DC #732: Top 5 Character Redemptions

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels count down their Top 5 Character Redemptions. These are the soap characters who have been to hell and back before being redeamed for their actions.

Share your Top 5 Character Redemptions in the comments.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast!



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12 Responses

  1. Profile photo of miahappy

    Steve Johnson from Days of our Lives has got to be on the top of my list. From criminal to hero flawlessly!

    Second, I’d say Jack from Days. He started off as a good guy, became bad, and then redeemed himself.

    Love those Johnson boys!

  2. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    My list I will make before I listen to the podcast.
    1.Rachel (Another World). The original bad girl made heroine by the love of a good man. After Mac died, Rachel replaced him as the moral center of her family and Cory Publishing. She even tried to tame that snake in the grass Carl Hutchins like she had been reformed in her past.
    2. Vicki Hudson (Another World). One of AW’s biggest things was to show personal growth in their characters. People were not just one way or another. They could grow and learn and become better than they were. It was one of the shows best things. Victoria came on the show as this bitter young woman with an ax to grind. She grew up and became a respected and loved mother and wife eventually.
    3. Sami Brady (Days). Yes Sami still is quite capable of making stupid impulsive decisions. She will always be threatening to anyone who messes with her or her family, but she has overcome her past and become someone who loves her family, is loyal and brave. She has gone from rabid dog to mother lion. I have loved watching this transformation into leading lady and the wild journey it has taken her and the audience on.
    4. Michael Baldwin (Y&R). Michael went from crazed stalker to leading citizen. Not an easy feat. One still feels like the facade of the good Michael could collapse under its own weight at any moment and out will pop 20 plus years of repressed anger.
    5. Bert Bauer (GL). Bert as a young mother and wife, had certain goals and dreams for her life. She was very disappointed in her husband and needled him into alcoholism. Her sons did not fare much better with her. She was overbearing and pushed them into situations they were not able to deal with. Her other friends and family she was hyper critical of and had little empathy for other peoples weaknesses. Basically she went from bitchy woman to beloved matriarch over her tenure on Guiding Light. When Papa Bauer died, Bert threw on the mantle of nurturing guiding parent to one and all.

  3. Profile photo of luverica

    I have a couple of questions for Jamey and any other Another World fans. When Beverly McKinsey came onto the show as Iris, was Robin Strasser still playing Rachel or was it always Beverly and Victoria Wyndham?

    How come it’s so hard to find Another World scenes of Robin Strasser as Rachel on YouTube or anywhere else on the internet? Am I missing something in my search?

  4. Profile photo of Chilly Fan 25
    Chilly Fan 25

    I loved Jake McKinnon, even though I wasn’t introduced to the character until he crossed over to ATWT. And I fell hard and fast for Jake and Molly. When Jake wouldn’t let her call of their engagement because her pasty was exposed stating he loved her no matter what…I simply loved them. And Molly was “redeemed” though that relationship as well. I hated when Jake was killed off.

    When I first began watching Y&R Michael Baldwin was a true creeper. Who would have thought he’d become a loving husband and father, a regular respectable citizen of Genoa City? Not I.

  5. Profile photo of smellykellyjay

    Good podcast, y’all. These last two have been fun. Lately, at least to me, some of the podcasts have been rather loud and shrill and unpleasant. I started wondering if there was some behind-the-scenes personal drama going on at DC, a la Y&R.

    In these last two podcasts, however, y’all came across as friends having fun, funny discussions on soap operas, enjoying the discussion and each other. Yeah, y’all still busted each others’ chops, but it didn’t come across as mean or unreasonable. I like the softer side of DC.

    I know some of y’all don’t much care for these Top 5s (I presume due to the amount of time and thought required to compile the lists), but you all seem to enjoy explaining your choices and reminiscing. I like the suggestion of Top 5 Show Killers. It also would be good to do a Top 5 Show Saviors as a counterpoint, similar to how y’all did with this latest set of Top 5s. I would like to hear y’all do the Top 5 Best and Worst Show Openings/Themes.

    Also, while I have your attention, would you consider splitting your longer (90 minutes or more) podcasts into two parts? Maybe do like you used to do and have separate ones for CBS/NBC and another one for ABC/OLN.

  6. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    Another World’s Vicky Love was the best character redemption ever done on any daytime show. She is also my favorite soap opera character EVER. I watched her entire fifteen-year evolution from smalltown girl on the make to young society matron with the usual collection of ex-husbands.

    I think she was played by a total of five actresses. The three main ones each brought something unique, giving the character more depth. Ellen Wheeler’s Victoria was extremely dark and often seemed capable of murder. Anne Heche’s Victoria (my favorite) was a scheming bitch-goddess but also loved passionately. Jensen Buchacan’s Victoria oozed money but had a vulnerable side to her.

    The stories were always so well written that, despite the re-casts, as a viewer you never felt that Vicky was being played or written out of character.

    Her twin Marley, on the other hand, was never a favorite of mine. She was always too perfect. :)

  7. Profile photo of Mandolin

    I don’t know about this being a “redeemed character” but when ( DOOL’s) Judi Evans took over AW’s “Paulina” she really made her into quite a memorable character – not doubt this is in large part due to her talent but also the material she was given ( the role became more prominent when she took it over ) …

    I look forward to when -soon!- primetime /film hires her away from daytime cause – as good as soaps can be – I wish I could see her act in other contexts than soaps.

  8. Profile photo of Mandolin

    yeah Heche’s Viki was Awe- mazing. Her acting ability blew me away. I thought there was no way anyone could match AH’s portrayal after that but Jensen B. made it her own too which was very impressive.
    If the writing and storylines ( and everything else) are there are lots( more than we realize) of excellent actors out there who can interpret the material in equally dynamic yet different ways.
    Maura West is incredible too, though I can’t imagine someone having taking over ATWT’s Carly, hypothetically, I guess someone could have.. Sorry I got off tangent!

  9. Profile photo of Yoryla

    I don’t really know about this. I mean redemption, what does it really even mean, and it’s a tricky thing. I mean, most of the time, when you have a good villain, people don’t want that to be redeemed. I mean, what happens when you redeem a good villain? Is there nothing left? The original ingredients for the character are stripped away, and so what’s left really? Plus the original villain can never really be the kind of heroine the original heroine can be. And some think it waters down the character. Also, why *should* a character even be redeemed. I mean, soaps have to have their villains, and it is totally up to the writing whether they can have longevity or not. I mean, look at Todd Manning. Look at all the villain types from the 90’s. Whether they were redeemed, per se, or not, they very rarely went away completely. Even if they did they almost always came back. So, I don’t really buy into this “short shelf-life” stuff at all. A villain can be if only the showrunners let them. People get off on trials and agreements all the time. It’s just a matter of how good one knows how to play it.

    So I don’t really know how and why people should be redeemed. I don’t know of many characters who have successfully. And when it’s too blatant, it most surely will fail. I mean look at Sami Brady on Days, they tried it, it didn’t work. Most people just wound up hating her for the hypocrisy. Some say it was only because of Rafe that the pairing didn’t work, but it was also due to the way Sami was painted, as some sort heroine in distress. Doesn’t work that way really. For me, I never saw her as truly redeemed anyway because I don’t think those kinds of things really go away.

    Sometimes if the DC gang feels like it, you could do a top 5 of most overrated characters (from fans perspective) or actresses. Or something similar would be to do a most overrated characters from the other characters perspective, i.e. why is this character still beloved even though they have done such and such.

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