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Spinelli tells Dante and Lulu he and Ellie were fighting about his baby, but then realizes he can’t tell them the truth. He decides to tell them he and Ellie were arguing, because they are divided on the topic of children. Dante politely asks them to take it elsewhere, as the baby is sleeping.  Lulu advises Ellie not to dismiss the idea of a baby, since everyone should be as lucky as she and Dante are. 

Sonny finds Connie on the floor.  She tells him she loves him, and is sorry she betrayed him.  He promises they’ll be together forever, but Connie dies. 
As Alexis tells her story, Julian realizes he’s Sam’s father.  Alexis hears Olivia getting upset, and checks on her.  Olivia informs Alexis she’s had a vision, and there is something wrong with Connie.  Alexis offers to drive her to the office. 
AJ stumbles into the mansion to Michael’s surprise.  He wants to know where AJ has been, but AJ passes out.  Ava comes in, and admits she saw AJ drinking at The Floating Rib. She also mentions he was angry with Connie.  Michael worries about AJ taking off again, and Ava tells him to sober him up.  Ava gets a call from Julian, and heads out. 
Sam tells Silas they found a donor match, and explains about Derek.  Silas is thrilled, and Sam asks how soon they can start the procedure.  He needs to run a few tests on Derek first, but it appears Danny caught a good break.   
Ellie questions why Spin didn’t tell Lante the truth about the baby, and he admits it would be difficult to hurt them.  She wonders if he’ll ever tell the truth, and Spin doesn’t know. Currently, he's having a hard time processing the baby being his.  He’s angry with Ellie for putting him in this position, and for not telling him the truth the minute she knew.  Ellie tries to explain herself, and warns keeping this a secret will only hurt him more. Spin tells her to leave him alone. 
Sonny calls 911, and runs back to Connie’s lifeless body. While grieving, he realizes Connie wrote the initials AJ before she died. Sonny swears AJ won’t get away with this. 
Mac tells Lante about Maxie’s complications, and sedation. He admits she had to be put to sleep, because she thought the baby was hers and Spin’s.  Dante gets the call about the shooting, and heads out.  Lulu tells Mac she’s been worried about Maxie's attachment to the baby for a while.
Julian tells Ava he’s a match for Danny, because he’s also the baby’s grandfather. He explains about Alexis' story.  He’s shocked Sam is his daughter.  Sam arrives, and introduces Silas and “Derek”.  Silas snarks at Ava, who says she’s doing business with Derek. Sam remembers seeing her with Derek before.
Silas and Derek make plans to run the tests needed to get the transplant process started.  Sam thanks Derek, and hugs him.  After she leaves, Ava warns Julian not to get close to Sam, or their plans will go up in smoke. 
Michael asks AJ where he was, and declares things aren’t over with them. He knows they can start their own company and rebuild.
Olivia and Alexis arrive at the hotel, and Olivia is upset when she hears Connie has dead.  Dante arrives, and the officers warn him they can’t let Olivia contaminate the crime scene. He tries to calm his mother, and asks about Sonny, since he’s the one who called the incident in.  Alexis warns him Sonny does not handle grief well. 
Dante questions the uniform cop, who says Sonny left. He also shows Dante the bloody “AJ”.
Sonny goes to the mansion, and wakes a drunken AJ.  He calls AJ a spineless bastard, and vows to kill him for murdering Connie.  

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    Good lord Sonny, could you wait any longer to call 911? Geeze, that should have been the first thing he did the minute he walked into the room.

    And Connie, instead of begging forgiveness for doing your job, maybe you should have been spitting out information about your killer with your dying breath. Oy!!

    I’m also betting the “AJ” doesn’t stand for AJ but for Ava Jerome or something silly like that.

    Loving Derek-Julian more and more. WD is playing this very well. The look on his face when Sam was practically beaming at him was well done.

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    Perkie I agree. CALL 911! Ask Connie who shot her!

    AJ is Ava Jerome! We already know she shot at Franco. Connie figured out “Derek” is “Julian” and Ava saved their plan by killing Connie. Ava seems ruthless compared to Julian.

    Poor Spin. What will he do? Maxie & Spinelli are NOT going to give up the baby. The writers will probably drag it out.

