General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Dr. Chu announces the baby’s heart rate has dropped, and Maxie worries she passed her heart condition on to the baby.  Lulu reminds her the baby isn’t hers biologically, so there’s no way this is her fault. 

Liz questions Tracy on AJ’s whereabouts, and Tracy guesses he’s drowning his sorrows.  Liz accuses Tracy of enjoying this, but Liz knows AJ has people who care about him. 
Ava finds AJ drinking and joins him. She complains about Connie messing up her life by publishing the truth about Kiki's paternity on the front page.  AJ explains how Carly kept him from Michael, and feels Ava did the same. Ava puts the blame on Connie, and suggests they need to destroy her for ruining their lives.  AJ decides he’s going to take action for once. 
Kiki asks Morgan if he knew in advance she wasn’t a Quartermaine, but Morgan claims he didn’t.  Morgan wonders if she still loves him, and Kiki assures him that she does.  Kiki mentions she hasn’t spoken to Ava, Silas or Franco, since all this came out. She feels she should be the one to tell Franco. 
Franco is awake, and asks Silas about the transplant.  Silas informs Franco he won’t be a donor, because of the cancer cells. Franco’s upset, since he thought this would redeem him in Kiki’s eyes.   He says Ava lied about Kiki, and Silas fires back Ava is still lying. He starts to tell him the truth, but Kiki arrives. 
Carly visits Michael and assumes he’ll happy about the newspaper article. However, Michael tells her Morgan already married Kiki before she could find out the truth.  Carly feels Morgan will feel more pain when Kiki leaves him. 
Olivia and Sonny run into Felicia and Mac at the hospital, and offer their congratulations on the wedding.  Felicia mentions running into Morgan at the courthouse, and Sonny is shocked to hear his son is already married. 
Connie complains to Tracy about her relationship with Sonny, and explains about Olivia getting in the way.  Connie goes on to inform Tracy she and Sonny were interrupted by news of the baby. She knows she can’t compete with that.
Liz asks Michael for help in finding AJ.  She finds AJ at Jake's, and stops him from taking another drink. 
Olivia thinks Sonny should go and talk to Morgan, but Dante tells them there is something wrong with the baby.  Dr. Chu informs everyone the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby’s neck, but it’s common. They will watch the baby, and wait to see how things progress before they make any moves.  Dante admits he’s worried.  Sonny agrees parenting can leave you feeling helpless, but Olivia reassures them all will be fine. 
Franco tells Kiki he can’t donate bone marrow for Danny, and swears he wanted to do it to show her he’s a better person.  He questions her when she calls him Franco, since she called him dad before the surgery.  Kiki tells him Ava lied, and he’s not her father.
Carly confronts Morgan, and insists he tell her the truth. She warns things will end badly, and he’ll get hurt.  She wants him to admit he rushed things under false pretenses, so she can help him before the lies destroy everyone. 
Maxie’s worried about the baby, but Lulu reassures her everything will be fine.  Spinelli arrives and does the same.  The monitors start beeping, and everyone worries.  Dr. Chu tells everyone the baby needs to come out now.

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    I was half expecting them to show Franco with a rainbow above his head with blue birds flying around. He wanted to save the little Danny so badly and do something good for KiKi. BARF

    Didn’t Liz already have this storyline when Lucky was addicted to drugs? I really don’t want to see that storyline again. Can Liz have a romance, pls? Does she have to babysit grown men all her life. She is not Captain-Save-A-Ho! Liz needs to decide that her and AJ are only friends and she will stand by him as friends. I don’t want to see this again.

    So Carly is actually apologizing to Michael that Morgan (his brother) married his girlfriend? KiKi is NOT Michael’s girl. Morgan did not steal KiKi from Michael. I hate that Michael feels so entitled to KiKi and he’s not even thinking of how he could be hurting his brother. Then had to nerve to get mad saying Morgan was gloating or whatever. That’s Morgan’s girl Michael! I am so Team Morgan. Michael is acting like a spoiled brat.

