Eric Braeden Clarifies Tweet, Weighs in on State of The Young and the Restless

Eric Braeden has never been shy about sharing his opinions. However, in an interview with TV Guide Magazine the popular The Young and the Restless star clarifies what he meant by his "I'm very pissed off!!!" tweet when responding to a fan regarding the show's head writer shake up.

TV Guide Magazine: Okay, spill it. Here's your chance to clarify why you're unhappy with a writer change that has a lot of Y&R fans pretty damn pleased.

Braeden: What I really wanted to say is that I don't like change. We had just gotten used to this new writing-producing regime at Y&R and suddenly there's another change, and I don't like it all! It's unsettling. So, yes, it pissed me off, though I was only responding to a fan. I had no idea my tweet would stir things up.

Braeden also reveals he can't complain about where Y&R is at at the moment.

TV Guide Magazine: Then, you're satisfied with the state of Y&R as is?

Braeden: Yes, certainly with what pertains to me. I speak for no one else in the cast but I, for one, can't complain. And Josh has written some very interesting stuff for me that's coming up. And, again, our numbers are up. Hello? I have no idea why this has happened. I am always concerned about the show. It's been a major part of my life, but there's a limit to what one should get involved in. In the end, I'm an actor. I'm paid for what I bring to the screen.

Check out the entire must read interview at TV Guide Magazine.

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  1. Profile photo of noway

    Yes your numbers are up BECAUSE you are having long term fav’s leaving or dying. This show the dialogue aside, SUCKS. Not to mention the coveted 18-49 is down.

    PS the acting of the vets has never been a problem for me. But you all know who bugs the shit out of me.

  2. Profile photo of Yoryla

    “It’s been a major part of my life, but there’s a limit to what one should get involved in. In the end, I’m an actor. I’m paid for what I bring to the screen.”

    Hahaaa! :D

    Well, well, well! Look at that. Even the mighty EB has been put into his place by Jill Farren Phelps. Sounds like someone’s gotten the ol’ “Do as you’re told or your character ends up in a casket” -speech!

  3. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Can’t wait to see his book.
    I can say as a viewer, what Josh was putting out wasn’t/isn’t grabbing me.

    From where I stand the revolving door at Y&R is beginning to resemble the final decades of GL, AW, and AMC.
    Fire JFP and see if you can get back the team that worked under Bill Bell.
    That is said so many times on DC it’s becoming a goddamn cliche.

  4. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Simply put he’s an old man that doesn’t like change. Looking at the show, you can’t tell me that anyone who cares about Y&R is happy about the last couple of years.

    LMAO when he said that he only had an disagreement with the writers twice.

    Anyway, another great interview by the brilliant Michael Logan! All the right questions. WTF answers.

  5. Profile photo of stoney07

    My entire thing is….Josh Griffith WAS NOT the biggest problem at Y&R. JFP is the biggest problem at Y&R.

    Even with the influx of all these new worthless characters (I like Hilary tho)…horrible lighting, sets, music, etc…there were some pretty decent stories throughout. It wasn’t executed well, but the thought behind them was pretty good.

    To me, and I could be wrong, but I think JFP should’ve been fired before they allowed Josh Griffith to leave. I think with a competent EP that UNDERSTANDS this show, and a co headwriter like Sally Morina Sussman or Kay Alden or Jack Smith…this show would’ve been great.

    But who am I…

  6. Profile photo of pferrando

    Stoney…you are a longtime viewer like a lot of us who gets it.

    I don’t blame EB either.

    Sure he can be crotchety at times, but most things he says are true.

    AND there HAS been too much change since 2006. The viewers have been yanked just as much as those poor actors have been.

    Thank GOD we are lucky to still have so many vet characters still around.

    Phelps will eventually be gone.

  7. Profile photo of stoney07

    I’m a little scared that Phelps may NOT soon be gone. I’m scared they are going to wait until she completely guts the show, and then they’ll fire her.

    Let’s face it, Y&R is pretty much going to be #1 regardless at this point. B&B is pretty good, but its still kind of far behind Y&R.

    DAYS, from what I hear, is the best its been in years, and the ratings are pretty stagnant now.

