Wash, Rinse, Repeat: Yet Another Scene With Likey at the Police Station on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Stop me if you've heard this summary for a The Young and the Restless sneak peek before — like 10 or 15 times in the past month or so. The fabulous Lauren Fenmore (Tracey Bregman) descends upon the GCPD, so that her two brother-husbands, Paul (Doug Davidson) and Michael (Christian LeBlanc), can scream histrionically at one another about the wicked Carmine (Marco Dapper).

Didn't Davidson just win a Daytime Emmy? I wonder what kind of storyline he'd get if he nabbed a Nobel Prize for Drama?

Oh, hella-hot Chavez (Ignacio Serricchio) is also there, as opposed to being somewhere, ya know, NAKED, with a beautiful Genoa City vixen and/or Kevin Fisher (Greg Rikaart). Bill Bell is crying supernatural tears. Watch a sneak peek of today's Y&R after the jump.

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    UGH…Jess Walton proved why she needs a contract and Jill needs to become “the face” of Y&R, just as Katherine Chancellor was. Of course Victor, Nikki, Jack, Ash are faces of Y&R too, but Jill is just as important if not MORE important.

    I’d love to see her at the Chancellor Mansion, along with Nina and Esther FOR GOOD. It seems like the only logical way, but I doubt that will happen :(

    But I personally loved today’s episode…much better than yesterday’s. And my whole point about Y&R yesterday wasn’t to say that Jack and the gang didn’t DESERVE to be there. My point was, it’s not totally out of the realm of possibility that they weren’t the first to know. I think it was handled pretty well today with Jack…but then again, I’ve been labeled the Y&R apologist, so I could be wrong.

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    Jamey Giddens

    It isn’t just about yesterday’s episode re: Kay’s loved ones. It’s been go thread for years, the last several regimes, have all but forgotten who we the fans watched Kay be connected to for decades, in favor of forcing these retconned connections on viewers.

    I have heard from several sources Genie absolutely hated Kay being so connected to Cane after the con was revealed. They can’t even spring for Thom Bierdz, the actual Phillip Chancellor, but they’re continuing to insinuate Cane in every Chancellor related arc. It’s insulting. Bill Bell wrote it that Kay was as close to the Abbotts as one could be without being a blood relative. She grew up with John, as well as Lauren’s dad, Neil Fenmore, Stuart Brooks, etc., and she most assuredly did not leave John’s life or his children’s lives—ever—until a few regimes ago.

    She named Ashley. The woman was her goddaughter. You mean to tell me she took the time to write a goodbye postcard to the Chipmunk, but not one Abbott? I’m sorry, but I’ve been watching this show for 30 odd years and there isn’t any apologizing for that.

    This storyline should be gold from start to finish. When I asked if they were bringing back Mac, it was as if I was speaking Hebrew. No Mac, but Amber?

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    Restless Fan

    Stoney I agree Jess Walton is criminally underused. She’s such a heavy hitter yet we are saddled with the likes of zits like Melanie and Hillary. YAWN!!!

    I have lowered my expectations for the fallout of Katherine’s death. This regime has proven their knowledge of the show has severe limitations and sadly this story won’t truly rock Y&R the way that it should.

    As for how the tale has started off, I liked Friday’s ep a lot but Mondays was a big miss for me. Have yet to watch today’s.

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    Today’s episode was better TO ME.

    And Jamey, I totally agree!! That was my point yesterday…the past regimes (as I said) did not acknowledge who close Katherine was with the ABbott’s. I personally remember, even throughout the ’90s she had a relationship with them and John. But these new writers didn’t seem to want to write the show that way which sucked.

    So that’s why I was saying I didn’t expect for Jack/Traci/Billy to be there. Not that they didn’t belong there, but moreso I knew it wouldn’t be written that way and I didn’t see it out of the realm of possibility that they weren’t there.

    Personally I had a great relationship with my godparents for my entire life. Then my mother died. It kind of distanced my relationship with my godparents for some reason. So when my godfather died, I honestly didn’t even find out until a couple of days later. It wasn’t that we weren’t talking, or hadn’t been close or any of that. It’s just the past couple of years had changed the dynamics of the relationship.

