Will Victor Send Summer to The Bahamas to Keep Her From Jack on Y&R? (SNEAK PEEK)

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) has really mellowed over the decades. The same guy who once locked a romantic rival in a dungeon—and fed him rats—is now resorting to offering impromptu island vacations to thwart his foes!

Today on The Young and the Restless, the mogul tempts Summer (Hunter King) with a trip to the Bahamas, in order to keep her away from Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman). Will the confused, young woman take the tropical bait? Watch a sneak peek after the jump!

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    Jamey Giddens

    @Bishbay, Uh actually, considering, again, that confused and young are adjectives, comma usage is perfectly fine here. Don’t believe me go look up Purdue’s rules on coordinate adjectives. But to save both of us some time today—because I am not in the mood—if all you are here to do is challenge grammar choices, log out and find another blog to read.

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    I STILL don’t get Sharon’s logic in changing the test so Nick (to quote Maury) “IS NOT THE FATHER” when she loves him so much.
    “Muddy storytelling” to quote Douglas M. Indeed.

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    [quote=hey mon]She’s saved an other-wise wasted story-line. Everyone has forgiven St Nick, except for Summer. Good going girl.[/quote]

    hey mon YOU SAID IT! I can’t stand how this story is being written, it’s painful to watch Jack Abbott being a punching bag. Nick telling Jack to back off…it’s ridiculous, chalk up another stinker for Josh on a storyline and Jill on the direction for the story…totally sucks. Carmine & the Baldwins was good.

    The only thing truly good about today’s episode was that several vets being present but the best part was Paul & Nikki.

    I do like Mason\Hillary as couple, the actress is good even if the story is a waste and I thought CK & Devon was very good today. I do like the fact Devon is more aggressive, gives him personality, and Lily had some venom seething in her voice today, and very nice to see. :bigsmile:

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    I just wrote on another thread that this story is slowly becoming a WHO GIVES A CRAP story. Honestly, it’s time for Summer to grow a pair and accept that Jack is her father and begin a relationship with him. SO far, in the writing, Jack has given her all the space she requires and hasn’t forced himself on her.

    Victor, of course, is being Victor and a mac truck running him down will still have him blowing hot air.

    To make this story dynamic and electric, it’s time that Summer owns the fact that she is an Abbott by blood and a Newman by Trust fund. Have Summer hang with jack and even move into the Abbott Mansion. Have Victor boil and see Nick get jealous. Have Summer have FUN!! Have Jack and SUmmer’s relationship become a great father daughter relationship so that when it’s revealed to be a lie WE are devastated as much as the rest of the characters!

    The one thing that I think the show did wrong was give us the answer from the start. THere is as much drama in that as knowing that Melanie didn’t rape Adam and although everyone says he is innocent he is stil guilty of everything else. THERE WAS NO DRAMA THERE just painful television.

    Speaking of Adam, isn’t Chelsea stealing Adam’s son from him by not only lying about the kids paternity but also telling Adam to stay away? Sorry, but hearing Chloe say “and he stole a kid” was as hypocritical as when Chloe lied to Cane and Billy and now with her telling Chelsea to do the same.


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    Who’s on bishbays avatar and then ask why she’s being the grammar police.
    Definitely portraying Sharon.

    ‘come on Faith, let’s play fairy princess and I will be the damsel in distress and we will make Daddy be the knight in shining armor. Don’t get sick honey, they might do a paternity on you and they will find out I changed that one too.’

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    hey mon

    Hey, if Sharon is lying about Summers’ paternity, maybe she’s lying about Faith’s.

    Maybe Summer is Nick’s, and Faith is Jack’s.

    Who knows what’s gonna happen, now that Passanante is in charge?

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    Of course Victor Newman has mellowed over the years …

    … just like a fine cellared aged wine.

    And when you uncork it only to discover it has spoiled beyond palatability the only thing left to do is dump it down the drain.

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