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    I’m sorry but Connie’s death scene was poorly written. I didn’t understand why Connie with her last breath had to beg for Sonny’s forgiveness. Sonny should have been the one apologizing for acting like a jerk. I also found Kelly Sullivan’s acting a bit weird during the death scene. Sonny also acted a bit cold.

    And yeah I think the AJ stands for Ava Jerome. Anyway like I said before Connie’s exit storyline is kind of stupid…

    I loved the look Julian gave Sam and him hugging his daughter.

    Is it safe to say that the day will come that Olivia has to check into a mental hospital? The way she freaks every time she has one of her visions and acts them out by responding to them in an over-the-top kind of way, I would really question her mental stability. She should be glad that Alexis got to her in time at GH before some doctor saw her like this.

    Now that Spinelli knows I’m wondering how much longer they can keep the truth a secret from Lulu and Dante. I didn’t really buy Spinelli’s excuse fro not telling them right away. I hope we don’t lose Ellie in the process of that story.

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    They are paying tribute to the show’s history again. Has everyone forgotten the Diana Taylor murder story from 30 years ago? The real killer wrote that “AJ” in Connie’s blood to frame AJ.

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    I’m also sure that AJ stands for Ava Jerome, there aren’t any other suspects. AJ obviously didn’t do it because he’s the prime suspect. Everyone else was doing other things, Franco was missing but why would Connie write AJ if it was Franco. So the only person left is Ava.

    I do think that it will turn out that Ava walks in on AJ and Connie and she knocks him out; so he has that gash on his face and then Connie does something stupid like talk about knowing who Julian is and she shoots her; or if they want to redeem Ava’s motive; have them struggle over the gun and Connie gets shot.

    I could not believe how long it took for Sonny to call 911 or ask her who shot her.

    I’m also loving Spinelli being mad and I wish he told Dante and Lulu the truth; I hope the secret doesn’t stay secret for much longer. Especially after seeing the promo; I hope Lulu and Dante running in the room is them knowing what Maxie did.

    Also loving Derick right now and can’t wait for Sam and Alexis to know the truth, General Hospital is must see TV again. Now if only they can keep the teen scene off the screen till next summer I’ll be a happy camper. “Wishful thinking”

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    [quote=tmac]They are paying tribute to the show’s history again. Has everyone forgotten the Diana Taylor murder story from 30 years ago? The real killer wrote that “AJ” in Connie’s blood to frame AJ.[/quote]

    Connie was shown writing something with her blood on that then blank piece of paper while Sonny FINALLY decided to call 911. ;)

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    [quote=tmac]They are paying tribute to the show’s history again. Has everyone forgotten the Diana Taylor murder story from 30 years ago? The real killer wrote that “AJ” in Connie’s blood to frame AJ.[/quote]

    YEEESSSSSS! Thank you, tmac, for bringing this up. I was thinking the exact same thing. While it may not be exactly like the Diana Taylor murder from years ago, the writing in blood is definitely a nod to history. Love it!

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    The Diana Taylor murder was a great story. That was before all the spoilers ruined things. I never saw it coming who the real killer was.

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    hey tmac….you say “tribute” I say ripping off. The murder of Diana Taylor was one of the best murder stories in GH history. Heather went to Diana’s with the intention of killing Diana (who was Steve Lars’ adopted mom)and it played out like Heather shot Diana and then wrote the name “Anne” in Diana’s blood beside the body to frame Anne Logan (Audrey’s niece). For months we thought Heather did it, but it was revealed that heather blacked out and her mother, Alice Grant (Rick & Lesley’s housekeeper)was hiding in the closet and was ulitmately repsonsible for shooting Diana due to a tussle for the gun.

    I hope the original writers get some sort of residuals for re-rom carlivati ripping off the story. AJ Q. obviously blacked out in a drunken stupor (a la Heather) and didn’t kill Connie. The real killer (I don’t believe it was Ava Jerome, but that is a good red herring)wrote the initials AJ in blood. The killer will most likely be a nobody as 99% of killers on soap turn out to be.

