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Patrick confronts Britt about her mother, and her scheme with Faison to hurt most of Robin’s family.  He wonders what else Britt is hiding, but she swears she knew nothing of her mother’s plans to poison Robert or Duke.  Patrick informs Britt he ran into her mother at the airport after the Nurse’s Ball, and accuses Britt of conspiring to use the baby against him. 

Molly and Rafe are thrilled to hear there is a donor for Danny.  Sam tells the duo they’re waiting for the test results before the transfer can happen.  Alexis mentions doing a background check on Derek, and they’re lucky all is clear.

Julian leaves Ava a message stating he’s going to save Danny’s life, and tell Sam he’s her father.  After some arguing, he promises Ava he won’t tell them his true identity.  Rafe and Molly overhear and question him.  He covers and claims it was a business call.  They trade introductions, and Molly is grateful Derek will be saving Danny. 
Maxie has a dream Lulu takes her baby away and tries to get out of bed. However, Mac stops her. He tells Maxie she was insisting the baby was hers and Spinelli’s.  He explains she needed to be sedated, but Kevin informed them it’s normal.  Maxie is upset, but Mac points out she did something good for Lulu and Dante. He asks if she realizes the baby is Lulu and Dante's.  Spinelli overhears Maxie say she knows the baby is for them. 
Sabrina finds a crying Ellie, who tells her she and Spin broke up and he hates her.  Ellie explains she told a life-altering lie, and Spin won’t forgive her.  Sabrina reminds Ellie she forgave Spin for sleeping with Maxie, and he should do the same.  Ellie explains how she hacked into the computer, and admits she was jealous of Maxie.  Sabrina reassures her people do crazy things out of love. 
Nikolas stops by to see Lulu and meet the baby.  He asks about a name, but Lulu admits there isn’t one yet.  Nik tells her about taking Britt in, and Lulu isn’t happy.  Nik assures her that he’s heard all the warnings about Britt, and is proceeding with caution.  Lulu tells him about Maxie’s attachment to the baby, and Spin hanging around. 
Nik and Lulu discuss Laura going back to France, and Lulu gets upset when their conversation topic turns to Luke.  She explains to Nik that Luke could be dying.  Nik is sure Luke will find a cure, and is grateful his ailment is not because of a Cassadine.  He’s shocked when Lulu tells him it was Helena’s fault. 
Sam introduces Danny and Derek.  Derek asks about Danny’s father, and Sam mentions he’s passed away.  Sam heads off to find Silas.  Derek spots the information Alexis had on him, and asks if he’s being investigated.  Alexis claims she’s just curious. 
When Mac leaves Maxie alone, she manages to sneak into the nursery once Lulu and Nik leave.

Britt swears she was only using the baby to get back with Patrick, because she was in love with him.  Patrick is still angry she dropped the baby bomb in public at the ball. He declares her mother is dangerous.  Patrick swears Britt’s mother will never come near his son. 
Britt knows her mother wouldn’t hurt her grandson, but Patrick feels Liesl is capable of anything, especially since she’s working with Faison. He won’t risk having her near his baby.  Patrick will fight for full custody.  Britt reminds him it’s her baby too, and he can’t have full custody.  She tells Patrick her mother lives in Europe, and is rarely around. 
Patrick accuses Britt’s mother of trying to murder two people close to him. He points out she’s been in Port Charles twice in the last six months.  Britt promises to keep her mother and the baby apart.  Patrick offers supervised visits.  Britt has legal rights as the mother, and believes he won’t get full custody. 
Britt warns Patrick he's making a big mistake.  Patrick counters she’ll hear from his lawyer.  Britt yells at Patrick the baby is not his son.

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    Giant kudos to Jason Thompson and Kelly Thiebaud. Fantastic Patrick/Britt scenes. Amazing what happens to JT when you get him out of the kindergarten scenes of Sabrina/Felix.

    Excellent Nik/Lulu scenes. Loved him trying to get her to name the baby Nicola.

    Love, love, love William DeVry and loved the Derek/Davis coven scenes.

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    What a difference two days make…

    Today’s episode was fantastic on so many levels.

    I agree, kudos to Jason Thompson and Kelly Thiebaud. They did an amazing job. And Britt’s reveal that Patrick isn’t the father surprised me. Amazing cliffhanger. Can’t wait for the confrontation to continue tomorrow.

    Nikolas and Lulu didn’t have this much to do with one another since the recast and Nik’s return to town. Anyway I enjoyed their scenes very much. Loved Lulu confiding in Nikolas about everything that goes on in his life. I didn’t like though that when Nik is talking about HIS family he’s always only referring to the Cassadines.

    William deVry is fantastic. Love, love, love him. I like that he wants to tell Alexis and Sam but is told by Ava not to do so. Seeing him with Danny was very sweet. Julian fits in very well.

