Spinelli Howls at Maxie About His Baby Jackal on General Hospital (PROMO)

Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) is reeling from the truth about his baby jackal. Expect major drama when he confronts baby mama Maxie (Kirsten Storms) about her plan to give Lulu (Marcy Rylan) and Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) their child. Watch this week's General Hospital promo after the jump!


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I'm SO much looking forward to all of this!

Bradford Anderson has been amazing lately. This storyline could really prove to be *epic* if done right. I predict there could be a very bitter custody battle ahead between Spixie and Lante. And/or if not about the baby, I hope this drives a wedge between the two couples and friends, that will drive story long into the future.

Also nice to see Patrick letting it out for a change. I wonder what lies are we talking about this time.

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Here's hoping Britt comes clean about the baby she's carrying so that both Spixie and Lante could have children.

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GH, today was great. The rest of the week will be a story to be told on all fronts. Damien cause he will no longer be just Spinelli when e lets Maxie have it. The Britch getting comfortable at Wyndamere won't last long. Ms. Jerome get ready to hire that La cosa nostra attorney. Excited about GH, B&B, and Y&R glad to be a soap fan.

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I adore Spinelli. Hopefully, this will be the year that Bradford Anderson gets his much-deserved Emmy.