Sandra Oh to Hang Up Grey’s Anatomy Scrubs

The day this Grey’s Anatomy fan hoped would never come is upon us. According to  The Hollywood Reporter, Sandra Oh has decided to leave the role of Dr. Cristina Yang at the end of the serial's momentous 10th season.
I’ve been a fan of Oh’s since the HBO comedy Arli$$ and Cristina has always been my favorite Grey’s Anatomy character. Both Oh and Cristina will be sorely missed.

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    IMO, its time to can the show. I haven’t watched a few seasons, but after I saw whiny ass Meredith just sitting in a puddle of water and a little girl was just staring at her, I knew the show had jumped shark.

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    I was annoyed when the show killed off little Grey, however, GA has been very good the last two years.

    The show has slowly been moving away from Mer/Cris “you are my person” aspect now that Mer is a mother.

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    SO leaving is a pretty big blow to the series, and if a few more original cast members follow her lead, I do think it will be difficult for others to fill the void. I think the show will see an eleventh season, if only because “Grey’s” still generates decent ratings at a time when many networks are struggling for viewers.

    “ER” for all of its triumphs and missteps, had a few structural advantages over “Grey’s” that contributed to its longevity. Unlike “Grey’s,” which is grounded in the perspective of one character (Meredith), “ER” was much more de-centralized. Secondly, even though “ER” lost all of its original cast, it happened slowly over time. (Although, Anthony Edwards/Dr. Greene leaving was the end of the road for me). They didn’t lose up to five main characters in one season.

    So, even though “Grey’s” has borrowed from “ER” on more than one occasion, I don’t think they can follow a similar endgame.

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    This is incredibly sad to be honest. Cristina is such an important part of the show and without her it’s just not the same anymore. The newer characters can’t replace the energy from the original ones. So I expect GREY’S to make it maybe to the 12th season but that’s it. Most likely because by then Pompeo and Dempsey will have left the show too.

    I also wouldn’t compare GREY’S to ER. The two shows are both medical dramas but GREY’S is built much different. ER was much more centered on the professional work of the doctors; their careers while GREY’S is much more relationship-based. GREY’S works because of it’s friendships and romantic relationships. That was never the focus on ER.

    So if on GREY’S you have to suffer the loss of the Cristina/Meredith friendship. It’s going to be big. It will effect the ratings and the show’s creative side. To be honest, if Dempsey and Pompeo decide to leave after the show’s 10th season as well I would end GREY’S.

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