Sri Rao to Adapt Venezuelan Telenovela For NBC

General Hospital: Night Shift Season 2 showrunner Sri Rao is jumping back into the soap game. NBC has tapped the popular scribe to adapt The Black Widow, an English-language version of the Venezuelan telenovela La Viuda Joven.

The series centers on a mysterious woman who winds up a celebrity after she marries a famous baron. The vixen becomes a person of interest with authorities after her fourth husband dies, and her vast wealth comes to light.

The Black Widow is a one of three telenovelas NBC has partnered with Electus to create. The project has already been given a 13-episode order. The original series debuted in 2011, garnering record ratings in Argentina, Canada, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the United States. Rao will share co-executive producer duties with Electus' Ben Silverman and Jimmy Fox.

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    This is awesome! I still believe he should be head scribe at GH. Can’t wait for the Black Widow. The original starred Mariangel Ruiz, First Runner Up Miss Universe 2003

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    It is my understanding that he doesn’t like the longer format of soaps. 13 episodes is more his speed so he probably will never take a job at a regular daytime soap.

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    [quote=DenverDean]I read this was 142-episode Telenova, so trimming it to 13 is interesting. Guess 90% of it was filler.[/quote]

    It’s only based on the telenovela. I guess the American version won’t adapt every character or take over every plot or twist of the show.

    They most likely take some parts of the original, Americanize it and turn it into a primetime format. Look what they did with “Ugly Betty”. A telenovela was turned into a prime time dramedy. In the end it hadn’t so much to do with the 669 half-hour episodes of the telenovela.

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    But would they cast latin american actors who are not white hispanics for the roles?

    Would they cast dark skinned latino american and afro latino actors for the roles?

    Would they cast African american and Asian american actors?

    It’s great that sri rao’s heading this telenovela remake.

    There are enough day and night soaps w/ majority white casts only and majority white actors as lead and supporting chars. Enough already!

    Scandal is the only drama among night soaps that had higher season 2 ratings compared to season 1. There needs to be more night soaps w/ people of color as leading chars bec they can get high ratings like scandal.

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