    And to me, the past regimes all but ignoring Kay’s relationship with the Abbott’s kind of changed that dynamic for me. I do agree that they should’ve been there…but I wasn’t surprised.

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    Haven’t seen today’s show due to the wonderful blackout…but Jess pretty much carried yesterday.

    You KNOW Phelps watches from her perch and agrees with all of us (about a Jess contract), but all she’s doing is taking a peek at her SB pic she keeps with her at all times.


    Yes, the Abbotts should be there, but let’s just be thankful that Jack has been prominently featured in his own storylines.

    Josh seemingly has a hard time hitting all the beats even with his knowledge of the show.

    Can you imagine what an Altman would do if she had to write this story?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Part of my frustration with this new regime, is that Josh specifically came on acting like he knew this show, and would therefore fix what previous regimes effed up. He had particular shade for Maria in multiple interviews, yet he has done absolutely nothing to fix what he said he would fix.

    This show needs a writer who knows who Kay Chancellor loves. Who knows that Jack and Jill’s scandalous relationship set Genoa City on fire. Who knows Billy is Jill’s son. I can get you being detached on the Kay/Abbott thing, because it’s been watered down for years, but there is no excuse for Jill not interacting with her own son and grandchildren, while spending so much time focused on a con artist’s spawn and her insta-sister’s family.

    Why isn’t Jill sniffing around the Victoria/Billy/Chloe situation? She’s loathed Esther for years and although she mellowed in her feelings for Chloe, the woman who clawed her way to the top of Genoa City society, from humble beginnings, would be livid her son was even entertaining messing up his good thing with the Newman heiress, to smooch the maid’s daughter.

    These beats are so simple, they could write themselves, but they aren’t being written. Jill Farren Phelps loves herself a police department set! It’s one of the first things she did at my beloved Another World. Eff Brava Magazine. Eff Cory Publishing. Let’s build a police station and make half the town and Diana Ross’s daughter cops.

    This isn’t Days of Our Lives. Y&R has never been known for cops and robbers stories. Paul had his PI office and his dad was a cop, but law and order was never what Y&R was about. Maria brought that element in strong, and now Jill and Josh are running away with it.

    Y&R in the 70’s was a lush, passion pit about a family of wealthy publishing heiresses and their n’er-do-well beaux. Rich, drunk Mrs. Chancellor was up on the hill, losing her husband to nubile young Jill and Jill’s earnest, god-fearing mama was begging her to stop her sinful ways.

    In the 80’s, the Abbotts came on, replacing the Brooks. Bye-bye newspapers and novelists, hello glamorous world of cosmetics campaigns, fashion models and a very desperate housewife named Patty Williams Abbott.

    Roguish Victor Newman helped Y&R fend off GH’s ratings-giant supercouples, when he fell for stripper Nikki Reed and Jill found respectability by marrying wealthy, divorcee John Abbott, only to screw his son and walk away with 20 percent of his cosmetics firm.

    The 90′ to the mid-2000’s saw the Newmans and Abbotts face off with warring business stories, giving us fictional cosmetics brands so enticing and sexy we wished we could go out and buy Brash & Sassy, Glow By Jabot, Tuvia, etc. in stores. Along with psychotic femme fatales like Sheila Carter, Phyllis, Mari Jo, etc. This era also gave us the best black storytelling soaps have ever accomplished. Sorry, AMC fans, I never caught the golden era of Jesse and Angie.

    This is what a good majority of the fans of this show want back and we haven’t had it since Kay Alden and Jack Smith were forced out.

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    Personally, I loved your comment about Ignacio and Kevin. Wouldn’t that make them set up and notice. Of course I remember way back when KATHERINE had a Quasi gay fling with a character named Joanne,it went over like a turd in a punch bowl and was quickly dropped, but that was then;this is now.

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    Is there an actual valid reason why they won’t get Alden and Smith back? Or at least Alden OR Smith…if we can’t get them both.

    I know they are on B&B, or at least Alden is…idk about Smith. But still…

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    Jamey – let the choir sing it’s praise!

