Rick Has a Thorne in His Side on The Bold and the Beautiful! (VIDEO)

Eric Forrester's (John McCook) biological firstborn son is tired of breathing asbestos down in the Forrester Creations basement! Today on CBS Daytime's The Bold and the Beautiful, Thorne (Winsor Harmon) and Thomas (Adam Gregory) continue to plot against Rick (Jacob Young). Will a reflective Caroline (Linsey Godfrey) be the key to Rick retaining his power base?

Across town, Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) is being happily pierced by her Stallion's (Don Diamont) sword. Watch a sneak peek of Wednesday's episode of B&B after the jump!



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    Thorne should be teaming up with Rick, his brother. Thomas has no business being there. That kid isn’t even a Forrester. :P
    Poor Thorne, always picking the wrong side.

    Still enjoying Brill. That Brooke is much better than the one we’ve got last year all up in Hope’s love life.

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    B&B is our lost Santa Barbara. Great Sets, Location Shoots, Emmy award winning Writing and Acting. The great shots of LA, The Palace in Motae Carlo and Brook stealing her sisters man. LOL! Fabulous television. The show is on fiya like fish grease. People driving lavish cars to Malibu, Bill behind the wheel of his SLS. The dialogue and the delivery of the young and the older stars. Beautiful! As soap fan’s this show amazing. Continue to do what you do on and off that set.

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    House of Plantagenet

    As a person who has always disliked Brooke, until Brill she was on the backburner for much of 2012 and the early part of this year. She was a great supporting actress around Stephanie’s death, but for 2012, all she did was prop up Hope and Liam and be a nag and busybody. Brooke Logan is NOT a supporting actress. Love her or hate her, she is a lead actress.

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    If only this would last. Not that I don’t think Rick deserves to be president, he does, but Thorne needs to have a storyline. However, these things with Thorne always go the same way. He waits for a year to muster up some courage to make a wave or two, gets wiped away or gives in, returns to the basement, then waits another year, does the same thing, etc.

    Thorne will never be the kind of character he could be.

    Brill is just disgusting, and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

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    Wednesday’s episode was great! :bigsmile: I loved everything about it and all the stories. Maya\Rick\Carter\Caroline will be doing some serious bed-hopping I see it coming down the road, I love all those characters. I think Carter\Caroline will be hooking up soon and Caroline who be saying “Rick who?” after she gets a taste of Carter’s chocolate fondue :p >) ;)

    Brooke feeling so guilty about Katie as she’s going for second helpings of the Italian stallion…yummy! This is the Brooke I know & love. Love those two & I loved Katie & Bill together, that’s rare. :O Now, after Brad establishes Brill than it’s time to recast Ridge. I think Katie should have RJ come home to cause all kinds of problems for Brooke and he goes to stay with Aunt Katie…that would be delicious! ;) The quality is so superb compared to the YR, BB is a rare gem. Right now BB is so much like the YR of ’70s as hot passion pit, of deception, love triangles and schemes…my kind of naughtiness in a soap :love:

    Pferrando, I taped the soaps today and checked and Kay, Ed & Rex is still there, Jack Smith was missing, but Brad’s soap house is full with Bill’s writers, producers & directors…go figure this is why I’m enjoying the show so much now! :bigsmile:

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    B&B is *finally* casting Alexandria Forrester!

    Can’t believe it, really, I thought they would never mention her again.

    It’s gonna be a contract role. I assume she will be taking the place of Steffy on the show and become a foil for Hope. I seriously doubt JMW is ever coming back.

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