Chandler Massey on DAYS Exit: "I'm Actually Glad Things Went Down The Way They Did"


Former Days of Our Lives star Chandler Massey is trying to be the bigger person, following his ouster from the NBC sudser. Although the actor kinda-sorta said in the Daytime Emmy press room he was leaving at the end of his contract in December, the soap has decided to go with a recast for Will Horton now! This was all after Ken Corday gave an interview saying the role wouldn't be recast.

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan caught up with the blindsided-yet-grateful actor to clear a few things up. Here's some of what Massey had to say:

I'm actually glad things went down the way they did," Massey tells us. "I appreciate the producers for letting me out of my deal early because I can now pursue other opportunities I couldn't under contract. And, really, I want what's best for the show and the character. I'm honored to have played Will's coming-out story, and really proud of the Will and Sonny romance. It's important that they pass the torch to another actor and continue the story."

What a classy kid. To find out exacly how DAYS pulled a fast one on Massey, click here!


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Very abrupt. The Emmy Winning sweetie deserved better.
How shitty of Days to handle it like that.

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DAYS should have handled it better. But I also see their point that Michael Logan put in his article: "If a suitable replacement has been found, why not make the switch sooner rather than later and let the fans begin their period of adjustment? And why waste money on a holding deal with the new guy?"

Anyway their should have been a nicer way out for Massey. One that really was a mutual decision by both parties.

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I feel badly for Chandler. However, it was amateur to inform the press before his bosses that he was leaving. I hate to say it, but it was a grandiose and arrogant move. The Powers that Be love to teach actors that they are only spokes on a wheel.

Bottom line: Chandler Massey showed DAYS no courtesy, and DAYS returned the favor.

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Chandler announced at the Chicago event that

1) He asked to be let out Early

2) That him & Days agreed that when a recast is found, CM will exit

3) He admitted he didnt think a recast would be found that quick

Some fans are saying he was given no notice. However I see the agreement they made that when recast found, CM's out was notice and that it meant he could leave anytime

Also because they granted CM's request he doesnt get his pay for the remainder of the contract which is standard practice

Im wishing CM well he was great. So glad Wilson continues. Gonna be open to the new Will

Also if a triangle is coming I hope the 3rd guy wants Will & Sonny is the jealous one

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Chandler was the one who blindsided the show with his announcement at the Emmys. Then, he seemed to change his mind a few weeks ago. Just like Will, his wishy-washiness bit him in that sweet AZZ.

It made sense for the show to find a replacement ASAP. That way when CM leaves, there'll be no break in story and viewers have an easier time adjusting.

I think he'll be fine. Who knows? Charlie Sheen might even give him a job on his sitcom. Wink

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It's an unfortunate situation, and not the best handled way from the show.

However, the reality is this is not uncommon. This is a business first and foremost, and if Massey had already stated at the Emmys he is leaving after his contract ends (and possibly not even talking about it directly to his bosses), the show has every right to think about their next move in regards to what is best for the entire show. So in that way I can't really wonder or blame the show. They happened to stumble upon a suitable recast, felt he was the one and wanted to hire him. Also, it is next to impossible to hire someone to a holding contract in this economical climate. If they found the right person and wanted to hire them, they should be able to do show and have him do the work.

Also, I feel it is very smart, accurate and responsible for the show & Sony to feel how important the character of Will and the storyline of Wilson is to Days. Because it really, truly is.

I hope the recast will be good. I have enjoyed Chandler very much, he did the coming out process and the coming into a man very well. I hope the recast will perhaps explore other parts of Will and what *really* makes him tick. It will be interesting to see.

Especially now that Eileen Davidson has left the show, Days needs all the right pieces to be in the right places. This show's reputation, quality, and response from critics and fans alike has been great, I hope they are now able to keep the momentum going into the year 2014.

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Good riddance!!! Hated him.

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I hope the next guy who plays Will is more comfortable in love/kissing scenes. Chandler was so stiff in those scenes with Freddie Smith. I know it's probably tough for a straight guy to kiss another dude, but in foreign soaps, they are much more convincing. Freddie Smith goes in for it, and tries to make it look real, but I feel like Chandler was always uncomfortable in love scenes and kissing scenes...their bodies never touch usually, and it's those same closed mouthed kisses that Luke and Noah used to do...old people kisses mostly.

I want to see the next incarnation of WilSon kiss like Sami and Ej!

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Hoping Drew Garrett becomes the new Will and not some no-name actor we've never seen. Am enjoying Chad Duell right now as Michael but Drew Garrett's scenes as Michael on GH killing Claudia were incredible! Please, God, don't make that guy who was playing Sonny's friend and getting in the way be the new Will after playing some kind of chem test with Freddie. Didn't care for him.

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It's kinda shitty being called in to be informed that today is ur last date without warning. Nothing soulless like show business lol

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With the amount of blame to go around on how poorly everything was handled the only result is a circular firing squad.

CM is young and admittedly shouldn't have told the press he was leaving before his bosses. It seems as though he agreed to leave early if there was a recast although he probably didn't think it would happen.

At the same time, someone who has brought such visibility to Days and two Emmys when Days rarely gets Emmy love they could have given him more than an afternoon's notice and a chance to say goodbye to cast and crew.

Day's really seems to burn their bridges with the way cast members leave and this is one more example.

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As he didn't plan to stay with the show, I can understand the recast. What sux in this announcement is that he was called in at close of a shooting day and abruptly terminated. But he will get over it and move on. He does have a much brighter future ahead of him than Days of Our Lives can provide. Not necessarily in acting either. He is right that folks with Chinese speaking skills are in high demand. Not knowing what these young soap actors make, but purely speculating it to be $200-300k annually, he will likely make very close that salary if he lands in a good Law Firm, Venture Capital Firm or Investment Banking / Wall Street.

Best of Luck, Chandler! Your on-screen talent will be missed.

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I think Chandler handled this pretty badly, but I think he realizes that and has rectified it as best as possible. NOW he's handling it very well.

I am also hoping and praying that Drew Garrett is the new Will Horton. That kid is the best younger actor on a soap EVER. His firing was the most shocking thing ever. I've grown used to Chad but he's not at all in the same category of actor as Drew. And he really fits Will as well.