Should Kris Jenner’s Daytime Talk Show Come Back For a Second Season? (POLL)

Will Kris Jenner's daytime talk show get picked up for another season? According to US Weekly, even though there have been rumors of the show's cancellation "there's still a chance it may be coming back for round two."

The show ended its season with a big boost to its final episode's ratings, with a little help from Jenner's grandbaby daddy, Kanye West, who revealed the first photo of the latest member of the Kardashian clan.

Should The Kris Jenner Show Get a Second Season?

Should Kris Jenner's Daytime Talk Show Come Back For a Second Season? (POLL)

  • No! (94%, 1,276 Votes)
  • Yes! (6%, 86 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,362


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    TV Gord

    There is no chance. If this were a just society, she would be meeting Craig Kilborn for coffee, commiserating about how they failed in this summertime try out formula that Fox attempted with him back in 2010. They were both spectacular failures.

  2. Profile photo of thecourt99

    I didn’t watch the show, but I did watch their reality show. I don’t think she has the personality to pull it off, nor to appeal to a wide array of people. She needs her children to make the show…and she needs a co-host. Sorry…

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    It was only a test run in certain markets just like the “The Real” and if both shows do well then they can go into syndication fall 2014….I say why not everybody getting a show-

  4. Profile photo of blake3b

    I hope it’s true that the show has not be renewed. I’m sorry but I don’t care for her, she always looks so smug, like she thinks she’s above everyone else! The way she pimps her family out to keep them all over the place to where it’s over kill, even the new baby!!!

    It’s bad when even in the U.K. they are tired of them, on the show Absolutely Fabulous they said there’s a new disease called the Kardashians that won’t stop multiplying lol.

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