    Why is it that these showrunners and network execs do not *get* these things? I’ve often thought about this. What kind of people *are* the execs? And I’m not talking about showrunners or HW’s, I’m talking about suits, the real decision makers, at Sony, at CBS, wherever. What kind of things do they watch themselves? Do they watch the soaps? No? I don’t think the suits actually watch the soaps themselves, but really, to be so disconnected from what actually makes a good soap and what the viewing audiences and/or critics feel is good storytelling, is baffling. Don’t these executives’ mommas and/or grandmamas tell them how they feel about these shows? Or are they all the country club types who simply don’t watch soaps?

    I honestly don’t think JG had much creative liberties. I bet all his storyline outlines had to be approved by JFP and that most of them she didn’t approve but scrapped and gave Josh the instructions how she wanted them done.

    I don’t think any reason for why Alden, Smith, Scott or Morina haven’t been hired back has been given, but I’m sure it has to do with Sony wanting to distance themselves so much from the Bell family, when in fact it is the exact opposite they should be doing.

    And I mean, imagine this. If they were to hire Alden or Smith and still keep JFP there to hand out the instructions, would that really make any indifference? The dialogue hasn’t been a problem thusfar. Sure, we could see it on some beats being played that now aren’t, but the storylines and the people used probably still wouldn’t change. And can you just imagine Kay Alden having to try to work together with someone like JFP? How would that even go? Likely, not well.

    There is no hope for this show unless and until they get a new Executive Producer.

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    Alden was let go at B&B???? :O

    Wow. I was gone for a while but geesh I totally missed it :( That SUCKS.

    Anyway, I still don’t understand why they are keeping JFP on. CLEARLY Josh Griffith wasn’t the only problem with the show, so why hide the dirty underwear under the couch cushion when you could just completely throw them away??? *Shrug*

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    CBS and Sony should still be bowing down for the Bells who MADE their entire daytime lineup number ONE back in the late 80’s. AND it’s been there ever since.

    Why not go to the source to find out who would be the best choice?

    I too just don’t get it.

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    [quote=pferrando]CBS and Sony should still be bowing down for the Bells who MADE their entire daytime lineup number ONE back in the late 80’s. AND it’s been there ever since.

    Why not go to the source to find out who would be the best choice?

    I too just don’t get it.[/quote]

    Exactly. As I said before Brad his brother, sisters and their mama needs to get some other investors and buy their #1 show back. Hire Kay Alden back to helm the show and reign over daytime again. I’m sure Sony would sell a portion back so that they all can invest in the show. Today’s episode was good but that is due to it just being about Jill, Jack and Sharon. The Likey, Carmine storyline was good too. But it is time to return to the cor e of the show which is business and bring back our Jabot sets and I mean sets not just and office but a lab, a photog studio, and the hallways and offices of Newman and Brash and Sassy. With a competing fashion line from Newman. Have Jill and Lauren open a Department Store not just a boutique a Fenmores. If The Bells combine their resources and shop the soap to other countries they can have enough money to buy more studio space cut the cast a bit and return to what made Y&R so juicy and popular.

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    Jamey Giddens I bow down to you, sir! Everything you’ve said is 500 million% correct. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Hello somebody at Y&R pls tell your boss what a popular website said about the show you work on. I know some of the actors come on here to read the blogs-

    However Jamey I’am LMAO when you said “Bill Bell is crying supernatural tears” I about pissed on myself—2funny and 2True-

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    Jamey Giddens

    It seems as if, you have to agree with DC opinions, on order for anything to post
    Actually, no, no you don’t. Stoney rarely agrees with us on Y&R and he posts all the time. TV Gord and I disagree quite often. NySam thinks GH pretty much sucks under the new regime. We at DC don’t. He never has a problem posting.

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    Who are you RBrooks? This is a site for you to share your opinion. We all have differing opinions. Gh is the bomb and I am quick to say when they are not. Y&R has been sucking, but today’s episode was descent to good. Jamie is just sharing his opinion regardless if its his site or not. Not to start mess but that is why this is here for the PTB to come here and see what the fans are thinking. So they can make the proper adjustments that need to be made. We gave JFP and Josh G ample time to get it right but they haven’t and this is our outlet to share with Sony and CBS what we think is wrong and what is right.

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    Rbrooks … if you could actually understand what you are reading here then you’d know that most of us DO like Y&R. We just don’t like some of the oddball directions it appears to be heading. It is not appropriate when the history of a character seems to totally change just because someone new (as in performer) comes onto the scene. This along with other peculiar story lines and impossibly aged children (compared to those who bred and bore them) is getting out of hand.

