JR Martinez and Texas Battle Wanna Know if You're SAF3?

Are you SAF3 (pronounced: safe)? Prolific producer Gregory J. Bonann (Baywatch) is hoping millions of fans will tune in to find out the answer to that question, when his new action drama, SAF3, premieres next month on Tribune stations.

Starring All My Children alum JR Martinez and The Bold and the Beautiful's Texas Battle, SAF3 "centers around an elite unit of the Malibu Fire Department which includes specialists in sea, air, and fire rescue operations". Alfonso Rivera (Martinez) is an L.A.-based paramedic and firefighter, who has served his country in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Battle plays Texas Parker in the series, which also stars Dolph Lundgren, Lydia HullDanielle Anderson, Katie Meehan, Travis Burns and Jocelyn Osorio. SAF3 premieres Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22 on Tribune stations. Watch a few intense teasers for the series after the jump!




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Why would anyone hire Texas Battle for anything? He's incredibly bad.

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WOw Mr. Battle keeps getting hired in primetime. Maybe that's where his talents are more appreciated. :-/

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"Battle plays Texas Parker in the series."

I'm guessing they went with his own name to help him remember his lines. They'll probably end up regretting not going with Texas Alamo Wink

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There's my favorite sweetie pie J.R.!

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