Another NBC Station Bumps Days of Our Lives Out of Daytime

In August it was announced that Las Vegas NBC affiliate KSNV would no longer air Days of Our Lives and fans would have to watch it on KVCW, a CW channel. Now The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that fans who watch DAYS on Salt Lake NBC affiliate KSL-Channel 5 will no longer be able to watch it at 2 PM. Instead, viewers can watch or DVR the latest Salem shenanigans at 1:05 AM. Adding insult to timeslot injury, KSL plans to air two hours of Dr. Phil during its daytime block.

Adding to the frustration is that, while Channel 5 can’t find room to air "Days" during the day, it can find room to air "Dr. Phil" twice.

Why is the soap opera off the schedule? I’m guessing it’s ratings-related. But I can’t say for sure, because the folks at KSL have declined to respond to several requests for clarification.

It looks like Eric Brady (Greg Vaughan) won't be the only one who has trouble sleeping.

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    @pferrando DFW market has nothing to worry about NBC5 there owned and operated by NBC/Comcast.

    However in Salt Lake City I’m a little worried, because this station KSL-TV has had alot of black lash with alot of NBC programming over the years. This station is owned by The Mormon Church, and every little piece of programming on NBC they find ways to pre-empt those shows.

    The problem is this station is the #1 station in the market, so NBC happy to have a top affiliate, but this station always wants to program happy friendly shows, but if that the case they should of stayed a CBS affiliate back in the 90s when they switch. If Ken Corday is concern he should tell NBC, because certain affiliates where not showing B&B and Bill Bell stepped in to make sure B&B were on when markets were pre-empting the show-

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    Not good, because once it starts happening…others seem to “catch” on and follow the lead.

    I haven’t watched Days since it’s writers took it to the ridiculous with Marlena’s possession…but it used to be one of my favorites in the mid 70’s when it was written by Bell.

    I’d hate to see it get cancelled.

    NBC really is a disaster with its programming both Daytime and at night, so I don’t have a lot of faith.

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    This is bad news, especially for DAYS that needs all the ratings it can get. It has been great throughout this whole year, yet the ratings don’t seem to reflect that. Hopefully this won’t put them permanently into last place.

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    [quote=bobbyew]The Mormons are over the homosexual shenanigans.[/quote]

    Do you have some sort of source for this? How ridiculous, if true. Will & Sonny are hardly the A-storyline, nor have they have any romantic scenes in a long time. Basically they give each other quick kisses from time to time and that’s it.

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    As long as its on I don’t see the big deal.
    How many people watch it live everyday at 2pm?

    The sick or retired?

    I would assume people are working or at school at 2pm and they catch it later anyway.

    Not a big deal in my eyes.

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    It took a million years, but I’ve finally gotten into DAYS and I think I like it.

    It comes on here the same time as Y&R, so I usually DVR it anyway. but sux for those who don’t have DVR…does DAYS come on online???

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    You can watch Days on line. Hulu has it, NBC has it on their website. But that’s not the point. Moving it to 1 in the morning? That’s absurd and is insulting to the show.

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    WOW! This isn’t good news for Days and in such good shape now, this is hurtful for fans. I remember reading when GL came on at 9am 2 yrs before it got cancelled in NY I think (so did EON in my market back then) and it was jarring but then I read it actually started to pull decent ratings…but 1AM isn’t good slot at all. I feel for true Days fans. :O

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Yoryla]Will & Sonny are hardly the A-storyline, nor have they have any romantic scenes in a long time. Basically they give each other quick kisses from time to time and that’s it.[/quote]

    Sadly, it doesn’t matter if they are or aren’t the A-storyline. For religious zealots, the H-storylines trump them all. Days wouldn’t be the first soap cancelled by the actions of the so-called “flyover states”.

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    They’ll make more money with an extra hour of Dr. Phil. Check out his ratings vs. Days. Dr Phil gets high 2s, low 3s, while Days gets under a 2. Plus, the local affiliate will get more advertising spots to sell with a syndicated program vs. a network one.

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    Our NBC affiliate in Philadelphia is moving DAYS to 12 noon starting on 9/9, but I can still catch it at 1 pm on the Atlantic City affiliate.

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    [quote=Yoryla][quote=bobbyew]The Mormons are over the homosexual shenanigans.[/quote]

    Do you have some sort of source for this? How ridiculous, if true. Will & Sonny are hardly the A-storyline, nor have they have any romantic scenes in a long time. Basically they give each other quick kisses from time to time and that’s it.[/quote]

    Yorla, I was just joking. lol I don’t know what they have going on in the north. I was just running my keyboard.

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    Probably not as devastating as back in the days when affiliates bumped Loving/The City and Port Charles to late night, but not completely good either.

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    TV Gord

    I loved Ryan’s Hope Like family, and I grew up watching The Edge of Night from when I was in elementary school. Both of those were dumped (not moved to late night…DUMPED!) by my affiliate in Rochester, New York, about six months before the end. It was a real blow to not be able to see those shows end. The most I saw was a quick clip of Maeve Ryan singing Danny Boy on Entertainment Tonight. :-(

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    I used to live in SLC and KSL used to do this to more then one show if it didn’t fit in with what they wanted to show. It is owned by the broadcasting company that is owned by the church. They also own a newspaper (deseret news) and some other outlets. I believe they pulled Hannibal this last year because of how gory it was. That said, you need to understand that SLC for the Mormon Church is similar to The Vatican for Catholics. The church founded the city, so many businesses at one time were started by LDS people. They use the station to broadcast church related programs. I suppose it is up to them what to show and when. It’s a conservative market, so there is a lot of pressure for “family programming.” Nothing wrong with family programming, but I also feel that people have the choice to turn the channel as well.

    I also want to add that I am a Mormon myself and enjoy a little daytime…and this site. My Mom had polio as a kid and a major part of her childhood was listening to Guiding Light on the radio! I remember one summer where me and my sister’s were following the beach escapades of Lujack and Beth. My family has been watching soaps for a long time. Currently I am a GH fan, in large part due to my Mormon roomate at college who turned me on to it. Now my 12 year old daughter joins me in on a few episodes, she liked the vampire stuff (bleck!). I know that the stand on gay marriage is a hot point and that brings about a lot of resistance and negativity. But don’t count us all out. I will miss days and disagree with them pulling it from their time zone. I also have fond memories of Jack and Jennifer romping around some old west set (I think they were getting married) and Bo and Hope and their endless motorcycle rides. I hope they change their minds in SLC so that the genre can have some support. I don’t want soaps to die out.

    Enjoy the podcast and look forward to new ones.

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