    We just need a bit more of the classic old tempered with some new blood; but not all at once.

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    [quote=stoney07]UGH…Jess Walton proved why she needs a contract and Jill needs to become “the face” of Y&R, just as Katherine Chancellor was. Of course Victor, Nikki, Jack, Ash are faces of Y&R too, but Jill is just as important if not MORE important.
    I’d love to see her at the Chancellor Mansion, along with Nina and Esther FOR GOOD. It seems like the only logical way, but I doubt that will happen :([/quote]

    Boy, Stoney you said it…I watched Friday,Monday & Tuesday’s episodes for Katherine to see this setup. Jill is lost without Kay, Jess Walton, please know I & millions would love to have you back full time but JFP will have no part of it…but we have Dylan…UGH!

    Here’s my beef, John & Katherine grew up together, which Bill created that element when John Abbott was brought on back in late ’79, Katherine watched the Abbott children grow up, Billy grew up around Katherine as a “grandson”…why wasn’t Billy or Jack at the mansion in the first place?

    That was a big WTF? But we had CANE (can’t stand him), Lily, & even Kevin which is Ok, asked about Neil and NOT 1 Abbott? Please, this is going to be ugly and this team in charge now will screw this story up I feel it in my gut…geez! :tired: :tired: :O :( :(( :(( |( |(

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    [quote=pferrando]Stoney I thought Alden was let go at BB?[/quote]

    P, when was this? The last time I paid attention just (a few weeks ago) to closing credits she, Rex Best, Ed Scott was still there, can’t remember about Jack, but I did see his name early summer. Unless happened recently, but I’m don’t know?

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]…This is what a good majority of the fans of this show want back and we haven’t had it since Kay Alden and Jack Smith were forced out.[/quote]

    Let the church say AMEN.

    I began watching this show 20+ years ago when Neil and Drusilla were pretending to be a couple in order to make Olivia and Nate notice them. That was a million times smarter than this shiteous storyline they have going on for Neil right now.

    And the sad part is that you can’t even say that some storylines work and some don’t. EVERY storyline on the show right now has problems with its construction.

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    [quote=bobbyew]Great Y&R today. Micheal hitting the chief. lmao Only a Baldwin and Victor can get away with this. Jess Walton Emmy Nod Please![/quote]

    Great show today, and two whole days without DILDO DYLAN.

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    [quote=Rbrooks]Jamey Giddens needs to STFU, this is why bloggers do not get respect. He is constantly ragging on the #1 soap opera.
    They are doing fine without your critiques, if you haven’t notice.
    Plus you showed your ignorance and lack og knowledge by saying the Winters were the pinnacle of black couples with the writing, and everyone knows worth their salt, that it was Darnell and Debbie from AMC who holds that.
    We need to start calling and his co-horts on their bs[/quote]

    I’m stepping in it…not sure what you mean but Winters’ family was the pinnacle part of a black couple in writing for CBS! :| not saying the first super couple that honor goes to D&D, Dru & Neil has CBS’s super couple regardless of color the Winters’ family was important part of CBS’s raise in #1. So again what’s the problem…I forgot?

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    eeeeeeeeeer/ I am so angry…. my local affliate waited until near the very end when the book fell… and then switched over to something else!!

    So what happened? Did Jill find anything???

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    What people has to realize is that the industry as a whole has change, and not for the better.

    We have to get over it thesecomplaints abouy YandR and enjoy it while you can

    The DC crew constantly ragged on Maria Bell, pushing for a regime change. It happened and now they still complaining

    The show has been number 1 for over 27 years, It is teflon and petty criticism won’t change that

    Also while I rant , LOL

    For yrs the DC crew ragged on AMC, now that it is on Web, doing great stories, not a peep for them.

    I guess since it is better than OLTL, they have nothing to say

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    Not all of us thought that switching from MAB to JFP would be a good idea.

    I was one of the ones who was criticized when I joined DC for that reason alone just over a year ago.

    I’ve been behind Josh…who I think IS a better writer than MAB…

    But little if anything that JFP has done to make YR more “alluring” has worked.

    I still say MAB is the better EP because she knows the history of the show.

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