    GH has pulled out every single trick in the book, bringing back damn near every vet in history to return, and the ratings haven’t spiked enough.

    BUT, even with Y&R being securely #1…I still think they could lose a lot of viewers by alienating the fans. I think its time to get back to what made it sooo much more special than the others, and that’s longterm character driven stories that MAKE SENSE, featuring the vets and the next generation. JFP doesn’t really seem to “get” that, and while Josh Griffith is taking the blame, I think EB made a pretty good point on this interview that I’d never really even thought about:

    The summertime used to ALWAYS feature the teens and young adults. From the time Josh and JFP started up until around May, the vets were front and center. Then, the new characters and teens were thrown into frontburner story. ANd now we’re getting all these tweets about the vets having new storylines to take us into the fall. It may have very well been strategic. Which is why I’ve always thought that sometimes our whining and complaining does more HARM than good. Because we didn’t even give the guy a solid YEAR to write the show before we started throwing tantrums.

    Meanwhile, now he’s GONE, JFP is still there (the real problem), and now some other writer that was ALREADY WRITING for the show that everyone claimed was so horrible, has been promoted to headwriter. So we’ll see what we get.

    We saw it when people didn’t like what Alden and then Smith were doing. So we got Lynn Marie Latham. Then people didn’t like what SHE was doing, so we got Maria Bell. People didn’t like what SHE was doing, so we got Josh Griffith. People didn’t like what he was doing, so now we get someone else…and all the while, the show is being jerked around. To me, I think it’s a matter of viewership. Some fans aren’t going to like ANYTHING. Some fans want the old Y&R (slow compelling storytelling). Some fans liked the LML and MAB days and want THAT kind of storytelling. Everything is just divided…that’s just MY opinion tho.

  8. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I see that basically a lot of viewers agree with me. I figured tough guy Victor would stand by his, being pissed. Oh well, it is real life, not like him referring to Billy as a punk and on and on about him. I have always liked him as an actor, but think he has really gone down hill in last year or so. Really would not miss him, if gone. Of course, I would rather see Dylan gone than anyone and we all know that isn’t happening, sad to say. I usually make a potty run when Dylan is on. Much more enjoyable. Just can’t figure the producers attraction to this weirdo. Wednesday’s show was good, except for Dylan/Chelsea/Adam’s baby part. I don’t remember ever seeing so much baby activity in all my years of this show, with any of the good actors we have on this show, and Dylan doesn’t count as even a decent one.

  9. Profile photo of

    Here the problems on both ends of the stick! We the viewers and the actors were both spoiled by William Bell. He ran the show, and gave you the stories about these characters in this mid-west town. The actors knew their place well, and was paid handsomely. I’m sure they talked shit about certain aspects of what happened backstage.

    Once Bill Bell was buried Sony got rid of his people that was in place, and went and got other people who worked on other shows primetime/daytime serial. However when they brought another Bell in place the actors jumped with glee and so did we, but the corporate owners where not to please, so they say we will fix this once again.

    They said we’ll get some people who’ve been in the industry for along time to keep these overpaid actors in line. They went and got the mean dragon lady who’s been on six other shows and her reputation of being the biggest diva of them all Jill. She a company girl, but she will kill your character in the process, but will hug you and kiss you in front of the cameras. She has a plethora of Emmys on her mantle piece too

    Once again the audience has spoken and corporate don’t give a shit about us the viewers who’ve long watch this show. It all about that 18-49 demo and the hell to the rest of you all. Only time will tell what happens next, because this story behind the camera always much fascinating than what comes on the television- Stay Tune

  10. Profile photo of Smitty

    I think Josh and Jill were/are the problem. His writing vision and her creative vision for the show is just bad bad bad! I would have preferred MAB handling the Katherine death stuff. I go back and look at 2008 when Kay “died” and they had that funeral and it was spot on with the exception of Mackenzie being missing.

  11. Profile photo of Smitty

    Hey Rbrooks…actually only about 4,999,899 disagree with me. I’ve counted there are 101 os us on here who HATE the show and continue to watch! Get your numbers straight!