    I can even tolerate Sabrina when she isn’t behaving like a little child around Patrick. Her scenes with Ellie were nice.

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    TPTB need to make Jason Thompson a leading man, he needs to be utilized more, and good Lord, get him away from Sabrina’s orbit and give him something to sink his extremely capable teeth into. Kelly T did a great job as well.

    Loved seeing the Davis clan, and I squeed when Julian held Danny, so precious. The mob dynamic and the eventual revelation that he’s Sam father would’ve been more epic if Jason was alive, Sam would have quite the dilemma as would Jason assuming he couldn’t save Danny’s life himself.

    Loved the Nik and Lulu scenes. I feel so bad for Maxie, I wonder if they’ll give her postpartum depression or something like that. GH is on a roll and I hope this continues, the show has been superb lately.

    I cannot believe Britt dropped the bomb so soon, I really hope this isn’t some nightmare she’s having at Wyndemere, cannot wait for tomorrows episode!

    The only negative thing I have to say about todays show is that Rafe needs a haircut and needs to go back to wherever he’s been hiding.

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    [quote=GHteenybopper]I cannot believe Britt dropped the bomb so soon, I really hope this isn’t some nightmare she’s having at Wyndemere, cannot wait for tomorrows episode![/quote]

    I think its the real thing. I just think that Patrick is not going to believe her.

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    [quote=robertscorpio][quote=GHteenybopper]I cannot believe Britt dropped the bomb so soon, I really hope this isn’t some nightmare she’s having at Wyndemere, cannot wait for tomorrows episode![/quote]

    I think its the real thing. I just think that Patrick is not going to believe her.[/quote]

    I believe so too

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    [quote=robertscorpio][quote=GHteenybopper]I cannot believe Britt dropped the bomb so soon, I really hope this isn’t some nightmare she’s having at Wyndemere, cannot wait for tomorrows episode![/quote]

    I think its the real thing. I just think that Patrick is not going to believe her.[/quote]

    I believe so too

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    I wonder if Britt will go into labor in front of Patrick and he has to deliver the baby for her. never no. It could be the cliff hanger for Friday and we find out on Tuesday episode since we have this long labor day weekend. Julian is so hot hot hot he and Alexis make a cute couple. Rafe, Sabrina and Ellie are SNOOZE.

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    What?! No one thinks that Patrick is going to believe Britt after she says the child’s not his?!

    What?! No one thinks after Patrick confronted Britt about knowing her mother and father have been trying to kill members of his family when she screams the SPAWN AIN’T YOURS! that he aint going to believe her?!

    What?! No one thinks there is a smart man on daytime soaps EVEN if they are the TOP brain surgeons around?!

    Well, you are all RIGHT! I’m sure Patrick will leave that island of Windemere and go straight to ALexis or Diane and demand they start custody proceedings before the spawn rips out of Britt’s belly and is aged to 18 to join Morgan in his epic battle to win the heart and dull boring mind of Kiki from Michael.

    But, it would be a magical moment in daytime TV that two soaps, General Hospital and The young and the restless, both aired and ended two or three major stories without dragging them out further. Britt and Maxie’s baby paternity on GH AND Ann Taylor (not the clothing line) was revealed, Carmine was arrested in a onesie, and Kevin was finally proved to be more of a putz than we ever thought possible. WOW

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    Interesting this whole everyone has someone else’s baby … back a few years ago Brian Asshat Frons wanted a baby switch story to go on for years without resolution .. he had both OLTL and AMC involved … i am sure he’s loving this

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    Britt has stated all along that she’s the mother, but Patrick was not the father. The father could be any man at that Swiss clinic where Dr. O worked her magic voodoo!

    I think Sonny was more interested in mending fences with Connie because he knew she was going to die instead of calling 911. Hell, the little moobster has killed enough people to know that his girlfriend was a goner. Now he can avenge Connie’s death out of revenge since he thinks AJ is the killer and then hop on Momma Pasta’s wagon with a clear conscience! Sonny will do his normal off the wall routine of throwing barware before he moves on to Momma Pasta before the end of the year!

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    Britt’s baby daddy could be anybody who’s been to the hospital and given a sample. She’s an OB who specialized with fertility cases so she probably had a lab full of samples she could use. The question is, will it be someone we know, like Dante’s, or will they cop out and make it some unknown sperm donor.

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    I remember when Ellie first found out that Maxie miscarried, Maxie tried to convince Ellie that she just got herself implanted again with Dante and Lulu’s other embryo. Ellie threatened to check and see if that embryo was still in a lab at GH but before she could, Maxie confessed that she was pregnant with her and Spinelli’s baby. Then, when Britt was thanking her mother for faking the paternity test, she looked meaningfully at Dante and Lulu. I just assumed that meant Britt implanted herself with Lulu and Dante’s other embryo.

