Queer as Folk Alum Cast as Mitchell Sherman's Son on Y&R

Who knew Katherine Chancellor’s (Jeanne Cooper) lawyer extraordinaire, Mitchell Sherman, had a personal life outside of catering to his billionaire client? The Young and the Restless has signed on Queer as Folk’s Robert Gant to play Mitchell’s son, David.

David, who is also an attorney, brings the late Chancellor matriarch's family and friend together to go over her estate. Look for Gant to first appear on Sept. 11.


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Party Party Party

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Teacher : "now class, we will read our reports on how we spent our summer vacations.... Little Petey, you can go first"

Little Petey : "well, I went to the Daniel Goddard Fan Club event in California..... shoulda seen all of those blimps flying overhead.... "

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Cane is such a douche bag. Did anyone else notice yesterday when he was composing his statement to the press about Katherine and *work* he signed off on the statement Hillary (is that the chick's name?) where she referred to Chancellor Industries as "Chancellor Enterprises?" How is going to look to the business world if he doesn't even know the name of the company he's running? What a dork.

I'm almost hoping Adam DOES swoop in and takeover Chancellor Industries. It would serve Katherine right for putting that con artist in charge of her life's work.