  12. Profile photo of MotownKate4Soaps

    Pretty much the only things they’ve handled well in the last year or so is the Y&R 40th anniversary, Jeanne Cooper’s real-life passing followed by her character’s subsequent passing. But all others have been misplayed. I would have rather had the younger 10-12 year old Kyle come back as his semi-real age. The way they’ve botched this whole Summer Newman thing and then allowed Chelsea to play a similar game of hiding parentage. Also, rewriting Neil’s history to tie him into the whole Leslie/Tyler backstory. A little too convenient. Letting Victor marry Sharon was a really bad move, and pushing Phyllis down the stairs to accommodate Michelle Stafford’s departure was sloppy at best. I don’t watch B&B, but from the looks of it the half-hour show has a lot more to offer than hour-long Y&R.

  13. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I agree with stoney07’s post (#7); so much so that the word “apologist” did not once cross my mind. ;) (I had to get that in, stoney. I just couldn’t resist. :))

    Where I sort of disagree is with the statement, “I’ve always thought that sometimes our whining and complaining does more HARM than good.” I often get the impression that TPTB over there don’t give a rat’s ass what people online have to say about the show.

  14. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    [quote=pferrando]Phelps will eventually be gone.[/quote]

    I wouldn’t be so sure. Phelps managed to be on six different soap operas. Her decisions on all of them were very controversial. I don’t think that one of her stint on any soap can be seen as very successful. But Sony and CBS still employed her. She still gets to be the showrunner of the number one soap opera.

    Phelps keeps making the same decisions that let fans call her the devil. But it doesn’t seem to matter for someone like Steve Kent or Angelica McDaniel. As long as the show is profitable it seems that Phelps is save.

    And if she starts killing off a vet very Sweeps Y&R gets high ratings. Like Eric Braeden said in this interview, the ratings are up there is no need for a change. Kent and McDaniel might think similar. And there we are … at the wrong side once again, looking at another soap opera getting destroyed.

    What currently airs will only be the beginning.

  15. Profile photo of stoney07

    SoapArmageddon, I’ll take it. LOL

    I really never considered myself an apologist. I really do tend to agree with a lot that is said on this site, but sometimes it reads as so one-sided that someone who randomly visits may think this is just an anti-Y&R site…and sometimes it feels that way. So I try to add a little light in the midst of the darkness. lol.

    Plus, it’s fun to antagonize. ;)

  16. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Better than the damn show!!! Stoney07’s fan fiction ya’ll go check it out. Today’s episode was actually pretty good. It has sucked, but these past few days have been decent. It comes and goes. I like that new girl and to see Lamon Archey being used I guess before they have to let him go is great. I just don’t like the fact that the new black girl has to wear other cast members clothes with that black belt being tied around her. Other than that I thought the show was decent.

  17. Profile photo of stoney07

    thank you bobbyew.

    I LOVED the fact that they actually got me with a slight twist with Mason and Hilary. I was really expecting for Hilary to be Rose’s daughter, blah blah blah. But now having Mason involved is a dynamic I wasn’t expecting.

    And him without a shirt and dripping wet I’m sure was a plus for some. My grandmother sure looked up quick from her grilled chicken salad and didn’t take another forkful until the scene was over :D nasty old lady

  18. Profile photo of harlee490

    Thursday’s show was just ho-hum chugging along nothing really…than WAM BAM THANK YOU MAME!! The Mason & Hilary totally made me do a double take…I guess Mason’s story is coming after not appearing for ages. Mason in the towel…HOT >) :love: :p

    It’s amazing how when the episode quality of YR featuring more vets than newer characters any certain day saves many of these crapy stories, for the simple fact of giving a good performance by the vets…that’s a lot sugar being made…

    …then we get quality of Wednesday’s eppy, a big ole thug and very limited of vets, Avery\Dylan scene a big waste of dead air…poor MM having a goofy story w\leftover actress from GH, this is just awful…best scene for him was with the baby. YR has become very plot oriented in several stories, and Victor ranting & screaming about Jack over Summer…very MAB writing of Victor…when Victor been very balanced a late and wham! Vic is back breaking Billy’s balls, now fighting over Summer…very tired of Villy…a wee bit tired of Billy Miller, I have love\dislike taste for him, and I think he’s been “skating thru” scenes sometimes of late. :|

    Isn’t it ironic how the character of Chelsea is being written as the new heroine character like Sharon…and the character of Sharon is ruined now…liking this newer Faith…be bad Faith be very bad…. >)
    …Sharon’s character is gutted :tired: :((

  19. Profile photo of pjc722

    WHY ISN’T KEVIN SEARCHING FOR AN IMAGE OF ANN? Honestly that would be my first question to Neil: WHAT DOES ANN LOOK LIKE?!