    Olivia and Sonny, no just no. Who is this pod Lulu? Can the writers pls go back and study the character of Lulu so they can know what kind of person she is? She would never, while Maxie is in pain giving birth, remind Maxie a thousand times that the baby is not hers biologically. Lulu would never question why Maxie would ask for THEIR BFF to come into the delivery room. All last week and this week has been pod Lulu

    Maybe I missed something but what happened with the scenes of Nik and Britt? Didn’t Nik go see her yesterday?

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    Totally agree on Liz. It’s perfectly in character what she’s doing, her determination to “stand by her man” no matter what, that’s not my issue. My issue is she keeps repeating past mistakes, but more than that, I just don’t think we have been shown a foundation between Liz and AJ to cause her to think she should stand by him this way. I got it with Lucky and Jason and even Ric, but I just don’t get it with AJ. Not enough time has been spent showing them as anything more than friends who decided to date.

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    [quote=logan_echolls]Olivia and Sonny, no just no. Who is this pod Lulu? Can the writers pls go back and study the character of Lulu so they can know what kind of person she is? She would never, while Maxie is in pain giving birth, remind Maxie a thousand times that the baby is not hers biologically. Lulu would never question why Maxie would ask for THEIR BFF to come into the delivery room. All last week and this week has been pod Lulu[/quote]

    I’m so with you on this one. It’s Spinelli, why the hell would it seem odd, Lulu, that Maxie would ask for him. I get that they are not suppose to be in relationship anymore and Spinelli has moved on, but damn, it wasn’t like her wanting him there was way out of left field. And don’t get me wrong, I like the actress currently playing Lulu, I just don’t think the writers are giving us “Lulu”.

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    FInally a truly evil villain that is not written as a cartoon character, Ava Jerome. And Maura West hit all thr right notes in her delivery and the scenery was left without bite marks.

    Michael is entitles because he knows how Kiki feels about him, he never set out to steal her.

    And Morgan? Lyiing while swearing on your wedding vows? That bodes really well for this marriage. They should just call him Carlo!

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    Michael still needs to consider Morgan’s feelings at this point? I understand perfectly from where Carly is coming from. I would apologize too if my son was such a lair that feels so entitled to Kiki. Morgan is very much like Sonny when it comes to woman. He sees them as his property.

    If Connie was still Kate she would have dumped Sonny by now instead of whining about it. I expected Tracy to be much more real here. Sonny throw her out of a conversation he had with Olivia to talk about their feelings. He told Connie that she needs to stay out of this conversation. And she goes to Tracy crying about how she messed things up with Sonny?
    Connie’s exit could have been much easier to resolve. Connie could have stayed true to herself and dump Sonny over this, get a new job somewhere out of Port Charles because she didn’t want to be employed by Julian anymore. No need to make a whodunit out of this where AJ will be the prime suspect since he’s totally written after plot.
    Who can get that angry at a woman who simply printed the truth, but sit down with the one who’s really responsible for the mess and have a drink with her??? That is beyond stupid.

    At this point I just want Maxie to tell Lulu and Dante that it’s her daughter. I thought the baby having a bad heart would be the perfect resolution to let this secret come out. But I guess we’ll have to sit around and wait a bit longer. I already see Lulu and Dante walking away with the baby and then Maxie not able to stay away… :~ :tired:

    Didn’t need to see Franco. The show was better without all the drama involving him. I was surprised though that he didn’t wear a halo over his head while talking about how sad he is that he can’t save Danny anymore. :Sp

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    Because I have been on a GH high for the past few weeks, I watched a little of the Franco scenes. I completely regret it. Was he really whining about his sadness for not being able to help Danny? Did that really happen?

