General Hospital Casts Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Man From Sabrina’s Past

It looks like Sabrina (Teresa Castillo) is getting yet another man in her life besides Patrick (Jason Thompson) and Felix (Marc Samuel). According to Soap Opera Digest, General Hospital has cast Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Carlos, a man from the raven-haired nurse's past.

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    Who really cares? In light of the number if characters already on the canvas, and the conversations and relationships that happen off screen (Hello? What happened in the conversation between Nicholas and Britt at the jail, and the wholesale collapse of Scotty and Laura’s marriage – even though I thought it was going to come apart, I really didn’t foresee what 5 scenes between them in between getting married and breaking up) why do we need anyone else, particularly anyone tied to Sabrina? Who is she in the grand scheme of legendary characters and their families? Nothing.

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    The cast is already bloated.

    Between the vets (Anna, Duke, Laura, Lucy, Mac, Felicia, et. al), the newbies (Rafe, TJ, Taylor, Brad, Sabrina, Ellie, et. al), the OLTL transplants (Silas, Franco, Kiki) and the love ‘em/hate ‘em core (Sonny, Carly, Sam)and the way underused Alexis, Liz, Nikolas, Tracy there are too many characters and no driving story. We still don’t even know Ava, Julian, Taylor, Silas, Britt, Felix and more characters are being brought in?!??! Not to mention the return of Robin. And let’s not forget once Julian is revealed it only makes sense for Lucas to come back to PC.

    If there was ever a need for an epidemic to hit PC now is the time. Or how about an earthquake or a mob massacre? At least 10 characters need to go.

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    Whatever. I kept hoping for a new man for Liz last year when it became so obvious that Ewen was going to end up BSC, and Jason eventually died. I guess you have to be a pet on this show in order to get a brand spanking new pairing. |(

    Sam gets a new man (McBain/Silas), Carly gets a new man (Todd/Franco), Patrick had not one but TWO brand new love interests, Spinelli had a new love interest, but a fan favorite like Liz ends up with either Lucky’s stalkerish brother or AJ who should have come back to town a much stronger man after the character was made a fool for years under the last regime.

    Hell, Sabrina is on to pairing number two and Felix can’t even get laid!

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    I think this guy may end up being that Alejandro Jerome character that was rumored a few months back.

    I am honestly NEVER worried about the cast being too big, because I trust Frank Valentini to balance the budget.

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    Alejandro Jerome? It sure would be nice to have some more Hardy or Webber’s on the show instead of constantly building up all of the other families. This is the 50th year of GH and Liz can’t be trotted out like a trophy every time her grandfather, Dr. Steve Hardy’s picture is shown. Audrey/RH has retired and I don’t think she’s coming back unless RC/FV decide to honor her next year for her 50th anniversary on the show.

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    Apparently he’s suppose to be a bad guy. Just what GH needs, another mobster. Sigh :(

    I wonder if he’s the ex-boyfriend that Sabrina told Patrick about. The actor was born in 1971; he’s a little old for the child nurse. ;)

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    Yeah another bad guy who loves poor pure Sabrina, YUCK!

    This chick came on the show like she was a virgin who never combed her hair then all of a sudden she had a fiance and was in a long term relationship. Now we are to believe she was involved with this bad boy?

    We don’t get to see any relationships on this show anymore.I also am very confused regarding Laura and Scotty’s insta divorce. Never seen AJ/Liz date. But I bet we see every inch of Sabrina and this new guy’s relationship. The character isn’t working. Stop trying to make Sabrina happen Ron! I want to see the Ronities defend this crap. Yet Ric still isn’t back in Port Charles even though he has family there and is sorely needed.

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    LOL calm down, ya’ll. Sabrina needs a contingency plan because once Robin returns, it’s a wrap.Plus, the bread & butter is really a Robin/Patrick/Britt/Nikolas/Elizabeth/AJ clusterfuck lol

    My suspicion is that Jason Thompson is gonna be leaving GH in the new year and Kimberly McCullough has signed on for about 6 months in order to wrap the “Scrubs” storyline up and escort him off the canvas.

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    jeremy in chicago

    This sucks. Theresa is the LAST character I want expanded. She needs to stay under the covers and never come out. She is… just bad. And her and Patrick together is unfortunate, to put it nicely. With Robin coming back, can’t we PLEASE kill her off? PLEASE?

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    Okay. Firstly, this has to be someone who can shed some light on her background, where is came from, who are her *parents*? Connections to anyone? The best way for the show to keep Sabrina viable at this point is to connect her to be somebody’s daughter. I would prefer it if she were somehow connected to Sonny through the Santiago’s and Lily.

    Also, I haven’t been Sabrina’s biggest fan, but if she would get away from Patrick and have a new storyline, a storyline of her own, then I could possibly get invested.

    *However* this guy isn’t supposed to be a former love interest, is he? Because that I wouldn’t buy. Ugly Betties don’t date mobsters.

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    GH didn’t make Sabrina a Santiago for no reason. She’s the adoptive cousin of Juan. Until we know further, I’m going to assume that Carlos is also a Santiago. Vincent Parise looks much too old to be Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend. To keep Sabrina’s relationship to the Santiagos straight–and to avoid a retcon of her paternity–Carlos would almost have to be Lilly’s brother, which would make him Sabrina’s father or uncle.

    I see a two-fer here. Carlos could be working *with* the Jeromes. He could also be on the scene because vengeful, batsh*t crazy Sabrina asks him to help her do a job on Patrick after he spurns her for Robin. Hopefully, these scenarios entail Cinderbrina being carried out in either handcuffs or a straight jacket.

    I don’t hate every mob story, just those crappy Unholy-Trinity Sonny always wins mob stories. Maybe Sonny won’t win this one, especially if two mob families team up against him.

    I have this image of Sonny sitting in McBain’s old roach motel in his wife-beater and old man socks because he’s lost everything, right down to his last silk suit.

    This could all work out! :party:

    Edited to add: According to Access Hollywood “Carlos is a man from Sabrina’s (Teresa Castillo) past, who shows up in town just as things are going so well for the nurse and her boyfriend, Dr. Patrick Drake (Jason Thompson).” So, it does sound like he’s Sabrina’s ex. Oh well. :davie:

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    Sabrina has a dark shadow in her past? Can’t be. Sabrina is all about butterflies and rainbows. Anyway I’m all for her getting away from Patrick and being involved in some other storyline.

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    Really? REALLY? Why does Sabrina need another man? And one who looks even older that Patrick? Honestly, he looks like he could be her father! I was really hoping Sabrina would just fade away once Robin came back and kicked her ass out of Patrick’s life! So sorry she’s staying :angry:

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    What do I have to do to get Sabrina and Carly locked in the same building at the same time there’s a gas explosion, a car bomb, an asteroid strike, or pretty much ANYTHING that would permanently send them into outer space?

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    [quote=Mwg72177]I. Have a feeling Sabrina is Lilly’s daughter. Remember they made a reference to Juan being her cousin. That is too much of a coincidence. Maybe Lilly wanted to escape the mob and on top of it she knew Sonny wanted to be with Brenda not her.[/quote]

    Juan is Sabrina’s adoptive cousin as far as we know. Juan’s biological mother is Lilly. If Lilly were to be Sabrina’s mother, then Juan would be Sabrina’s half brother.

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