The Bold and the Beautiful’s Zack Conroy to Drop by The Young and the Restless

Look for The Bold and the Beautiful's Oliver to make another trip to Genoa City. According to Soaps in Depth, Zack Conroy and his character will appear on the September 20 episode of The Young and the Restless.

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    that’s for sure. Can’t figure out why there are a few there that just don’t pull it…maybe storyline? I personally think it is the playing the role that nixes it all and storyline centering around her silliness. I am a fan of Rick and Brooke.
    They lost it when Ronn left and the other’s followed suit

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    talk about your, ahem, talent.

    wish he would drop by my house.

    I figure he is going to train Noah in high fashion photography tips.

    CBS should move Oliver over to Genoa City and discard a few of the no talents already residing there…

    Let me start a list: Dildo; Cane; Kevin…….

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    [quote=yojoromo4469]Just what we need, another character on a show that is over run with them.[/quote]

    It a one episode guest appearance that shows that B&B and Y&R are still on the same planet. They could have probably used some random extra to do the work. Instead they decided to use him.

    He has no storyline. He doesn’t take up minutes of air time. So no he’s not “another character”. It’s pretty harmless.

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    The thing is that if they are wanting to cross promote shows they really need to use a character that’s big on either show.

    I don’t see the point in this really, otherwise.

    And if the writers of EITHER show can’t utilize the characters they have, my hope is that they’d trim the cast and focus on the core of the show.

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    Yea, he’s not used enough on BB in the first place and why on YR…good actor let him go to pursue other gigs.

    Now, what I would like to see Taylor come to GC to help Sharon and be her therapist, Taylor\Nikki disagree over Sharon completely and clash because Brooke contacts Nikki about Dr. Hayes… ;)

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    I am not sure why they feel it’s important to bring this character over to Y&R and for what purpose? He was over the last time and I couldn’t even tell you why he was there. Sure, he is friends with Tyler but with or without him, the story would have been fine.

    It’s sad that they promote this cross over because if you watch B&B he’s barely on other than being background character to fill up a “nightclub” scene or a party.

    And if it’s to say that Summer is becoming a big time MODEL, all I can say is that Summer can not be making that much money as a model for one fashion line. SHe is what you would call a CATALOG model. Pretty to look at in print and in person, but has no life for actually PRINT advertisement where real money is made.

    Y&R would do go to spend the mega bucks and do a real fashion shoot with a great REAL photographer and get 20-30 shots out of that one day with amazing hair and makeup, set and clothes and then use that film for the entire year. Plus, after recycling a set to show Summer in CHicago at a model agency, why not hire that actress who played agency head to get Summer more gigs.

    AGAIN, Summer would not be working that often to make a career out of it for one fashion line THAT HAS YET TO BE RELEASED or even had orders placed.

    SO why is Oliver coming to town?!

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