    The Michael/Morgan/Kiki drama is another headache that I am about sick of. TIIC want to create brotherly drama…fine. Then make it believable! Morgan and Kiki were totally into each other on line and in person (once they met). Michael and Kiki hated each other, but after he tells her about his rape empathy became all encompassing love? Really? Michael stops caring that she was Morgan’s girlfriend because she was nice to him and gave him a shoulder to cry on? Kiki forgot how much she was into Morgan because she heard about Michael’s rape? Really? So now Morgan is a douche because he knows that Kiki no longer loves him and marries her anyway. Kiki is a douche because she agreed to marry a man that she doesn’t love. and Michael is a douche for being angry at the world because the love of his life was taken away from him. Riiiiight.

    Sonny just isn’t Sonny without a gun held to someone’s head.

    Why Liz? Why are you willfully ignoring the fact that this man choked someone and wanted to kill her? Was the peen that good? I guess Carly had flashbacks too. If they continued their romance, then I would buy this ride or die reaction…but I only saw them as friends right until that last vote. Ugh. I hate these deep insta loves.

    Lastly…I am happy I am not the only one that thought it odd that Lulu kept referring to her baby. When Ellie told Spin that he had no business at the hospital (I am happy she changed her mind). And somehow Spin is not supposed to be there anymore…mmm.

  7. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote]…I am happy I am not the only one that thought it odd that Lulu kept referring to her baby.[/quote]

    This is an interesting argument for me. My boss had a baby via surrogate and she told us all the horror stories and how she had no control over anything, that the surrogate was in charge since “it was her body”, even refusing certain treatments despite the baby not being hers. There were a lot of arguments through the nine months.

    So for me, Lulu has every right to remind Maxie that the baby is hers and not Maxie. We know the baby is Maxie’s but if it weren’t, wouldn’t we be thinking that Maxie is getting too possessive seeing as she’s only the surrogate.

    [quote]When Ellie told Spin that he had no business at the hospital (I am happy she changed her mind). And somehow Spin is not supposed to be there anymore…mmm.[/quote]

    Now, my feelings on this are likely based on the fact that I despise Spinelli with the heat of a thousand suns, but he totally shouldn’t have been in that hospital room. He’s not dating Maxie. He’s not related to Lante, in fact he helped SaSon plan Dante’s murder and lied to Lulu’s face about any knowledge of Dante’s whereabouts, so to see him now, all buddy buddy with them, drives me insane.

    There was no reason for Spinelli to be there with Maxie (based on the knowledge that no one knows he’s the bio dad)

  8. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I think that the story has been written in such a way that we know that Maxie is getting possessive, and we know that Lulu senses it. The reminders seem to be overkill to me from a story perspective when I think that the point has been made.

    Regarding Spin, I don’t like him either, but he is a very good friend to Maxie. So like Felecia and Mac were there for Maxie, it made sense to me that Spinelli was there to. Some people were there for Maxie, and others were there for Lante. So no, he isn’t dating Maxie, but he will go through fire for her and given his character history, it makes sense that he would be there for her.

  9. Profile photo of Perkie

    [quote]So like Felecia and Mac were there for Maxie[/quote]

    I love Felicia and Mac, but I didn’t think they should have been there either. If Maxie was a normal surrogate that we didn’t know, who was doing this as a job, wouldn’t it be strange that her parents would be there at the end of her job?

    The only people that should be there, are the parents of the baby,and both sets of grandparents. Maybe a sibling (like Nik who happened to be at the hospital with Liz moments before, or Michael/Morgan if they weren’t wrapped up in their own drama).

    But that’s just me!

  10. Profile photo of js3557

    I don’t think it’s weird that Mac and Felicia were there. They are Maxie’s parents, and child birth is a scary process that has many potential complications. When you factor in Maxie’s heart issues with the many other potential complications, it makes sense to me that her parents would want to be there to make sure she is okay. Also, this isn’t the typical surrogacy situation in which the surrogate is a stranger who won’t be hands on involved in the baby’s life. Maxie is Lulu’s bff and will be involved in their lives. Maxie’s parents know Lulu and Dante and will be involved in their lives. It made sense to me that they would be there. I wouldn’t even have cared if Felicia was in the room to support Maxie. I wanted my mom in the room when I was in labor with my kids. She stood up by my head, held my hand, and was basically there as a soothing and comforting presence for me through all the pain and fear involved in child birth. Even if this wasn’t Maxie’s baby, the pain and fear are still there.