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    [quote=nysam]The real killer (I don’t believe it was Ava Jerome, but that is a good red herring)wrote the initials AJ in blood. The killer will most likely be a nobody as 99% of killers on soap turn out to be.[/quote]

    But in this case it was Connie who wrote the initials AJ in blood. It’s shown to the audience that she starts writing that A while Sonny calls 911. So it wasn’t the killer who wrote AJ. It was Connie.

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    I think Sonny was too emotional from almost soiling his undies in the elevator to think clearly about dialing 911. :Sp

    At first I thought Connie was doing ab work while laying on the floor talking to the little mobster. The paper near Connie was blank while Sonny sat there fumbling around trying to find his freaking phone and then he realized that he couldn’t spell 9-1-1 and decided to use the landline.

    Sean Kanan looked uber sexy with the stubble and hair falling on his face. I’m still pissed that AJ made that crack about Jake to Liz.

    AJ/Michael have turned into the best father/son pairing on the show. I really enjoy Michael (I use to call him Chucky!)telling AJ that the two could start their own company. AJ sounded so heartbroken that Michael had yet to call him Dad, when I clearly heard Michael on the phone one day saying “Dad” to AJ. Well done, gentlemen, well done.

    There is no way in hell that Derek/Julian looks old enough as Alexis’ older ONS or Sam’s daddy! Sam combing her hair down the middle does not make up for the fact that Derek and Silas look the same age!

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    The next issue of Couture Magazine will have a special tribute to Connie Falconeri. It has been a great shock to the fashion world and no more so to the woman who brought Connie Falconeri to the spot light, Ms. Kate Howard. Kate Howard as many know had assumed the identity of Connie Falconeri for three years after fleeing to Port Charles after hitting a cop cruiser in Hamptons NY.

    In July of 2011 the real Connie Falconeri arrived in Paris, France and confronted Kate Howard and ousted her as an imposter. Connie than flew back to Port Charles and was given the editor in chief title of Crimson magazine started by Kate Howard. For a while Connie continued to be known as Kate Howard in order to sustain continuity of Crimson. Unfortunately Ms. Falconerie suffered a mental breakdown, which she was suffering from for years, and the dark truth of Connie’s life and DID came to light.

    Connie Falconeri helped Ms. Howard in a time of great despair and she sends her love and condolences to those who cared for Connie, especially Mr. Sonny Corinthos whom Ms. Howard shared a romantic yet volatile relationship with. In a quote released to the press Ms. Howard stated,

    “I hope that Mr. Wells will continue to keep Crimson alive and in circulation in loving memory of Ms. Falconeri, it was a blessing and an outlet to Connie when she was in a state of turmoil.”

    Jasper Jax, a friend to Ms. Falconeri was abroad with fiancé Brenda Barrett and had this too say,

    “Connie was an amazing and intelligent woman. She had many demons but fought them and came back stronger than ever. She was resilient and was a dear friend. She will be missed by many.”

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    I was never a big fan of Kelly Sullivan’s Kate (I liked Megan Ward) but her death saddened me. If this were real I would think what a tragic life Connie Falconeri had. I kinda knew it was the beginning of the end for this character when Trey was killed so soon after Kate found out her baby survived. TPTB really fucked over this character. It only makes me hate Sonny & Olicia more.

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    As I was typing my thoughts about this horrendous death scene where Connie’s abs were strong enough to allow her to hold her own head up. Nit picky…I know. But it was obvious since Sonny was holding her head, and then he let her go. You can see her straining her neck.

    anywho….when did Ava meet Connie? Does Connie know what Ava looks like? Has she ever seen Connie? I know that she knows Ava’s name, but i can’t think of them meeting. I doubt Ava introduced herself before shooting her.

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    I think they want you to think she wrote “AJ” but she really wrote “DJ” as in Derrick is Jullian and it was not to reference who shot her but trying to warn Sonny since that was what she was trying to do when AJ showed up.

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    I too found the Sony/Connie scenes odd and out of character for Sony. You would think that Sony, who has supposedly been a thug since he was young, a seasoned mobster, with numerous women dying in his arms that he …that he wouldn’t be such a wimpy/fumbling fool in these scenes. But thankfully they’re done now.

