General Hospital’s Kelly Sullivan: “RIP Connie”

Former General Hospital star Kelly Sullivan bid her character Connie Falconeri goodbye on Twitter,  while toasting General Hospital.

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    You were unable to pull off the indomitable Kate Howard persona. Kelly did a great job as Connie, but that was a one note character. She was a good actress did what she could with the material given. However, I never saw her as Kate Howard. Anna Wintour would be horrified by that imitation. Megan Ward was and shall always be Kate Howard. LONG LIVE KATHERINE HARWICKE HOWARD!!!!

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    I will sincerely miss her versatility and vivacity in a role that was in many ways inconsistently drawn. That she performed it consistently well overall is a testament to her talent and her ability to negotiate the storyline wringer this headwriter put her and the character through. Where TPTB dropped the ball was in not taking advantage of the easy chemistry and connection she shared with Jane Elliots’ Tracy. They could have had two powerhouse female entrepeneurs teaming up together via ELQ and Crimson/PC Press to offer more story balance between the hospital and re-emerging mob threads.

    I count myself blessed to have met her. She is warm, gracious, genuine and funny, with a great set of pipes. And she trained at a great ballet school, Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle, WA before going to Broadway. I’m looking forward to whatever comes her way that gets her back on my screen… 0:)

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    Was it only 2 years? Wow seems like longer (that’s not a knock). Sullivan seemed so omnipresent onscreen that she as a large part of Port Charles during her tenure. She did have her highest moments as tptb decided to make Connie less of an cartoon alter and more of a character in her own right.
    A scene in the office of the Haunted Star when she swung her legs around the desk while explaining to Johnny Z that she wouldn’t force herself on him while he was restrained, because she knew what it was like to be raped, was the moment I took notice. Part choreography of the scene, surely, but she SOLD it. As she had to so many other hard to swallow plot driven changes of direction.
    A strong actress in an oft-thankless role that was given extra critical eye as a recast of a popular actress (even now as she exits), I hope Ms Sullivan finds her way onto our screens again.

    And Connie has been WEARING those dresses for the last week. We should all look so good dying in a tight white dress.

    Best wishes Ms Sullivan and Rest in Peace Connie Falconeri.

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