The Young and the Restless is #RememberingKay (PROMO)

The Young and the Restless is ramping up for its Katherine Chancellor (Jeanne Cooper) tribute. Tto help commemorate the special episodes, the soap is encouraging fans to use the #RememberingKay hashtag on Twitter and Facebook. Watch this week's The Young and the Restless promo after the jump!

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    [quote=TraceyAbbot101]I just want to know who will inherit the jewel collection?[/quote]

    Probably her beloved *daughter* Nikki. Either that or ScAmber who will immediately PAWN all of it.

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    Didn’t we see this promo and thread last week too?

    Just watched today’s episode and there seem to be a lot going on… that could end soon … and not sure why there is no promo for that here.

    Carmine in full “DADDY” beard clocks Michael in the head. (Too bad there wasn’t a flashback to all the other GC breakins from all the pyscho ex lovers these citizens have had… MICHAEL being one of them and his brother Kevin).

    Then we had the revelation… slowly of Mason and his connection to Hilary. Not for anything but I think Mason will be collateral damage and somehow die. Also, was it me or did anyone else like this bitchy Hilary and the potential of her and Devon being an item. I actually like the “you ain’t getting one over on my sister, sista” Devon! And I actually like a devious woman. Sad that her story is so convoluted.

    And I am certain to get a load of grumbling, but for a show that is not going to give us a good cry fest with a funeral… I love me a good crying funeral… and instead an Irish Wake to celebrate katherine’s life WHY ON GOD’S GREEN Earth is Nikki constantly crying?! Seriously, the woman was 84 years old. LOVED. ADVENTUREOUS and amazing. WHy aren’t they having her celebrating her life and the LIFE she lead as opposed to crying selfishly over what she’s going to do without her?! STOP IT, Nikki! Set an example. (I’m not being mean.. I am being honest. Celebrate the life and the memories and we will all be reunited in Heaven with God in good time)

    Speaking of selfish… SUMMER GET OVER YOURSELF!!! Her mother is in a coma in Georgia and the girl isn’t down there taking care of her yet she is crying yet again that she needs to get away from all the agro?! Seriously, you have a fahter who raised you and a father who loves you. Jack has been great and hasn’t forced himself on her in any of the writing so far. It’s time for Summer to call out Victor and get on with this story until the big reveal. I am so tired of watching mopey Summer.

    And I am not pissed the story of Adam raping Melanie is done because the story was idiotic BUT, really, so effin anti-climatic! I think that Maria Bell has taken over again because these stories… which Jill approves… are dull and out of left field … think Sen Wheeler and this who Gus-Neil-Leslie-Hilary-Cane-Mason connection… and then they end with nothing but blah!

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    BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, the usual hate posts from this site. The show is not perfect, but NEITHER are any of the other three we have left. Y&R, regardless of the opinions on this site, is still #1. And this post from someone who has been watching since 1975.

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    I was just axin as I think some of those precious stones and gold would look great against that ” suntanned ” skin……


    It kills me that the mansion only has ONE safe and it only held a drawing? Or did Kay have a safe up in her bedroom???

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    Hi All…..Easy, the jewels will be used to make a stunning jock strap for Cane to parade around in at the next Foothill Road block party.

    Any leftover jewels (lets face it, Cane’s jock strap won’t need all the jewels) will be divided up between Kevin and Dylan. Kevin’s will be melted down into a pair of handcuffs and a key that is given only to Chavez. Dylan’s jewels will be used for his latest halo when he saves the entire Genoa City cat population from Feline Aids by nursing them back to health.

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