    I am really loving the Julian/Ava relationship. I can see they are starting to gel. They’ve got that funny, smart whit going on. I replied their scenes several times last night cause I found them so entertaining. lol.

    Lastly, I too initally thought that Julian looked too young to be Sam’s dad, let alone a grandpa. But I’m buying it now. Today’s grandparents are young, fit and hot looking! I have a 44-year old sister with six children, who became a grandma at 38 (yikes)! But if he see her now, how fit, trim, and stylish she is …you would NEVER guess that she’s a grandma! She’s a total GlammMA…and you do not need to be rich to be a GlammMA. I know quite a few men and women like sister … the sexy grandparent is a growing movement! ;-)

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    Oh, Kelly Sullivan. Fantastic acting until the end. I will miss you so.
    The more I actually think of it, the more I realize the combination of Kate/Connie personalities have had a terrible life. Sure, she became an independent fashionista in Kate’s earlier episodes, but in reality, ‘Kate,’ had several hidden demons. As a young woman, she was raped by Joe Scully Jr; and had a kid with him that she didn’t want; she thought to have killed said kid by leaving him in a dresser drawer, and forgot all about it. Later she met up with her childhood sweetheart, only to be bitten by a poisonous snake at the expense of one son, and shot by the other. She was later shot at the altar during what was supposed to be one of the happiest days of her life, and was poisoned by a bio toxin. She later returned to Port Charles only to be diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder, fly off the handle, kill her son, once again break up with Sonny and gets shot and killed while trying to salvage her career and relationship with her man. Phew, that was tiring. I just hoped and prayed they weren’t going to kill her off and make the poor woman suffer more. Guess my prayers didn’t send correctly.
    Besides the point, AJ will not be the killer. Ava is going to be. Fair and square. Connie wasn’t writing AJ with her blood, she just ‘happened’ to die before she could finish her ‘V’ after the ‘A’ to make it look like she was writing ‘AJ.’ That’s how soaps work, ladies and gents. Who knows, maybe I’m wrong, but I would bet on it that this crappy story has Maura West’s Ava written all over it– literally.
    As for the rest of the episode, brilliant work by Brad Anderson (Spinelli) No one gives this guy enough credit! Amazing work! Maurice Benard, obviously heart- wrenching-ly fantastic (although I was screaming at the TV like a lunatic for him to call the damn cops.)
    Until next time, Warm Wishes, Carson

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    It is a shame that tptb saw fit to kill off Connie. Once she got through the D.I.D storyline and was told by her therapist to steer clear of Sonny I begAn to like the character a lot more. I just think the character was far more interesting outside of Sonnys’ orbit. I agree that Kelly S has “abs of steel” to do that death scene, but girlfriend has a kickass body and that white dress was drop dead gorgeous (no pun intended).

    I think Spinelli became a man when he found out about the baby was his. The flakey Jackel disappeared. I can’t wait for him to confront Maxie. As for Ellie, I don’t blame him for being pissed. Ellie had no problem snooping into Maxies’ medical records, which by the way is illegal, but she couldn’t tell her boyfriend that his ex was having his baby. Not sure why he lied to Dante and Lulu but I give him the benefit of the doubt, and say that he was caught off guard and just found it easier to go along with it until he could talk to Maxie.

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    Shall we all take a stab at how long it will be before Sonny and Olivia do the deed now that Connie’s dead? LOL! Will rigor even begin to set in? Hahahahha!

    Loved the Julian/Sam hug today. Hum… so that makes Ava Sam’s Auntie now… that’s going to be bad because it seems Ava still has feelings for Silas. I’d rather see Ava in a Duke/Anna triangle than messing with Sam. Will Julian act against Ava if she does something to Sam or Danny because of Silas? I wanted Sam’s father to show up and be a romantic interest for Alexis, but I just can’t seem to see any chemistry between WdV and NLG. Too bad they didn’t cast VI as Sam’s dad like some of us really wanted. I also think if they had gone with someone else as Sam’s father, KeMo and WdV might’ve had romantic chemistry.

    Maybe Jerome senior isn’t really dead and he shot Connie. Who knows? I’d love it to be Ava though. Franco and AJ didn’t have reason enough to shoot Connie, if anyone should have had a target on their back it would’ve been Ava for lying to everyone about Kiki to begin with.

