Will Shelly Altman Assume Head Writer Duties at The Young and the Restless?

Will Sony promote from within the current The Young and the Restless writing staff, to replace allegedly exiting scribe Josh Griffith? According to CBS Soaps in Depth, current staffer Shelly Altman is set to be named head writer.

Have these people never heard the names Kay Alden and Sally Sussman Morina? They only happen to be the late Bill Bell's true heiresses apparent!

Altman was associate head writer for Another World, during it's final four seasons on the air. She then went to One Life to Live for over a decade, before heading first to General Hospital and lastly Y&RSID is speculating Jean Passanante, currently at General Hospital, or Y&R's Tracy Thomson could be named Altman's co-head.

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    I’m sure JFP doesn’t want Kay Alden or Sally Sussman Morina because they will want to use Y&R veteran characters/actors in their stories. It’s obvious that someone wants them pushed to the background playing support only. I’m wondering of that was the conflict between JFP and JG. Weak replacement writers without Y&R history will be easier to order around.

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    I believe that was Maggie DePriest or Peggy Sloane who was the HW when Frankie got killed on AW.

    I don’t get the resistance in hiring Kay, Jack, or Sally.
    I just don’t get it.

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    Wasn’t Shelly Altman GH’s co-HW with Garin Wolf for a brief time in 2012 and isn’t it her name Tracey Thomson, not Tracy Thompson? At least it’s not who some thought it was going to be: Bob Guza and Meg Bennett

    But seriously there are better writers who are unemployed, they should get Kay Alden and Sally Sussman Morina.

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    Jean P.?

    Wow. All I have to say to that.

    All of this HW switching is making me remember how AMC did this the last 10 years it was on ABC. Needed a scorecard to keep track.

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    [quote=Ryan-Scott]I believe that was Maggie DePriest or Peggy Sloane who was the HW when Frankie got killed on AW.[/quote]

    LoL Altman was an associate head writer during that very time. I just checked, she wasn’t running the show, but she was damn near close.

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    [quote=missmuffett41]Whoever they get to write for Y&R they need to put in a request to recast Lily and Victoria.[/quote]

    LoL I agree with you but because their respective pairings are so popular, TPTB are hesitant to fire either of them.

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    thanks sanka9. I’m hanging in there but I don’t know how much longer.

    The writing the last years of ATWT wasn’t very good but there were certain actors I tuned in for but eventually tuned out and just watched the final weeks.
    If things don’t get better in Genoa City I’ll probably do the same.

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    The Downward spiral continues., This show will be gutted before long. I said this seconds after JPF was announced EP that within five years of her taking over, you will not even recognize this show. At this point, Id say Jill is ahead of schedule.

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    [quote=GHteenybopper]Can JFP and her orange friend go too? I wish soaps would stop recycling writers, and get some fresh talent to pen some stories for a change.[/quote]

    LOL I was gonna ask, who is her “orange friend” but then I realized u were referring to Dull as Dylan!!!

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    Nobody here knows what will happen if this is true. I will giver her a try. We need to stop the bitching every single day. There were plot lines of Bill Bell’s that absolutely sucked pond water. People talk about JFP like they know her. How do you know she hates the vets? How do you know that she hates women? It’s ludicrous. I agree that it would be great to have either Morina or Alden but they are on other shows from what I hear.

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    So this is what happened to Guiding Light when the show killer team Ellen Wheeler and David Kreizman made it so lame and unwatchable, especially in it’s Peapack days!!! Guess CBS wants to do the same thing that P&G, find people to make viewers tune out so they cancel it. Sigh.

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    I don’t think we can keep on giving people chances. The show hasn’t been the same without a known Bill Bell staffer. Continual changes like these are what gets shows cancelled. PLUS Altman was brought on by Phelps….she’s taken away YR’s signature already.

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    Please NO: – Jean Passanante
    – David Kreizman
    – Donna Swajeski
    – Dena Higley
    – Bob Guza
    – Meg Bennett

    Call: Kay Alden, Michael Malone, Rex Best, Pame Long, Matthew Labine??? I say leave Lorraine Brodderick at DAYS, but I saw she was hired in Aug. of 2012. It’s been a year. Wonder how long her contract is there??

    My only problem with Sally Sussman Morina is GENERATIONS. That could have been an excellent show. But, WTF was she thinking? The first predominately black characters on daytime and she makes the patriarch of the family the owner of an ice cream parlor? Really? She couldn’t do better than that? I just cringe whenever I hear her name and think what GENERATIONS could have been if some of the things were different.

