Jeff Kwatinetz Reflects on First Season of Soap Reboots; Reveals TOLN is “Prepping For Next Season”

It's all over but the shouting for the premiere season of web continuations for All My Children and One Life to Live. Will the revived sudsers be back for Season 2? Prospect Park principles Jeff Kwatinetz says they will. 

"We could not be more proud to have delivered a stunning season of All My Children and One Life to Live, and really thank the creative teams and cast for being true partners in this journey. Together we have tackled more business, creative, and logistical challenges than most shows experience in a lifetime of production, yet we continue to prevail with these top rated, critically acclaimed shows,” said Kwatinetz. “We are prepping now for next season and have more surprises and twists and turns to deliver audiences—I am just hoping they stay on the soaps and not in our way.”

The Season 1 finale of OLTL—which finds the denizens of Llanview gathered together for a shocker at the Man of the Year gala—airs today on Hulu, Hulu Plus and iTunes.  AMC will wrap its first season online on Sept. 2. Look for questons about the Hubbards, Chandlers and the rest of Pine Valley to finally be answered.

What did you think of the first season of TOLN's soaps? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. Profile photo of Patchworks

    I think both shows are in a good place moving forward. The first season of both shows went through several lightning fast growing pangs. It was truly about the triumph of returning to production. Now that the stories have been moving forward, finally, they can spend more time focusing the establishment and follow-through of long-term story, assuming one exists.

  2. Profile photo of nysam

    Maybe if PP served up better shows there would have been more of an appetite for them.

    I don’t see these shows returning in the future. Cast and crew can’t simply wait around to be called back to work. They need to support themselves. You can’t put all these people on hiatus for months and expect them not to go and get other jobs.

  3. Profile photo of appleridge

    Cast & crew have contracts til January. These shows are their first prioroty. They will begin filming in September

    I feel both these soaps are coming into their own and personally feel that the seasons format is better and should be adapted by all daily soaps.

    THe four network shows produce 250 a year but ther budgets have been and continue to be sashed.

    I would think as a fan we want quality over quantity.

    Primetime and cable shows have hiatues and actors work during them all the time

  4. Profile photo of brettyboy

    I really hope PP sees sense and doesn’t run the second seasons simultaneously. It would be much better to have a few months of All My Children, then a few months of One Life to Live and so on, that way they always have one show on to keep our interest.

    I think both shows are in a good place right now, good end of season cliffhanger on OLTL, I think they should’ve explored Jack sleeping with the teacher more before the end of the season though.

  5. Profile photo of MsAgentProvocateur1

    All My Children has truly taken flight at this point. Hopefully Season 2 will be about raising the stakes and the quality even more.

    One Life To Live has taken a bit longer but the stories are becoming more cohesive and the show has ‘good bones’ so to speak– i.e. the foundation seems solid right now.
    I think OLTL would benefit from a really good umbrella story but after seeing Friday’s episode of Y&R, OLTL looks a lot stronger by comparison, I’m not going to quibble on this one.

    Hopefully PP has learned from the errors of the past few months and will avoid such mistakes.

    But I’ve been pretty entertained by both shows overall.

    Although I eagerly anticipate Season 2, I prefer that they don’t rush it and return fully ready to do good dramatic work.

  6. Profile photo of RobATL

    This is my first post after reading this site for several years. I hope OWN continues to air these shows. I haven’t missed an episode this summer on OWN (although I think today’s AMC was a repeat of last Thursday which was weird). I did watch the first few episodes of both shows on Hulu, but didn’t keep up. The good news is that even if OWN doesn’t renew them, I think I’m hooked enough now that I’ll continue watching online. I was a longtime fan of Guiding Light but after it’s cancellation I switched to One Life until it was cancelled. Then switched to General Hospital. I’m loving GH right now, but it is so good to have OLTL back and I’m enjoying AMC too.

  7. Profile photo of Llanview76

    “All My Children” is a little more cohesive than “One Life”…it’s using techniques Agnes Nixon taught the genre, telling rich contemporary stories of love in a world of constant social change. It intertwines it’s characters. There are more vets on the show: Joe, Opal, Angie, Jesse, Adam, Brooke, Dimitri, Dixie, Billy Clyde…and the rest of the characters have ties to the core families that have always represented Pine Valley.

    “One Life to Live” I still enjoy it, but there aren’t as character driven. The consequences of Dani’s drug addiction, or the psyche behind Matthew being a dead beat dad is kind of glossed over. There are fewer vets but a lot of Llanview is linked to somebody from the show’s history. I just wish “One Life to Live” would draw more from its glory years then the fanciful 80’s and bring the Woleks back, the principal families are all wealthy.

  8. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    I’ve held my tongue since April thinking it would get better, but now that we have seasons of these shows, I’ll speak up.

    OLTL sucked the ENTIRE season; great potential, but the writers had NO idea what to do with it.