    I can’t root for anyone in the Morgan/Michael/Kiki mess. I can’t stand any of them.

    Liz needs to support AJ as a friend, but stay away from him romantically. Neither she nor her kids need to deal with the stress, pressure and pain of another relationship with another addict. Once burned is enough. She can show support without being romantically involved.

  11. Profile photo of mipeony

    Whoa, Carly trying to be a voice of reason for Morgan. Whew! Is our Carly finally growing up??? I did like their scene, even though I cannot stand Morgan any longer. I seriously wish Carly would’ve wised up before she eradicated Jax from her and her daughter’s life.

    I do wish someone would tell Liz that AJ was actually choking Connie. She needs to know.

    Sonny and Olivia just make me sick, so I won’t comment on how they don’t seem to care that they may be further hurting a mentally challenged woman.

    I want to see more of the Danny/Sam/Derek/Alexis/Silas story.

  12. Profile photo of thecourt99

    If I were a surrogate and this was my first time in childbirth, I would want someone there for me. Even if I was giving the child to a stranger, I would want someone there for me to help me through it emotionally. Maybe that’s why I am not a surrogate.

    Given the fact that Maxie doesn’t have her own children, and her health conditions, she shouldn’t have been one anyway.

  13. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I think Mac and Felicia should also be there. Giving birth can be a dangerous health situation to be in. All kind of things can happen or go wrong. Maxie also has a past health history, that could complicate things in this process. I know I would be there if I was Maxie’s mother, at least until she had safely given birth to the baby…

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    Yeah. Great.

    It’s hard to express how disappointing, albeit expected, the returns of F, S, A, K & M and all the Corinthos macho/mob-ish drama was today. I only like the mob aspect of the story that has to do with the Jeromes and them in relation to Duke & Anna. I still can’t stomach the Corinthos clan being front and center, it was THAT bad during the Guza era.

    Loved all the birthroom drama, although at this point I’m finding it hard to believe that Maxie could keep the secret anymore. I mean honestly, when you’re in labor pains I hardly think you could focus on keeping any secrets anymore. Besides, that is her baby. She should have it as hers. She has earned it as a mother who has carried the baby for nine months. Lulu & Dante will survive. I’m also rooting for Spinelli in all this. He, if anyone, deserves to have that baby.

    Sidenote: I cannot imagine why anyone would put themselves through nine months of pregnancy and childbirth just because if the “goodness of their heart”. Unless it came with a REAL meaty paycheck!

    Loved still seeing Felicia and Mac, loved that she was still in her wedding dress, she looked beautiful. Kind of didn’t like them being ued in the Corinthos drama, but it was brief and pretty organic, so I’ll flow with it.

    Tracy looked great, but it was really true what Liz said. She now has the company, and she’s all alone. AJ still has people who love and care about him.

    Ava is just a slithering little snake. God, I cannot believe how much the overuse of this character has made me not like her. I don’t trust a word that comes out of that liar’s mouth, and I just find it hard to root for her. And here she was again, filling AJ’s head with lies, knowing about it all the time so she can use it to her advantage.

    Michael hitting the punching bag, while I’m sure was a sensible way of releasing the pressures, was way too Sonny-like for my taste.

    Loved Carly going to Morgan to tear a strip off of him on his “nuptials”. I love it when she says things like “over my dead body” to one of her children. They better know she means it! I’ve been waiting for this real mama-bear scenes with Kiki. Why haven’t there been any??? Why has Carly been so accepting of this unknown little tramp with the last name Jerome and possibly connections to the crime family??? As a matter of fact, why hasn’t any of the Quartermaines confronted or hell, even asked Ava about the Jeromes??? Do they really just accept these people at face value??? Seems kind of unlikely given that the Q’s aren’t exactly known for trusting anyone outside or within the family!

    FF’d ALL the F.-scenes, also S.-scenes, and all the M/K -scenes. UGGGGGH!

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