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    Of all the talent on GH, the fact that JFP chose SB over all the rest to come with her…….well, that speaks more than volumes! And, I actually like SOME of JFP work in daytime over the years,,,, but like any other, she has her fair share of shit too (more than her fair share.)

    She used to be great at music (OMG SANTA BARBARA music ROCKED!!!!) So, wtf is going on at YR? It sux musically!!! She does have a habit of bloodbaths with vets where ever she goes (you can look that up and follow the trail. It’s no secret.)

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    [quote=Nk3play2][quote=missmuffett41]Whoever they get to write for Y&R they need to put in a request to recast Lily and Victoria.[/quote]

    LoL I agree with you but because their respective pairings are so popular, TPTB are hesitant to fire either of them.[/quote]

    But their acting abilities are lack thereof is bringing down the quality of Y&R.

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    They always seems to place so many rejects from other shows to write this show…No bring back Kay Alden, Jack Smith or Sally Sussman Morina, but that too much like right for Sony…

    Sony rather kill this show, than bring Bill Bell ppl back- I’m so done with this show smh :(

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    Shelly Altman as headwriter would be an utter disaster for this show.

    I’m not even religious but somehow I feel the urge to pull out my grandmother’s Rosary beads and light a candle. ;)

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    RealityCheck 33

    This show is headed for a disaster that will rock daytime TV. CBS & Sony put the show killer in-charge and they can put her back on the street. If they don’t get her out of there, Y&R is gone in two years. JFP has ruined every show that she’s touched. Now she’s going to destroy the biggest show on daytime TV. CBS needs to tell Sony to dump the witch.

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    That’s what I was afraid of. Josh Griffith was only part of the problem this show has. Jill Farren Phelps showed the last 12 months that she has learned NOTHING from her previous mistakes.

    Yeah, the stories Griffith told were lame or just stupid. But I also think it has a lot to do with what Phelps wants. Burton’s Dylan doesn’t have to be a favorite in the writer’s room as I’m sure it’s Phelps’ doing to have him be such a central character on the show while the vets are taking a back sit.

    If now Altman takes over, nothing is going to change. It only gets worse. She will write more after that what Phelps wants and that’s normally not what the fans want.
    Griffith leaving before he gets fired should send an alarm to CBS and Sony. It should show that this new regime DID NOT work. It should let them come together and make a decision good for the show. And that would getting in contact with people like Ed Scott, Kay Alden, Jack Smith and/or Sally Sussman Morina.

    Y&R doesn’t only have a head writer problem. It needs a new showrunner even more. And somewhere I hope that Angelica McDaniel turns out to be as smart as she appears and gets involved in this mess. You want this show to be a success? Then don’t look at the ratings who are up because people wanted to see how Michelle Stafford leaves the show or what happens to Katherine, look at the overall quality!

    Phelps has done such dirty work on GH for a decade. Kill off favorites and use their send off as a ratings booster. And then not much of GH was left.

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    As a GH viewer also, I know the disaster JFP can cause (though, I can’t totally blame her, the writer Bob Guza was awful). But, older vets were pushed in the background or killed off in favorite of just a few major characters day in and day out. I am seeing the same pattern on Y &R. The show is Boring right now. Making Sharon obsessed with Nick yet AGAIN, please, who wants to see that? The teen set is dull, only bad boy Adam adds some excitement to the show right now. They pushed Victor, Nicki, Jill, the vets, in the background and who cares about any of those new characters? Steve Burton took over GH the last few years. I like him, but, this Mr.Perfect Dylan is nothing but a big BORE and again JFP is playing favorites. Y &R needs to get it’s act together. Thank goodness their rating are good so they have the chance to make much needed improvements.

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    I would like to see Kay Alden and Sally Susman be the new co-head writers of Y&R. I would also like to see Wendy Riche as the new executive producer of Y&R. That would be the best fit to get Y&R back on its feet again! IMO

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    OMG. Please NOT Jean Passanante!!!! She’s the WORST writer in Daytime. She was the HW of As The World Turns and drove that once iconic soap INTO THE GROUND!!!! Remember those HORRIBLE twins Zack and Zoe? Enough said! This is a woman that comes up with STUPID ideas, throws them on the wall like spaghetti, and HOPES to God it sticks! IT NEVER DID ON ATWT. I shudder to think what Jean and JFP–the WORST EP in the history of soaps– would do together on Y&R.

