Should Emily Thorne Start Wearing Bullet-Proof Bustiers on Revenge? (PROMO)

Season 2 of ABC's formerly-addictive primetime sudser Revenge was a stank-hot mess. There were so many convoluted, disconnected story arcs going at the same time, I needed a Dramamine drip, protractor and slide rule just to keep up.

The Initiative is behind it all! Nolan likes girls! Nolan likes boys! Takeda is an all-knowing sage! Takeda is an evil do-badder!

Here's hoping new showrunner Sunil Nayar makes good on those promises to shape this show up, when it returns Sept. 29 on ABC. From the looks of the first promo for Season 3, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) might want to invest in bridal kevlar. Watch the video after the jump!

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    Loving this promo! It’s very on-point, and has only a handful of scenes, which are apparently centered on the main cast members. I actually liked season 2 pretty well, but hopefully this season will be a doozy.

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    I agree wuth you Jamey. S2 was a real stinker with the exception of the last 3 three espiodes. What pissed off me more though was that a much better show at the time (666 Park Avenue) got cancelled because Revenge was such a weak ass lead in for them. If 666 had aired first at 9pm EST, I’m almost certain that it would be on ABC and possibily Revenge would have been cancelled.

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    I agree with Yoryla that while season two couldn’t match the good storytelling from season one it was still pretty decent.

    Anyway I look forward to a new beginning of “Revenge” and have no doubt that after many bashed the 2nd season, this one will be different. If different means better … well we’ll see. The promo looks good though.

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    No no no…season 2 was horrible. It was so over the top contrived and it was justa bad follow up after the excellent season 1.

    Killing off Amanda was a huge mistake (if she actually is dead, I dont know if they found her body)

    The mother from Emily? I dont even know where to start with that character. BTW what happened to her?

    The side story with Nolan and his gay-straight-gay-straight relationships. I still try to figure out why Padma or whatever her strange name was, was doing on this show and why her story was even needed.

    The Ryan brothers…what a mess.

    The japanese guy….another big mess.

    And the numerous of plot holes are just too much. It was one of the worst seasons in history of a television show.

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    A who shot emily storyline? Really now? How much more cliched and dated can revenge get? There’s no drama and suspense to this shooting bec obviously emily is not going to die. But emily would be unconscious w/c is something even wooden van camp should be able to act. Stupid revenge is becoming even more dated and musty than it already is w/ this shooting storyline. It’s kind of pathetic that abc’s revenge isn’t even taking a apge from its sister drama scandal considering that scandal is only night soap opera to have higher ratings on season 2 compared to its season 1. That’s because revenge is very been there and done that. While scandal is the new kind of night soap opera w/ its polished direction and fast paced storylines and its racially diverse characters at the show’s forefront. Scandla offers newness to audience while revenge is pretty much any other day and night soap opera.

    Not racially diverse revenge even fails at its wardrobe. You’d think a more traditional drama like revenge would be known for its fashion w/c is an essential element to a soap opera. Cliched revenge has its parties and events and is abt chars who hollywood claims to be stylish all bec they’re from hamptons. While scandal is abt political chars w/c doesn’t lend itself as much to fashion as revenge does. And yet scandal is launching a capsule collection much like racist tv show mad men had a 60s capsule collection. Dumb revenge even flops when it comes to fashion.

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