Caroline Puts it All on The Line For Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful (SNEAK PEEK)

Caroline Spencer (Linsey Godfrey) had been trying so hard to play nice on The Bold and the Beautiful.The publishing heiress and fashionista promised to respect ex-flame Rick Forrester's (Jacob Young) relationship with ex-con-turned-web TV starlet Maya Avant (Karla Mosley), but when she learned Maya was possibly stepping out on Rick with hunky attorney/digital TV hunk Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor), she had to tell Rick the truth, right? Right?

With Maya and Rick's fairy tale romance on the ropes, it looks like Caroline just might have the opportunity to snatch Rick back. Watch a sneak peek of today's B&B—where Caroline reminds Rick what they once shared—after the jump!


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    It was excellent episode today. How she stripped down telling Rick she hasn’t been on date with another man because Rick was her only man… >) I can’t believe how I’ve fallen in love with Caroline…in the beginning she was as plain as vanilla but not she’s Neapolitan with many sides, humorous, vicious, and she can be sympathetic character. :love: I’m so digging the Maya\Rick\Caroline\Carter quad but I still want to see Caroline\Carter hookup, they would be hot together. :bigsmile:

    Even Liam\Hope was fun & frolicking in the sheets today, it was all romance today on BB :bigsmile: I so love my romance on a soap…even YR has gotten away from the romance again, where in beginning with this team it was every where…JFP is laughing at all of us, the YR fools saying…..SUCKERS! >) I hate her….

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