she have walked away from Michael without saying “WTF?”.[/quote]


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    It breaks my GH loving heart to read I barely know Mac and Felicia:( Also why was Steve Sander’s dad in a wheelchair talking to Luke/Holly? lol

    Anyhoo, Team Morgan! I don’t care if Morgan knew KiKi wasn’t a Q. KiKi was his girlfriend before he came back to PC. Why is Michael so intent on stealing his brother’s girlfriend and back stabbing his brother? If this was the red headed demon Michael, he wouldn’t do that to his brother. That Demon Seed was loyal to his family. This Michael only cares about what his balls say. I am just so sick of KiKi’s faces she makes when she’s “shocked”

    I also don’t understand Dr. O wanting revenge on Anna all of a sudden. Britt is how old? So for almost 30 yrs, Faison hasn’t paid attention to Dr.O and she chooses now that he’s in prison? Also why is Britt still living with Sabrina/Felix. She’s not in a wheelchair anymore. She’s not sick anymore. Why is she there. Also why is a pic of Robin/Faison/Anna hanging up? When Dr. O was talking the pic was hanging up in the background.

    So Britt went to the movies with Nik but we didn’t get to see Nik!!!!! What the heck??? They show us KiKi a thousand times but we don’t get Nik?

    Now that Maura West is the lead actress, I wonder who will be her lead actor. Her and Silas don’t work. I don’t understand how she thought lying to a man for 21 years about his child would be something she could seduce him with. Why did she think she could kiss him? Also does she has to invade everyone’s private space. I have not seen Ava give anyone their personal space while she’s talking to him.

    Someone pls give Felix a life!! That man spent his own money to pay Spinelli to find out about Britt’s mom for Sabrina/Patrick? It makes no sense!!!! Sabrina is just as annoying wearing her 8th grade graduation dress to meet Spinelli and Felix. OMG Dante and Lulu still live in Port Charles? Hi Anna and Duke.

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    I don’t think that Dr. Orbrecht’s obession with Anna looks cobbled together at all. RC dropped anvils all along. Orbrecht already made it clear that she’s still in love with Faison but feels slighted by his lack of attention to her. She would have had to known about Faison’s obsession with Anna because he went to jail right about the time that Britt was born; at least I think so anyway because if Britt’s actual age has already been revealed, I don’t remember it. I’m talking soap age, not actor age. Part of me wonders if Anna is Britt’s real mother but on the other hand, Britt looks like Orbrecht.

    Although the idea that Britt could be Anna’s daughter is detestable, I think it would be super soapy because I can well imagine Anna’s rage about it. She was lied to, her daughter was taken from her…and…Britt hurt Patrick–and thereby Robin–by trying to pass off a child that is not his. That sh*t would really hit the fan once everything was revealed.

    I tried to get a good look at the photo of Dr. Orbrecht (now Westbourne)that was on Spinelli’s laptop. If that’s a photo of a young Kathleen Gati kudos to the casting department because that photo looks remarkably like Kelly Thiebaud.

    Kathleen Gati is live tweeting tomorrow. Maybe I’ll ask her. Lol.

    Floved the wig! :bigsmile:

    Team Morgan FTW, LOL! It’s one thing to sneak around with your brother’s fiance, get caught, and later make an impassioned declaration of love. It’s something altogether different to show up at his wedding, grab your brother’s wife, and act then like he’s not even in the room. That’s some brass, right there. :D

    If they do this on other soaps I wouldn’t know because GH is the only one I watch.

    Edited as usual.

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    I don’t understand the writers here with the Morgan/Michael and Kiki triangle. It makes no sense for Michael to turn on his brother for this chick. Up until this point in the recast shuffle Michael was always protecting Morgan… look back over the character’s history and there is solid proof of it.

    So for Michael to run in and pronounce Kiki a “non-Q” so that means Kiki can be with him and not his brother is the most ridiculous REWRITE of the shows history. This is not the Michael we have watched be a brat for years. And the IDIOT Morgan we see now is no smarter than the gone and thankfully forgotten, Kristina… another SORAS child with low IQ.

