Should Kate Get Lucas to Keep Jordan Away From Rafe on Days of Our Lives?

Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow) thought she'd hired a dude to help her lover get back on his feet on Days of Our Lives. Boy, was the cosmetics queen surprised when she learned Rafe's (Galen Gering) new physical therapist, Jordan (All My Children fave Chrishell Stause), is a woman!

I was surprised to see how the soap frumped the gorgeous Stause up for her new gig. Despite those glasses and that dreadful hairdo, Rafe would have to be as blind as a St. Luke's Convent mouse not to notice underneath Ugly Nurse Betty is quite the striking swan. So what does this all mean for the smoking-hot Rate pairing? I think I have the perfect solution.

Wishful Storytelling: When Kate picks up on the chemistry between Rafe and Jordan, she enlists her badly-in-need-of-a-storyline son Lucas (Bryan Datillo) to romance the human muscle relaxer! Come on Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell, get Datillo off the bench and on top of Stause! Watch the most recent DAYS recap video below, then sound off in the comments.




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Came back to watching Days because of her....the chemistry is going to be there! If they don't screw this should be fantastic!

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I am here for ANYTHING that gives Lucas a storyline! They act like he can't exist outside of Sami and those damn kids. He's the only male Horton onscreen that can carry on the family name. Let's get it cracking!!!!