YEEEEEEEEEEEK! Dallas Sexpot Sheree J. Wilson to Guest on DeVanity!

I can't breathe. I cannot breathe. Do y'all hear me? I cannot inhale oxygen into my lungs and exhale…okay I didn't pay enough attention in biology to know what's supposed to come back out. Anyhoo, DeVanity has announced it's latest classic, primetime soap guest star for next season and its my beloved April Stevens Ewing Ewing from Dallas aka Sheree J. Wilson!

Wilson, who played Jack (the late Dack Rambo) and Bobby Ewing's (Patrick Duffy) scheming wife for five seasons on the original CBS monster hit, will appear in Season 4 of DeVanity as Claudia Muller.

“Claudia has never been a nice woman, but this year we ratchet up the nasty factor as she lashes out at Jason with every ounce of venom she has in her," said DeVanity creator and star Michael Caruso. "Lara's mother is not the kind of woman you want to screw with."

Caruso revealed he's been a fan of Wilson's for a long time. Well, who with a right smart amount of horse sense hasn't?

"Sheree is one of those actresses that I have been a long time fan of, that brings a sense of slinky sex appeal, and merciless authority to the part of Claudia," began Caruso. "I really wanted something different this time around with the character, and it was a no brainer to have someone with Sheree's extraordinary acting ability to play a bitch on wheels like Claudia. I think people are going to get a real kick out of seeing her play such a different character from the kind hearted April Stevens. It's a real treat for me that she's joining us this year."

 I'm so happy, I might even just tongue kiss Brian Frons, Barbara Bloom and Megan McTavish, all at the same time. A 13-year-old Jamey was in-con-so-lable when April Stevens Ewing Ewing and her majestic spiral curls met a tragic end on Dallas, all thanks to that evil Susan Lucci and her nefarious attempt to take down an oil cartel by using the Ewings. 

When Wilson went on to play Alex Cahill in Walker, Texas Ranger, I concocted this entire fan fic scenario, where Alex was really April, suffering from amnesia. On the day she was to wed Walker (Chuck Norris), Bobby Ewing, a guest at the ceremony, realized who she was, stopped the wedding and took his beloved home to Southfork — of course after kicking Walker's ass, Jock Ewing-style! Sigh. If DeVanity wasn't already Must See Web TV (Which it was), it definitely is now.

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    Wow I might have to watch Devanity now! I was also 13 years old when April died and over twenty years later it’s still the tv death that upset me the most with Lexie on Grey’s and Sybil on Downton a close second and third now. I still remember getting so excited when Dallas showed previews of what was coming up that season and April had a baby with Bobby which of course turned out to be a dream sequence after her death. I still haven’t forgiven Dallas (or Susan Lucci LOL).

  2. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Oh April, I never understood why they had to kill her off. Hated it! Bobby and April were the saving grace of Dallas’ last seasons. I loved them. Loved them much more than Pam and Bobby. But then I was more a Sue Ellen/J.R. fan in the show’s early seasons.

    I might have to turn in to DeVanity too now. :D

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