    (It must be these SUDDEN and QUICK growth spurts these kids go through on soaps that their bodies fill out… boobs, bicep, lips and sometimes chest hair… but their brains still remain in REAL time. So like with Kristina, Morgan has a 19 yr old body and a 10 year old brain. THAT EXPLAINS IT)

    This story could have been told slower and been a more effective love story with all three characters. We would be rooting for one or the other to be the couple. But these forced love triangles seconds after introduction of characters has no basis in reality or even soap reality-dumb.

    I liked the Ava scenes BUT I don’t get why there is so much talk about Mac and Felicia’s wedding when we ahven’t seen the characters other than walk ons in weeks or in REAL STORY. It’s just seems so forced

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    Michael is a douche. He needs to back off. Lauren is no prize to be fought over. I hope we get to see the party too, I think either RC or FV tweeted about karaoke so maybe that’s what this party will be. Apart from the “incest but not really triangle” yesterday was decent, although I don’t find myself being interested at all with Luke’s story, it’s kinda boring right now.

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    I don’t get why Morgan wants to be with Kiki that desperate. He knows that she has feelings for his brother. The ‘he had her first card’ can be played all week but it doesn’t change the fact that she wants to be with Michael. So why marry that girl? Morgan doesn’t look like he can’t have some other girl that isn’t dreaming about Michael while having sex with him. Have to be Team Michael here!

    I absolutely love Dr. O. Her obsession with Anna hasn’t just started yet. It’s been hinted for a long while. But it seems that now it’s the best time for her trying to get rid of Anna. I like the storyline and I hope that means we see much more of Finola Hughes again.

    I enjoyed the scenes with Sean, Holly, Luke and Ana. Hopefully we will be seeing more of Sean. I like Ana too. She reminds me a little bit of Lucky’s horrible Irish wife but so far Ana is much more enjoyable.

    Wow, there was some chemistry going on between Ava and Silas. Some hot kiss. I still need to know why Ava lied in the first place and pretended that her daughter was fathered by a serial killer, who back then had no ties to the Qs.

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    I saw a really insightful discussion about the Michael/Kikki/Morgan triangle on another board that honed in on Kikki’s role in all this. Many people were of the opinion that Kikki was the worst offender because in a very sly way, she pitted Michael and Morgan against one another. Moreover, she was the one to drop her towel and flash Michael her boobs, etc.

    They went on to say that Michael never actually sought Kikki out. He just kept running into her by accident.

    I’m not going to change my opinion about Michael. He’s in the wrong. But the bit about Kikki being really sneaky about everything bears discussion.

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    @tealita: Of course this triangle is thanks to Kiki’s behavior. She really did pit Michael and Morgan against each other. In the end, she told Michael that they can’t be together because they are related. So in Michael’s head that was the only thing left that kept them from being together.

    Morgan is a factor of course, but I don’t see him as the innocent party here. Kiki let herself become a trophy and Morgan is as much acting wrong here as anyone else. More so he has to lie to get the girl that wants someone else. It’s more like sicking a claim to her than anything else.

    It’s right that Michael shouldn’t go after his Morgan’s girlfriend in the first place but the lines are not that clear. And I don’t see that the one who is to blame is all Michael.

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    Re: Michael/Morgan/Kiki

    I think the show wants me to root for Michael/Kiki because of KA & CD’s real life relationship, but I can’t root for any of them.

    Morgan claims to love Kiki, but he knows how horrible she feels about having a serial killer father and the fact that she distanced herself from her mother because of all the lies, yet he continues to lie in order to win one over on MIchael.

    Michael claims to have feelings for Kiki, but other than when he told her about the rape, have they even had a conversation that would explain his feelings for her? It’s about lust for him and the forbidden fruit.

    Kiki, I believe has enjoyed having two boys chase her. She knows it was wrong to pursue MIchael and she knows it was wrong to accept and marry Morgan when she has feelings for someone else.

    No one comes into the win column here for me.

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    [quote=Jon]Dr Liesl Obrecht is fast becoming my fave character! Love when she calls Britta “shatzie”.[/quote]

    Love her, too. Maybe she’ll turn out to be Liesl from “The Sound Of Music.” Then she could sing to Faison’s picture, “You are sixty, going on seventy .. ”

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    Loved, loved, loved Maxie’s earrings, hair-do and top in this episode. I laugh anytime I see Maxie or Britt with their pregnancy pillows. Apparently wardrobe isn’t consistent with them at all.