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    I hope Britt’s baby is not Lulu and Dante’s, because they don’t deserve it after the way they have treated Maxie. Ok…yes Maxie has lied and has wronged them terribly…BUT they don’t know that yet….What they do know or THINK they know as true, is that Lulu’s best friend just carried their baby for 8 months, and had life threatening surgery delivering their daughter. They also know Maxie almost died doing this. Maxie was a surrogate for them for free and did not charge them like a lot of surrogates do…. She did this out of the goodness of her heart…This was not a job for her. She was not paid for being a baby incubator….AND now after the baby has been born…has either one of them checked on Maxie???? Has either one of them gone to see her after hearing she almost died…Has either one of them even stopped by to say thank you…NO…they have done NOTHING. It is like now that Maxie has served her purpose the could care less about her. I think it’s disgusting how little interest and care they have shown Maxie since the baby was born. I can’t wait for Maxie to claim her child. They are horrible friends and do not deserve such a selfless act.

    The show has been really good lately.

    I loved the Patrick/Britt scenes.

    Loved the Davis girls with Derek….

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    Dr O seemed way too happy at the idea of a grandson for Faison, which makes me think the egg came from Britt and they only used someone else’s swimmers.

    I think Lulu’s about to get a double whammy with Maxie taking her baby and Dante possibly being Britt’s baby daddy.

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    I have to say that William DeVry is the best character and casting GH has seen in a very long time. This guy fits this show like a Glove. Every actor he has scenes with he is nailing it. I would love to never see another Morgan and Kiki scene, At this point, none of the OLTL actors are bringing anything to the show, I wish they would just get rid of them already. Rather than sending Laura to France, send Frankentodd and Kiwi to France. Frank and Ron still need to realize that the audience wants more of the vets of GH. God please give Genie Francis something of major substance so we can watch her act her ass off.

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    GHFan777-There was a very brief scene where D accepted a check from the mob boss that he gave him to underwrite Maxie’s medical expenses. It wasn’t something that RC dwelled on as is his usual MO. There was also no follow up as to whether Maxie was ever aware of this, nor if she told them she wouldn’t want them paying for the gift she was giving them. As for L and D treating Maxie poorly, in this writer’s hands, yes, they are coming off as being only concerned for the baby, but again this is RC’s way of driving a wedge between the respective couples so as to create his prefered type of agenda driven, plot point “drama”. He has no clue how to write female friendships and is now, in addition to tearing apart the character of L, he’s also gearing up to tear apart one of the few successful ones that’s lasted over an extended period of time. Witness how one set of parents comes off as sympathetic and rootable (Maxie/Spinelli) vs. the other that comes off as oblivious, shallow and (soon to be) detested…if they’re not there already.

    While I have some sympathy for Maxie in this situation, it’s worn kind of thin overall. And at the risk of sounding cold hearted, I’d like to see her squirm for the heartache she’s caused for a lot of people. However,having said that, KiSt and BA have been excellent in their work throughout this full of holes and idiocies story.

    As for who the father of Britt’s baby is, for some reason I have a difficult time believing D would be Dr. O.’s choice as the male donar. Why would she want her brilliant physician daughter having a baby with an ex-Brooklyn/current PC cop/detective who’s father is a silk suited thug? Since she was running that Swiss clinic, you’d have to think there were some other more “suitable” (in her eyes), donars available. And since she’s been connected to Helena via Stavros having been a patient of hers (as we’ve been led to believe), whose to say her daughter isn’t carrying a Cassadine? Nikolas could very well have a baby brother on the way… 0:)

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    Hi Swan…yes I remember Sonny giving Lante a check…but that was for the medical procedure…that was not for any monetary compensation to be given to Maxie for doing this. She did this freely out of the goodness of her heart. Usually in surrogate situations (if not family)…..the surrogate is paid for carrying the baby. However they did have Maxie sign a contract. Maxie was a bit insulted over this, but was talked into doing it…remember? Of course Spixie will fight this, and most likely win as this baby is not biologically Lantes. Dante and Lulu will do the right thing and give Maxie back her baby…probably not right away though.

    I also agree that Dr O would want a good sperm donor.. Could be Starvos’s sperm…it may be Nikolas’s brother she carries. In the past with Britt looking at Dante at times, to suggest he was the father, could have been red herrings.

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    I loved that Derek/Julian held Danny and called him little man, and I love that he called Sam kiddo. Anvils are dropping there! LOL! I can’t wait to see this all play out. I wish we could see more Nic with Alexis, Sam and Danny. I might not care for the character of Nic much anymore, but I love to see TC holding babies and we need to see more of that.

    Aw… Maxie so WANTS her baby!

    That shade of purple scrubs is definately the lady who plays Sabrina’s color.

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