Queer as Folk Alum Cast as Mitchell Sherman’s Son on Y&R

Who knew Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) lawyer extraordinaire, Mitchell Sherman, had a personal life outside of catering to his billionaire client? The Young and the Restless has signed on Queer as Folk’s Robert Gant to play Mitchell’s son, David.

David, who is also an attorney, brings the late Chancellor matriarch's family and friend together to go over her estate. Look for Gant to first appear on Sept. 11.

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    Loved him on QAF although I preferred Michael with Dr David (Chris Potter)…..what a hot man! I recall Gant being hot and heavy with Queer Eye’s Kyan back in the day.

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    Now THIS is some great casting! Oh, this hunk of a man was one of my early crushes back in the day :D And he fits to the lawyer type, too. Too bad it’s just a visit.

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    Love me some Robert Gant, but this show does not need another lawyer…Michael, Christine, Leslie, Avery, that chick suing Adam and crying rape, plus Rafe is still floating around and Heather could show up again at any time. I’m a lawyer and that’s just too many! They need some doctors for the lawyers to sue.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]He is gay in real life and plays a lot of gay characters. So…. maybe a positive gay role in Genoa City??[/quote]

    Hey maybe he’ll rig the will so that his secret boyfriend Phillip III gets everything.

    Naw….than this writing regime would have to explain to the viewing audience who the hell THEY think Phillip is, and apparently they don’t care.

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    Great casting.

    And as for too many lawyers. Avery, Leslie and Michael are the only ones who are regular characters. All three of them are also very much company lawyers or at least have been in the last couple of years. So I understand that they wouldn’t be handling anything like Katherine Chancellor’s will.

    Christine was in Washington for most of the time and now is a DA. Rafe in fact hasn’t been part of the show for a very long time. I haven’t seen him getting any air time since the new regime took over. And even under MAB he wasn’t used that much anymore. Heather is also gone.

    So I don’t mind. Not to mention that as Mitchell Sherman’s son he has ties to the show’s history.

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]perhaps this new lawyer will hook up with the Australian bloke and they will run off together to the Islands….[/quote]

    If so, we could say goodbye to another DULL DUD.

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    I loved him on Queer As Folk, he is so hot. I didn’t know he was gay in real life!!! I remember on QAF his character was banging Michael on the kitchen counter, and seeing how great he looked and how manly he is! I fell in love with him after that lol. I miss QAF it was a great show.

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    There’s an interview where this actor mentions that gonzales is his real name but he uses gant for some strange reason. Something like appealing to white audiences and maybe people won’t remember his name. As if gonzales is such a difficult name to pronounce and is such an uncommon name. Isn’t this actor openly gay?

    UK and u.s. versions of queer as folk kept preaching abt gay issues yet were very racist towards African americans and Asian americans and racial minorities from gay community. “love scenes” between white chars were very graphic on queer as folk. Yet it was only implied when gale harold’s brian kinney was kissing an African american char. How racist! While only Asian american gay char on season 1 of queer as folk was a japanese prostitute who only spoke japanese except when using the word money. How racist! And of course japanese prostitute char ended up w/ a white guy who was much older.

    Typical bec of prevalent racism from lgbt community towards racial minorities. hollywood keeps preaching abt gay bullying yet lgbt community loves to bully its lgbt members who are African american and Asian american and other racial minorities. When is hollywood going to tackle racism from gay community w/ their fictional storylines. Probably never bec hollywood only portrays republicans and racial minorities as racist. While racism storylines have to make white chars help oppressed racial minorities. Stupid holywood would never portray white chars who are gay as racists.

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    Not sure what Goddard post you’re talking about (I went to look). But I see the Y&R Fan Club Event is this weekend. I’ve attended a couple of them in the past though it’s been a long time. They’ve been holding those fan events for decades–long before Goddard darkened the doorway at CBS studios. So why the hell is the man callling it, “MY FAN EVENT” on his Facebook page??


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    Mini bio of Robert Gant : IMDB

    Date of Birth
    13 July 1968, Tampa, Florida, USA

    Birth Name
    Robert Gonzalez

    Robert Gant began acting in television commercials and joined the Screen Actors Guild at the age of ten in his home state of Florida. He attended undergrad at the University of Pennsylvania and law school at Georgetown University. While studying law, he never gave up on his true passion, acting, and performed in numerous theatrical productions. Interestingly, it was his career as an attorney that brought him to Los Angeles when he accepted a position with the world’s largest law firm. In a twist of fate, the firm’s Los Angeles office was closed soon after. Taking that as an omen, he made the decision to focus all of his time on acting. The decision was a good one.

    In 2001 Grant was cast in Showtime’s hit television series, “Queer as Folk.” Prior to QAF, he recurred on the WB’s “Popular” and on NBC’s “Caroline in the City.” Gant has had many notable guest spots on such TV hits as “Friends,” “Veronica’s Closet,” “Becker,” “Melrose Place,” “Ellen,” and “Providence.” He also appeared in the independent films “The Contract,” “Fits and Starts” and “Marie and Bruce,” starring Julianne Moore and Matthew Broderick.

    Gant was the recipient of a special civil rights award presented to him in New York’s City Hall. Other recipients were Sharon Gless and Gale Harold, also of “Queer as Folk,” along with “Chicago” director Rob Marshall, Shirley MacLaine and Steven Daldry.

    His time in Hollywood is not limited to acting, however. Along with producing partners Chad Allen and Christopher Racster, Robert has started the film and television production company, myth garden. They optioned an exciting slate of initial projects, each with varying degrees of gay-focused content, and are developing a number of other films and television shows. While he gives time to a number of philanthropic and political causes, Robert’s “torch issue” is that of aging in the gay community. He supports such organizations as SAGE (Senior Advocacy for GLBT Elders) and GLEH (Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing). He is also developing a website devoted entirely to gay elders and all matters that affect them. Robert resides in Los Angeles.

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    I have some exciting news to share about Christel and my Fan club event on this coming, Sunday, August 25th at The Sheraton Universal Hotel.

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    Teacher : “now class, we will read our reports on how we spent our summer vacations…. Little Petey, you can go first”

    Little Petey : “well, I went to the Daniel Goddard Fan Club event in California….. shoulda seen all of those blimps flying overhead…. “

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    Cane is such a douche bag. Did anyone else notice yesterday when he was composing his statement to the press about Katherine and *work* he signed off on the statement Hillary (is that the chick’s name?) where she referred to Chancellor Industries as “Chancellor Enterprises?” How is going to look to the business world if he doesn’t even know the name of the company he’s running? What a dork.

    I’m almost hoping Adam DOES swoop in and takeover Chancellor Industries. It would serve Katherine right for putting that con artist in charge of her life’s work.

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