    Why were Arturo and Michelle brought in, Dani/Matthew/Destiny/Jeffrey could’ve been a quad all on their own. Destiny NEEDS to be recast ASAP and I’ve never really been impressed with Matthew either. Dani and Jeffrey would’ve been hot, but instead they have that gorgeous Kelley Missal getting molested by her damn grandfather. I saw and heard JWow’s mono-toned ass too much in the season finale; I don’t give a damn about her AT ALL. The storylines were WEAK over all. The best damn parts of the season finale was Tea going off about her daughters disgusting relationship with her grandfather, and Clint going on a drunken rampage. Viki being completely broke makes no sense, David is idiotic, he’s not even funny anymore. I’m sorry, but NO ONE can write David like an idiot except Ron Carlivati. If Cutter were scheming with his damn mother, Alex Olanov to get the Buchanan cash, I might become invested in him and Natalie but I don’t give a damn because their chemistry sucks. WHERE IS JESSICA, she’s the twin I’ve always liked anyway. Though I have to say Natalie going off on Cutter and JWow in her classy yet bitchy way was good. Connecting Carl (and Jeffrey) to Allison Perkins was brilliant. It terrifies me when Jack FUCKING Manning is a highlight of an episode; his affair with his teacher is hot and intriguing, and whoever was watching them through the door better be good next season damn it!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed for Shane Morasco.

    It infuriates me to no end that AMC which I barely gave any thought on ABC is currently one of the best written soaps on the air.

  9. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    As for All My Children, Lindsay Hartley is my new favorite heroine as Cara Castillo. Everything else is pretty good except for the fact that Celia, and AJ NEED to be recast. Unfortunately I’m not impressed by the actress playing Cassandra either, but I can give her more time.

    I am honestly enjoying all the storylines on AMC, especially the JR/Cara/David triangle. However, I need David to screw Angie’s brains out ASAP. After Angie and Jesse’s marriage is destroyed, they can pair him with someone from the past, maybe a recast Liza. When JR finally goes off the deep end, and David is with Angie, Frankie (divorced/widowed) needs to come home and hook up with Cara; though I prefer Cornelius Smith, I can deal with a GOOD recast. I miss Natalia, but I don’t want anyone else playing but Shannon Kane.

  10. Profile photo of Mandolin

    I’m rooting for OLTL – I tried to get into it but I couldn’t . It just didn’t stand up to it’s former recent glory days/years. Hats off to everyone giving it their all- they deserve better.

  11. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    Absolutely OLTL struggled season one. As has been observed, AMC had no where to go but up. During AMC’s final season on ABC, I struggled mightily to watch the show whereas OLTL went out on a creative high and had to go on without the creative team that had done so much. That said, life in Llanview finally came together in the final 6 episodes, which I found gripping and much more interesting than the current GH which is all over the map and crazy exposition heavy. AMC’s final episodes improved upon the season’s already solid storytelling, but if David Canary (for whatever reason) cannot portray Adam, then either recast or let the character go. It was jarring to have him return only to get no real payoff. The mystery organization (tattoo) storyline on OLTL is not sustainable — finish it with a bang and then get back to relationships as the core storylines. I want to see Blair confront Jack’s teacher and Tea take on Dani’s skeevy older lover. Drop the Nightbird BS and get Nora back in the courtroom. If Clint is gonna be that messed up, put him back with Dorian. And find a way to keep Jeffrey once that mystery/tattoo stuff is over. On AMC, recast AJ (current guy is waaaay too intense) and recast Celia (or give her acting and deportment training). And Angie and David MUST become a couple. Let Dixie console Jessie. And why hasn’t Opal interacted with Billy Clyde?

  12. Profile photo of LindaTNo1

    Angie and Jesse forever. Daytime history making, groundbreaking, Number ONE AA SuperCouple in the annals of daytime history. Teaching the world what vows really mean. Standard bearers, setting the example for all that unconditional love everlasting and doable forgiveness always in place.

    Angie comitting adultery when she prides herself as a woman of faith and convictions, carrying her bible with her alot of times, gathering her family in prayer always, talking God talk to her children and her daughters-in-law Randi and Natalia, well that would be the destruction of the character of Angela Hubbard if she were to commit adultery with David. and she would end up losing the respect her children would have for her. Natalia and Brot would side with Jesse. Randi would side with Jesse. Frankie would think she is a phony and where is the “God talk”? Frankie and Randi might have a grandchid now so Angie would be a loser worthless mother and grandmother. Cassandra would find out what Jesse did to find her and bring her back to Angie and so maybe a twist and turn would be Cassandra going on Jesse’s side and leaving Angie without a family. They all turn against her and all for this severe case of mental blindness Angie has over David and bad emotional blindness she is suffering with over this “deep connection” with David because he saved her sight physically but not mentally and emotionally. Frankie hooking up with Cara, the mother of Oliver, David’s child, like NO way NO how.