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    I don’t think so, tmac. They showed Connie herself write the initials in her own blood. I do think it was an homage to the supposed killer’s initials written in blood from the Diana Taylor murder. Would make for a great cameo commentary from Heather when she reads about it in the newspapers from the institution!
    We know it’s not AJ but now Ava’s seeming too obvious as well. Given that, the best route for this storyline to take is her guilt to be revealed to the audience only as we watch her machinations to avoid being found out!

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    [quote=tmac]The Diana Taylor murder was a great story. That was before all the spoilers ruined things. I never saw it coming who the real killer was.[/quote]

    As I recall, the real killer of Diana Taylor was ALICE (Heather’s mom). Wouldn’t it be something if the current ALICE is the killer?

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    Kelly Sullivan was Connie Falconeri she was never actually Kate Howard from back before 2011. The real Kate Howard was Megan Ward. Please people let us not confuse the two.

  23. Profile photo of J Bernard Jones
    J Bernard Jones

    Kelly Sullivan was Connie Falconeri she was never actually Kate Howard from back before 2011. The real Kate Howard was Megan Ward. Please people let us not confuse the two.

    I always liked and accepted Ms. Sullivan as Kate Howard “and” Connie Falconeri, but I thought it would have been an awesome story if it turned out that Connie had met the real Kate Howard at some point after Connie left Bensonhurst, perhaps when they were at college. Kate possibly could have been Connnie’s best friend. Kate would have been someone Connie always aspired to be. Somehow, the real Kate would have died, Connie blamed herself and taken on Kate’s personality as an alter. Then one day in a Swiss hospital, a mysterious bandaged woman stirs from a decades long coma….played by Megan Ward….DUN DUN DUN!

    (Of course, this is slightly (yeah totally) ripping off another classic tale from an old ABC soap)….LOL

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    For the last time, to all of you who keep harping that Derek looks too young to be Sam’s father…the man had complete facial reconstruction so he wouldn’t be recognized as Julian Jerome! Of course he looks younger!!! As I’ve said before, if I’m going to go to that much trouble I’m going to make myself look as young and handsome as possible.

  25. Profile photo of robertscorpio

    [quote=tmac]For the last time, to all of you who keep harping that Derek looks too young to be Sam’s father…the man had complete facial reconstruction so he wouldn’t be recognized as Julian Jerome! Of course he looks younger!!! As I’ve said before, if I’m going to go to that much trouble I’m going to make myself look as young and handsome as possible.[/quote]

    I also thought the point was that he and Alexis were young, teenagers, when they conceived Sam.

  26. Profile photo of sixprime

    If you ever saw the old Julian then that is some spectacular reconstruction!

    That would be some stretch to have it be DJ for Derek is Julian. I’m not sure even Sherlock Holmes could crack that one. But with these writers nothing would surprise me.

    At this point the biggest surprise would be that AJ actually did it since everyone is convinced that he didn’t.

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    This Connie “mystery” is just awful. And strange. I mean, what person does not instantly call 911 and put some pressure on the wound? Also, all this screeching about her is ridic. Connie writing “AJ” instead of “Av” in stead of telling Sonny it outright is ridic. Sonny telling AJ, “he killed Connie and now Sonny will kill him” was just a Guza move. Ridic.

    Bradford Anderson and Spinelli were just amazing today. He is truly one talented actor. Loved all the scene. But it contrived and plot-driven that he would not tell Lulu & Dante about it. He should have told them the truth the minute he knew. Now this storyline is just going to go on and on. Great scenes today tho.

    Liked Julian telling Ava about Sam. Can’t wait for him to find out his daughter is Ava’s direct competitor, and someone I’m sure Ava has planned to dispose of, lol.

    The reveal to Julian that Sam’s his daughter came too soon though. There were beats that could have been played. But I guess they need to rush it, since Julian’s about to have another child in town aswell, lol!

    Still don’t like Silas. Ugh.

    Why is Carly talking about Franco tomorrow when Connie has just died? I mean, hello?

    GH posters are the most child-like ones, lol.

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