    Not only does Dr. O rock a mean hat, she rocks a mean wig also!

    I don’t understand Ava wanting to keep her daughter from Silas, unless maybe he was working for the Jerome family way back in the day when they were together and her father forbade it under penalty of death or something. Maybe the original recipe Jerome saw things like original recipe Cassadine (Alexis’s father) did. Who knows?? I’d rather see Ava mixed up in Duke and Anna’s storyline, but it looks like she’ll be put in Sam and Silas’s way instead.

    I can’t believe either brother wants Kiki. I also can’t believe she just left with Morgan without him answering her question about him knowing. Stupid girl.

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    FOXY MEGAN good one.

    Why do I have a bad feeling that Sabrina is going to be killed off? Dr. O will hurt someone but it will not be Anna. I think the fact the Sabrina knows who Dr. O is she will be the one to get knocked off. With all the discontent towards Sabrina all over the web, I am left to believe that the character will either be written off or murdered. I for myself liked Sabrina and I just wish they had moved forward with setting her up with roots in PC. I believe in my heart of hearts she should of ended up being Sonny’s little sister.

    I am not invested in the Maxi/Dante/Spin/Lulu baby story line. I just can’t see Maxi as a mother. I love the character but she is still young and vibrant. Unless they do something like they did with Sammy on DOOL, I will not be interested in seeing Maxi breast feeding!

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    Sean Kanan (AJ Quartermaine) posted a rather odd (or telling?) tweet the other evening: C@##@d
    (Discuss amongst yourselves.)


    Is that word CANNED? I hope not…..
    His relationship with Michael is one of the better things on the show.
    Though, I feel like he has better chemistry with Carly than Liz…

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    [quote=TV Gord]I’m loving Britt’s belly, which fluctuates up and down like a lava lamp! Today she looked like a giant lower-case-b.[/quote]

    Lower-case b!!! :D

    Love this :D

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    [quote]I laugh anytime I see Maxie or Britt with their pregnancy pillows[/quote]

    I laughed when Maxie poo pooed Lante’s help to sit on the floor and promptly plopped herself on the floor. Girl, you’re 9 months pregnant, you’re not plopping yourself down anywhere. Direction really should be telling KSt how a pregnant woman walks and acts.

    At least KT played it a bit better, by lowering herself slowly down, although it might just have been that Britt wanted a bit of sympathy from Patrick.

    I find, of the two of them KT seems to be a bit more aware of what it’s like to be pregnant and in your ninth month.

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    I loathe Michael and Kiki.. Seriously I know Morgan is lying and yet I still don’t care. Team Morgan! Kiki is flashing boobs all over pitting them against each other and in general is a huge brat. Michael is all I am being the bigger man and stepping aside but wait no I am not we aren’t related. What a douche. There was never any gross out from either of them on the related front. Never saw any character development in their relationship. What bothers me the most is no real remorse from Michael on stealing his brothers girl!! He thinks its just OK to walk into the wedding. He isn’t even thinking of Morgan!! I just can’t stand them and really dislike the character of Kiki..

    Maxie looked gorgous!! Getting excited for her upcoming story.

    Loved Brit and monster mom staring at Anna. So Brit was at the movies with the prince… I still want to believe that either Sabrina or Britt is the little girl Anna lost years ago. They are both working for someone evil sent to get Patrick and evil Sabrina won.. At this point I am worried O is gonna try to kill Sabrina and accidently kill Ellie and I will riot then I tell you..

    Ava is interesting and MW is good and all but sick of seeing her!! She is one tone to me.. Its like watching Betty Davis over and over. Please let me see more Sam, Liz, Maxie, Carly, Alexis and Anna… Less Kiki, Ava and Sabrina!!

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    My problem with this Kiki/Michael/Morgan triangle is that these two brothers are fighting over this rather non-descript girl. Why are Cartini pushing this as if it is some epic triangle?

    It’s not like Travis and Jack Montgomerey fighting over Erica Kane. Now LaKane was a woman to fight over! Not this little Kiki girl.

