Has Dexter Created a Monster?

Dexter (Michael C. Hall) woke up on the side of the road.  He called Debra (Jennifer Carpenter), and she was fine.  Hannah (Yvonne Strahovski) hadn't drugged Dexter and Debra to kill them; she just wanted Dexter's attention. 
Hannah was married to a rich guy, who was able to buy her a new identity.  Unfortunately, he was possessive and abusive.  Hannah wanted Dexter to kill him, but changed her mind.  Her husband knew all about Dexter, and threatened to out him. He even sent goons to beat him up, so he'd stay away.  Dexter and Hannah still had feelings for each other, and he wanted to rescue her. 

Dexter told Zach he'd train him, but didn't say when. Zach became anxious and showed up at Dexter's doorstep, which forced Dexter to introduce him to his neighbor Cassie.  Dexter informed Zach they could never be seen together again, and told him to lay low until Dexter contacted him. 
Zach was excited and tried to be good.  He got Quinn off his back, and helped Dexter get into a ritzy club Hannah was in, so they could talk.  He also promised Dexter he'd find a job, so he'd stop seeming like the weird guy who kept to himself and lived in his mom's basement.  However, things got more complicated with Hannah, which kept Dexter distracted. 

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    Yvonne Strahovsky is GREAT. I cheered out loud when I saw she had returned. My hope for a series ender is that they boat off into the sunset together.

    Re Zach (aka Baby Dexter), I think they may be setting him up to star in a “Dexter” spinoff. (I know that the creators are in talks to produce a spinoff of some kind.) Dr. Vogel could stick around as his parental figure, much like Dexter’s dad is his ‘confidant.’

    One plot point. They made it pretty obvious that Zach killed Cassie. A little too obvious I think, which makes me wonder if someone else really did it. (Hey! Maybe Carmen Santos came back from the dead to kill her! It wouldn’t be the first time.)

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    I love Dexter and Hannah together! I hope they are end game too. Maybe she will end up saving Deb’s life somehow….and Deb will accept her and Dexter. IDK….

    I’m excited to see how it all winds down. I would love a Dexter spin off!

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