    Angie and Jesse forever. People do get over stuff and stay together.

  13. Profile photo of LindaTNo1

    Angie and David MUST NOT become a couple. Angie and Jesse forever. The ONLY AA SuperCouple in the annals of daytime serial history and beyond. Darnell and Debbi, the greatest chemistry ever.

  14. Profile photo of LindaTNo1

    I love Jesse Hubbard. Angie and Jesse forever. David, Cara and Oliver a family finally. David needs to leave the Hubbards alone. Debbi and Darnell, legacy legends forever.

  15. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    All My Children has been fantastic from the writing, to the acting, to the sets, etc. OLTL still needs a lot of help in my opinion. The stories need to be more focused and they need to do something with the rest of the cast. We really only ever see Matthew regularly and maybe Dani. Blair, Dorian, Tea, Clint, Vicki are woefully underused. Poor Nora is stuck in that tiny room on a blogtalk radio show…it’s a bit of a mess.

    The OLTL sets are still small and cramped and overused and also not appropriate…like why is there a huge nightclub (Shelter) in the middle of a cobblestone mall? Every wall in every office is 1970’s wood paneling. Natalie’s tiny, one room apartment, Vicki’s upstairs in llanfare office that looks like her bedroom. I think maybe they blew the budget on AMC sets?

    Also the camera work is pretty bad too. If you notice, most of the camera angles are from right to left, we don’t usually get any dynamic views or get any feeling of depth here. This could be due to the sets being too small. Shelter is all beams and walls obstructing things. Everything just feels so stifled!

    In any case, PP did the impossible, for which I am grateful, and I hope that these show continue to grow!

  16. Profile photo of appleridge

    Both shows share the same sets and crew so its the same camera people so I doint see OLTL bing worse with sets and cameras. However its weird that Dorian’s no longer has that grand staircase. I also wish The coffee shop had a name and had more design/color. I also miss rodis and Benais dias

  17. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    [quote=appleridge]Both shows share the same sets and crew so its the same camera people so I doint see OLTL bing worse with sets and cameras. However its weird that Dorian’s no longer has that grand staircase. I also wish The coffee shop had a name and had more design/color. I also miss rodis and Benais dias[/quote]

    Oh, I know both shows share them, but AMC is better executed and arranged. OLTL just feels too cramped and even the camera work is right up in the characters’ faces 90% of the time and we only get to view scenes from one side/angle. It’s tough to explain without visuals on here.

    I too miss Rodies, and the diner. I also think Dorian’s house should be bigger. Dani and Mattew’s hovel is bigger than La Boulais (sp?)

  18. Profile photo of pferrando

    Even though I couldn’t get past week two for either show as a first time viewer, I’m pulling for them too.

    It’d be better, IMO, to have them air on OWN, but time will tell.

  19. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    I have to say that I totally disagree with all the posts about Tea’s over-acting. I love Florencia and think she is one of the best in daytime. Seriously, how would you mothers/fathers react in that situation with your 21 year old daughter with that man….having just found out you were lied to about who he is and finding out who he really is? Do you think you’d be calm and not screaming/crying in the 1 minute you knew you had with your daughter before she is going to leave with him? I thought she was right on and KUDOS to her! Loved it!

    OLTL must LOVE to have Allison as their finale gal. LOL both times (ABC and now TOLN) she’s been the cliffhanger, crazy as ever. I thought the show finally pulled itself together and I’m excited for season 2. It’s a shame no more cussing, because they finally got to a point where the cussing is actually in the right places and makes sense. I loved the dialogue the last 2 episodes…much better than when it premiered. KUDOS again. I’ll miss the “cable Language”. Natalie had some superb choice words for Cutter….ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!

    as usual, my 2 cents. OH, I liked the Jeffrey foot tattoo shocker too. Can’t wait to see what’s what and who’s who.

  20. Profile photo of Santa_Barbara_4Ever

    OLTL was rough at first….I am with you on that. But, the last 5 episodes or so really came together and season 2 I think will be must see TV/Internet. Check out the season finale if you didn’t watch the 2 episodes….it’s well worth the time!

  21. Profile photo of OneCharmingBastard

    OLTL got its act together rather nicely the last few episodes I gotta say – and any Allison Perkins appearance gets me stoked for the next chapter! (I agree about the swearing – the last few episodes it felt organic.)

  22. Profile photo of LindaTNo1

    Angie and Jesse’s marriage will never be destroyed. SuperCouple Number 1. Legacy legends and so great. Tests and that thorn, David will not hinder this wonderful couple.

  23. Profile photo of bbpruett

    OLTL has had a lot of hurdles to overcome and now at the end of season 1 I think was good and has set the stage for season 2 to be the stage of many more seasons to come I would like to see more sympathy towards Todd he was held in captivity for 8 yrs where is the compassion for how he feels Victor jr has basically been made the hero even though he stole his brothers kids and life from him .

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