  21. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Good episode. I am so glad that every character on this show is getting a good amount of time. Not too much and not too little. This is the way a show needs to be produced. I hope it stays that way. I hope that Cartini when Stevie B’s contract is up at Y&R they don’t bring him back and cut the cast. It is good to see the vets and the newbies. Everyone on this show from the producers, writers, directors, camera operators and cast are earning their pay.

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    “This story could have been told slower and been a more effective love story with all three characters. We would be rooting for one or the other to be the couple. But these forced love triangles seconds after introduction of characters has no basis in reality or even soap reality-dumb.”

    This is an excellent point made here and I think it’s an ongoing problem with the new producer and head writer. In many, many ways GH has improved exponentially with FV & RC but they don’t seem to have the ability to go for the slow burn when developing relationships. Tony Geary pointed out this more organic approach when explaining the evolution of the Luke & Laura phenomenon. It was a slow build. It wasn’t even part of the original plans for the two characters but the chemistry and acting abilities of the two pushed the storyline. These forced love triangles ring hollow.

  23. Profile photo of Rikkithecat

    My problem with the Michael/Kiki/Morgan triangle is these two boys fighting over this rather non-descript girl. Why do Cartini insist on making this some kind of epic love story?

    It’s not as if Travis and Jackson Montgomerey are fighting over Erica Kane. Now LaKane is a woman to lose your mind over! Not this little girl Kiki.

    And Ava seems to be channelling Marilyn Monroe. Enough with the pouty lips already.

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    The photo of Faison with Anna and Robin wasnt hanging on a wall it was stuck in the frame of the mirror so Dr O would have her hands free to put on the wig

    Morgan manipulative, truly his mother’s child .. i dont think he’s very smart, he told Ava the truth always comes out .. so he had to know that eventually Kiki will learn he lied to her

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    This show just got a million times better. What a jolt of energy one character’s return can bring to a show! Dr. Obrecht waiting for her “schatzi” was sheer perfection. And the blond wig, the hatred towards Anna, all in synch.

    Mac and Felicia really should have been on this episode.

    Loved Anna mentioning Robert, but it’s a little too late first of all, secondly it’s bittersweet because he’s never coming back.

    Loved the eye-rolling look on Patrick when Felix the no-life sidekick kept gushing about how they need to “expose” Britt. No grown up person would ever tamper this much with someone else’s business without getting something for themself. Also, love that Patrick is finally starting to clearly see how in over his head he is with Sabrina. The chick is clearly obsessed in an unhealthy way with Britt.

    Loved the scenes at the Donely’s. I was surprised and glad that Sean could muster up such strength in the few lines he had. I’m *really* liking his daughter. Anna Donely could definitely be the jolt of energy the younger scene could use (yes I am looking at YOU, M, K and M!)

    That Ava really is a nasty piece of work. What the hell is she up to anyway??? Why on earth did she not want to tell Silas he is Kiki’s father? That still hasn’t been explained. It most certainly is not because she “loves” him, doubt she knows what love is. I am not a Silas fan overall, but loved him reading her and not falling for her very obvious traps. Hope he calls him a lying manipulative bitch somewhere in the future and vows to take her down.

    Could care less about anything pertaining M/K/M – FF. Except that omg that woman! What young woman would just let M. drag her with him without answering any questions? Omghhhh.

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    [quote=TV Gord]I enjoyed catching up on posts this weekend, where people were freaking out at the possibility of one show having both an Anna and an Ana on it[/quote]

    They’re both Anna’s with a double N. The younger was named after the older.

    Dr. Obrecht’s name has been retconned. It was Lisa before. Lisa is also a German name.

    I really have to wonder how people are even caring enough to discuss the M/M/K “triangle”. To me, it’s not even a worthy subject to talk about, let alone a storyline fit for GH.

  27. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Thanks, Yoryla. I’ve seen it spelled with one ‘n’ so many places, I thought maybe Sean and Tiffany gave her a different spelling, but still named her after Anna Devane.

  28. Profile photo of Perkie

    Actually, I deliberately wrote it with one N so as to differentiate between the two Anna’s, so that posters would know which Anna is being discussed. It will get even more complicated if “Ana” moves to PC and hangs out with “Anna”.

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