    Honestly, that’s the one thing that I would be thinking to find out since they know this chick is around them but hiding behind the blog so first find out what she looks like AND END THE STORY!!!

    And Neil’s guilt is so on par for this character and still as Effin annoying as all the other times over the past 25 years with him. SHUT UP and just deal.

  20. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Best Y&R episode of the year!!! Dildo Dylan was even good telling Adam to give him his son back. Adam and Victor conversing in the new Newman ranch about a Chancellor take over that was a great conversation.

    Jill, Esther and Nikki at the Chancellor Mansion. The conversation between Esther and Jill then Nikki and Jill was great. Jill taking her place as queen of the estate was magnificent.

    Faith “Damien” Newman tearing up those pictures and telling her daddy that Avery yelled at her. LOL That little girl is the new Emma from GH.

    Sharon and Avery was good too.

    Finally Adam gets a hug and the approval from his daddy.

    What a great episode. Looks like they are starting to make those tweeks.

  21. Profile photo of pferrando

    SoapA…And I’m gonna get bashed again, but unless it’s someone with YR history, this writing change is going to be worse. Just like when we got Phelps.

  22. Profile photo of lightbringer

    I was only able to see the final scenes today but it looked like “Soap Opera”.

    Jill yelling:”Esther, I need you”, was great!

    I just hope they can keep this up…they have big shoes to fill.

  23. Profile photo of stoney07

    Yup…Josh Griffith’s writing..

    Enjoy it while it lasts. Not saying the man’s writing was perfect, but once again, and I personally don’t care if I get “bashed” or everyone disagrees, but I stand by what I said when I said the writing wasn’t the biggest problem with this show. It was EVERYTHING ELSE that went along with it.

    It looks cheap, the music is horrible, too many new additions…yet the WRITING is what is being questioned? It makes no sense to me. Especially when we look at certain aspects of Josh Griffith’s writing. The man hasn’t been writing for the show a year yet, and lets look at some of my personal highlights for this show:

    1. I personally thought Jack’s addiction and detox was tastefully done and done believably, and even NOW he still deals with it from time to time.

    2. Summer and Fen cyberbullying Jamie. The storyline was set up great, it was fleshed out wonderfully, and though I thought they should’ve kept Jamie, it was fun while it lasted.

    3. Lauren’s affair with Carmine and the disintegration of her marriage to Michael. It was one of the top stories in daytime PERIOD this year.

    4. Many may not agree, but I thought Nikki’s MS started out with promise. Those scenes with her playing the piano while obviously in sooo much pain were some of the most moving scenes I’ve seen in quite a while.

    5. The Congressman Wheeler story. Once again, a well thought-out story. Whether some cared about LEslie and Tyler or not…from strictly a WRITING standpoint, the story was strong. I don’t like the way it ended with a fizzle…but from beginning to end, it was a good story, that provided a different dynamic with Adam and Victor (Adam taking the bullet for Victor)

    NOW, I know everyone is going to comment and throw “Dylan” in as an argument against everything I just said, but Dylan is ONE character who is not eating the show in my opinion. At least not yet. I can almost guarantee that he will NOW…but so far, I don’t see it. Okay, so he has a SET…a large set. Problem is, if we look at it as just viewers, and stay out of all the behind the scenes rumors, etc…what we see onscreen is just another character. I personally think he’s bland, but he’s not shown any more than the average character. No one can say he is, because that would be an out and out LIE.

    Point of all this is…Josh Griffith is gone. And no matter how much we bitch about the show, the fact is…he provided some great material, and overall, his run was much stronger than the past two regimes as far as WRITING is concerned. A lot of his stuff would’ve had a bigger impact with the right music and production, but I digress.

