Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser React to One Life to Live Being Shelved

One Life to Live's grande dames, Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser, have shared their reaction to news of Prospect Park shelving the soap opera. In a statement on her website, Slezak thanked fans for watching One Life to Live and told them to keep their fingers crossed.

Strasser tweeted she is rooting for Prospect Park, but asked fans to not call her famous hotline.

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    TV Gord

    Hear, hear, giogio! Unemployment is awful, and I hope everyone put out of work by this won’t be unemployed for long.

    I appreciate Robin’s honesty, and I will wait patiently for what Erika REALLY thinks. ;-)

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    Ok now OLTL got shelved because of the lawsuite right??? So someone please tell how is AMC still being made cause if I’m not mistaking they’re in the same lawsuite correct????

    OLTL is always the show that get the shitty end of the stick it never fails.

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    The lawsuit with ABC is regarding the seven characters GH were “loaned” by PP. Starr, Cole, Hope, Todd, John, Tea, Blair. Eight if you count Tea’s baby that GH killed along with Cole and Hope.

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    I sure hope we all don’t start to criticize a show (oltl) that does not deserve criticism. It is a good show. Hope this gets straightened out. Also hope there is not more to it.

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    This lawsuit is so ridiculous. PP could have simply IGNORED what happened to the characters on GH and written it like it never happened. Calling Cole and Hope significant characters is ridiculous in its own right. They even chose not to recast Starr so what difference did Cole and Hope make anyway? They also chose not to recast John. And if I am a judge, I say to PP:

    Hey guys, it’s a soap, you can bring people back from the dead, or pretend it never happened. It is NOT worth $25M. All PP is doing now is screwing the actors that for a second time, trusted that this group had their backs….

    How many times are these actors going to count on PP to do right by them?

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    Just my opinion BUT I think the lawsuit is just a small portion of this decision. Honestly OLTL did not live up to it’s former glory…the stories just did not work this time around – some characters back but it just did not have the same feel. On the other hand, AMC really kicked butt! To me this was surprising because before they were cancelled by ABC OLTL was the tops and AMC was so far down the tubes. Here’s hoping things change BUT without good writing and good characters…the future doesn’t look promising!

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    Ms 45

    Does anyone have a contact address or email for Vicki Dummer? I’ve tried Google but it seems like all that stuff in under wraps after the barrage of viewer anger when they canceled AMC and OLTL.

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    [quote=Darlotto99]They should both get hired at Y&R Erica Slezak as Dena Abbott and Strasser as Gloria Fisher recast.[/quote]

    Strasser’s style fits B&B a lot better, and I keep hoping Slezak gets to play President Fitz’s mother on Scandal.

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    Hmmmm fortuitous placement of “Latest Recaps” button graphics has inspired the following …
    Wishful Casting: Robin Strasser as Diane Miller’s moth- … Um , older yet still vivacious female relative. :-)

    Really, the character Diane and performer have been popular since day one, I’m surprised tptb haven made an effort to expand upon her. Perhaps Carolyn Hennesy’ active prime time career has been an obstacle?

    Bring on La Strasser as Hot Momma Miller

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    GH shouldn’t have killed Tea’s baby…..I totally think that was a wrong move that OLTL wouldn’t have wanted to happen. Victor and Tea’s son would have been a legacy character down the road.

    OLTL got it right at the end of their first online season. It was a rough start indeed! I hate to see it not come back at some point.

    ABC should be held accountable (legally) for whatever breech of contract they are guilty of…..period/end of discussion!

    Does anyone know whatever happened with the lawsuit that Bridget Dobson et. all filed vs. ABC regarding GH (the show her parents created?) I think it was filed a bit before the PP one was (back before the online season even started.)

    Thanks for any info you may have!!!!


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    TV Gord

    I would love to see a Kickstarter campaign! It would finally show once and for all how much support there REALLY is out there for the soaps!

    Of course, if you buy Prospect Park’s party line, it’s not about the money, is it? It’s about the lawsuit. ;-)

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    As my old boss and mentor used to say…while pointing to his desk “I have a shit load of lawsuits in this drawer that mean nothing. They will just sit for years”.

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    So GH killed off an OLTL legacy.
    One Life to Live COULD HAVE JUST IGNORED IT!!!!!!
    It’s a TV show and that year could have just been completely ignored with no mention of Port Charles, John and Sam, Todd and Carly etc….

    They didn’t even try to recast John or Starr.

    I get there is a legal issue apparently, but it is ridiculous to say Ron and Frank damaged OLTL permanently (the show they basically brought back to live)…

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    I keep hoping DC (or anyone) will snag an exit interview with Thoma Racina and / or Susan Bedsow Horgan. I really want to know the thinking behind some the stories, like what was the purpose of Nightbird and the catfish and the Vickers reality show, and the pacing. I kept waiting for everything to tie together. And why is $5 million considered a fortune? I don’t even know if it was in 1980.

    AMC so expertly uses its cast. I think they use Dr. Joe Martin better than towards the end of his AMC run. OLTL’s characters were just thrown together. It is such a shame.

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    Bob Lamm

    [quote=giogio]As my old boss and mentor used to say…while pointing to his desk “I have a shit load of lawsuits in this drawer that mean nothing. They will just sit for years”.[/quote]

    Your “old boss and mentor” has it exactly right. This is exactly the kind of lawsuit that means nothing and will sit in a few drawers for years. And one day it will disappear, with no resolution. Perhaps Prospect Park could bring the lawsuit before Judge Judy and ask for $500 in damages instead of $25 million. :-)

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