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    Restless Fan

    More importantly than tweeting Angelica, Steve Kent is the guy who does the hiring. He brought Jill and Josh on. His twitter handle is @SteveKentSony Let him know we not only would like Jill gone but to see Alden, Morina, or Smith (or all three) reinstated. Time is of the essence as I’m sure they will be making a decision soon and I don’t trust Kent to make the best one.

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    Puke, gag…another GH HACK coming aboard! enough already!…this is so sad, just pathetically sad on so many levels…ugh! What is so scary?…about being Bill’s proteges in charge again for the show? For the good of show and it’s longevity…with writers & producing the show?. I don’t understand why Sony & Ang-McD are so hell bent on this “change” for YR? I guess the 7 years of trying to “update” YR is successful…NOT…why tamper when they had winning formula?

    The Bells mistake when they did have control those l-o-n-g 5 yrs going w\family…MAB & cronies. Bell’s mistake was instead of rehiring back Kay, Jack, & Ed after LML but MAB was embarrassment to the family in the long run. We wouldn’t be here fretting over this mess because YR would be just fine… :( |(

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    Phelps and Latham are two of a kind in my book. With no one tied to the Bells or with any knowledge of the history of the show, soon the characters will be unrecognizable with this Altman chick and the Boyd meister from HH. Yuck. Not looking good.

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    hey mon

    No, Im not kidding.

    Dylan is here to stay, so why not make him a Reed and an Abbott, maybe even sister Casey can come back for a visit for Nikki. The whole last 3 decades have been a lie for Nikki and Victor — yes, that is plausible, knowing Victor Newman. It is plausible that Victor would have switched babies at birth, and will finally put Victor and Nikki on the front burner, where they belong. And yes, if they have to ret-con Dylan into the mix to do it — then so be it.

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    [quote=hey mon]I am looking forward to Altman writing the future of Dylan Abbott, the son of Nikki and Jack.[/quote]

    hey mon, you really think this is good? Or was it one to many Vodka drinks talking? This is going to be deplorable |(

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    I think hey mon has gone so far into the horridness of this all, that he’s come back up from the flipside. You know, like when a bad joke is *so* bad it’s almost starting to become funny.

    Yes, I just compared Y&R to a bad joke.

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    I’m trying to understand hey mon’s argument, but I don’t. When a character is popular with a show’s audience, it makes sense to anchor him/her by creating a link with a core family. That’s not the case with Dylan, just as it is/was not the case with Days’ Dr. Daniel Jonas.

    Despite Days’ top notch storytelling, their ratings aren’t climbing and I attribute that to their continued focus on Daniel. So far Y&R’s ratings have held up, despite being what many consider a shell of its former self. If they continue pushing the newbie agenda and go too far, that will probably change.

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    SoapA…I agree.

    Look at the Tyler character. He had soooo much potential, but was also kinda brought in with too much airtime, and then written to be kinda gross at first. They really backed off with his airtime, so he doesn’t irritate me tooooo much.

    Burton on the other hand…we’ve never had a let up on his screen time.

    If the new writer is Altman, I have no confidence in what she’ll do since she’s been with the show less time than Phelps, and knows little about the history of the show from writing it.

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    SoapA…I too so agreed…this is utterly asinine. Why Altman as HW b\c she will push Phelps agenda even more down the road? :tired:

    YR is smelling like old fashion outhouse…YR is stinking up the TV screen…I hope we don’t have another screaming & hollering Victor about Summer & Billy…stifle it please! I don’t want to see another round of Victor as MAB wrote him, the balance is right. Don’t get me wrong I do want him to be TGVN when needed. The Jack\Victor feud is legendary with the right story…talk about all kinds of wrong in story…Josh mutilated this story, by far his worse. Summer should had been an Abbott, it had the making of all kinds of drama. If Jack wanted Nick to pay, and take him court for deception & fraud, that would had kicked both families rekindle the feud and created more drama in story. Summer being conflicted and pulled, Hunter King could had mountains of story to play. Why is everyone in Nick’s orbit thinking it OK in what Nick did to the Abbott family? Took about a week. Because they understand?…OH PLEASE…Phyllis (recast please) needed to be the one in front of line to exact some revenge on Nick’s ass. Sharon is gutted now in this story, (more ghosts than DS :O ) and is hard to redeem the character after you had Sharon on the right track …why not do a wicked triangle between Avery\Sharon\Nick…more plausible than what we are getting and let Faith the terror tot from hell…I like the character of Hillary now mixing up with Mason even better. Abby\Tyler gag, no Alex, Paul lives at the station with a Emmy winner languishing…FIRE PHELPS now Sony, please! >)

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