    Bye Josh….

    and I hope to God I don’t see any more complaining about the writing, because whatever comes next, it’s what WE as the outrageously vocal online community asked for. Because let’s face it…SONY is not interested in firing Jill Phelps. Why? Because the ratings are UP compared the last year by the hundreds of thousands. Why should they fire her from a business standpoint…it’s not about’s about business. So, I’m sure she’s going to have a pretty big hand in who replaces Josh Griffith

  24. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Best Y&R epi. of the year!!! Dildo Dylan was even good telling Adam to give him his son back. Adam and Victor conversing in the new Newman ranch about a Chancellor take over that was a great conversation.

    Jill, Esther and Nikki at the Chancellor Mansion. The conversation between Esther and Jill then Nikki and Jill was great. Jill taking her place as queen of the estate was magnificent.

    Faith “Damien” Newman tearing up those pictures and telling her daddy that Avery yelled at her. LOL That little girl is the new Emma from GH.

    Sharon and Avery was good too.

    Finally Adam gets a hug and the approval from his daddy.

    What a great episode. Looks like they are starting to make those tweeks.

  25. Profile photo of pferrando

    As usual my soap twin Stoney said it all for me.

    And to add yet another point…I feel SB initially did eat up the show but due to Phelps…not Josh wanting this character on his canvas.

    I could be wrong there.

  26. Profile photo of noway

    [quote=pferrando]As usual my soap twin Stoney said it all for me.

    And to add yet another point…I feel SB initially did eat up the show but due to Phelps…not Josh wanting this character on his canvas.

    I could be wrong there.[/quote]

    Preach Stoney and Pferrando

    They really just need some thumbs up for these comments.

    Stoney he isn’t eating up the show now, but just the sight of him irritates me.

  27. Profile photo of hey mon
    hey mon

    Fire-trUCK Josh Griffiths, bring back Maria Bell!

    The Rose – He was responsible for The Rose. A stupid, twisted ret-con of a frackin mess that is so stupid, it makes Yolanda and Tucker being Devon’s parents seem like a screen gem. Yeah, I want to see Neil, too, but to have him sitting over a computer like he has been the last 4 months, wondering who The Rose is. “Oh, The Rose. Im so afraid of The Rose. Please save me from The Rose”, my name is Neil, “Please Leslie, save me from The Rose.” blah blah blah.

    *wait a minute*

    “On April 15, 2007, right after Dru died, I, as the Executive VP of Newman Enterprises went on a bender in Evanston Illinois, and had contact with Gus’s ex-girlfriend, The Rose. That night, she died. Now her daughter Hillary/Anne is trying to ruin my family.” This will be the biggest Fire-trUCKing letdown in Y&R history.

    What else? Marcus went from Villain of the Year to off-screen in just 1 week. What a let down.

    Poor Jack – His ex-wife Sharon is such a psycho-bitch that she would actually mess up everyone’s life, just to get back with everyone’s favorite stud, Nick Newman. Super-Sharon switched the results, voila (which is French for JOshG never explained how it happened), Phyllis fell down a flight of stairs, and everything is going to crumbling down for a woman who was once GC’s version of a female heroine. But now she is just Sheila Carter without a devilish smile (instead she has those crazy eyes).

    Dylan and Kooky Math – So the baby is 3 1/4 months premature, but those Bardwell women “crank em out big”, so no one is questioning why the kid is not hooked up a surfactent support system so that the child could at least breath, since he would barely be 24 weeks old gestationally.

    Ol Adam is so busy with kookie Melanie and her false rape charge, that he simply cant do the Math, and put 2 and 2 together. It should go like this in his head. “I cranked Chelsea in January, and the baby arrives in late July — 7 months. Kind of quick”. Chelsea claims its from Dylan banging Chelsea in April — 5 months. VERY PREMATURE.

    So yeah, good bye Josh.

  28. Profile photo of pferrando

    Hey mon…I agree with some of your points…but aren’t you worried that it may now even get worse and steer even further away from YR territory into GH 2.0.

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