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Britt admits to Nikolas that Patrick is not the baby’s father.  He asks if she’s known all along.  Nik explains how Helena made him think Aiden was his son, and he knows exactly how Patrick feels.  He wonders why Britt would do something so terrible. 

Felix is shocked when Patrick punches Brad, but Patrick shouts Brad is the baby’s father. He concedes Felix was right all along.  Felix demands the truth from Brad, who admits it.  Felix wants nothing to do with Brad and his lies. 
Sam breaks off the kiss, because Silas is Danny’s doctor. Silas believes he isn’t just the baby’s doctor, and feels something for her. He also thinks she feels the same way.  Sam apologizes for misleading him, and needs him to be a doctor right now. 
Derek catches Alexis staring at him, and she questions whether they’ve met before because he seems familiar.  He denies any familiarity. Derek heads off to prepare for his part of the transplant.  When a nurse asks Alexis to have him fill out some paperwork, Alexis walks in on Derek in his underwear. She quickly becomes flustered. 
Morgan attempts to visit Sonny, but finds Olivia crying over Connie’s death. She's emotional about having to plan her funeral.  Morgan promises AJ won’t go free, because he found the weapon and the police have it.  Olivia always felt AJ was pathetic and not dangerous.   
Morgan complains about Kiki and Michael, and Olivia understands. She’s upset she and Connie were on bad terms when she died, and can't make things right. She tells Morgan family comes first, and Michael will always have his back.   
Michael goes to the boathouse angry with Morgan for turning in the gun.  Kiki explains how Morgan found it, and at first, Michael thinks Morgan could have dumped the gun to frame AJ. However, Kiki talks him out of that theory.  Kiki tells him how angry Morgan was at her for going to the station to see Michael. She just felt she had to be there for him. 
Michael tells her everyone said AJ would fall into a downward spiral. He knows AJ needs him, but Michael has no memories of AJ as a dad. Sonny has always been his father.  He’s worried Sonny is going through hell, while he’s taking care of AJ. He’s beginning to think AJ murdered Connie.

Britt explains to Nikolas she was always the quick fling girl, and men never saw her as the marrying type.  Then, she met Patrick and told her mother, who insisted Britt chase him.  Britt hoped for the happy ending, but she was the fling Patrick had to get over Robin. Then, he dumped her.  Britt’s mother told her the baby would make Patrick love her, but it didn’t. 
Nikolas tells Britt she had no right to mess with Patrick’s life.  Britt thanks him for being a friend to her, and will leave immediately. Nikolas tells her to stay the night, because it would be bad manners to put her out. 
Patrick returns home and tells Sabrina the baby isn’t his. He updates Sabrina on all the details of what just happened with Britt and Brad. He's more than upset they made him believe he would be a father to a boy.  Patrick wanted the father-son relationship he never had with his father. However, he’s also glad Britt is out of their lives for good. 
Patrick worries about what to tell Emma, who’s already been through so much.  Sabrina promises to help him with it, and prepares to leave. However, Patrick begs her to stay. 
Alexis tells Sam about seeing Derek in his underwear.  Sam tells her mother she kissed Silas, and worries she got carried away.  Alexis wonders if she has feelings for Silas, but Sam wants to focus on Danny. She stresses Silas is a friend only.   
Silas explains the procedure to Derek, and begins the process.  Sam thanks Silas and Derek for their help. 
Olivia checks on Sonny and tells Morgan she found a goodbye note.

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    Wow, William DeVry in his underwear = YOWZA!!! I feel like I’m cheating on my Rick Hearst love, but wow.

    Loved the Nik/Britt scenes. Well played by TC and KT.

    Loved Sam’s confusion over her feelings for Silas.

    LiLo is a pretty girl, but she does not make a pretty crier.

    Who believes Sonny would try to kill himself? Puhleeze. I would believe that he would order Max to do it for him, since he’s such a little wimp.

    Ah Michael, I enjoyed you in son of AJ role, but not so much right now.

    Why do I feel like Brad isn’t the baby daddy either. A month or so ago, when Britt was talking to her mother, she said something about being sad (upset?) that the baby daddy didn’t know he was the baby daddy and would miss out. That doesn’t jive with Brad donating his sperm in exchange for a promotion. Me thinks the writers either forgot that scene or Brad and Britt are lying liars, who’s pants are on fire.

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    Michael, You little shit. I was really beginning to like your relationship with AJ and you just had to open your stupid mouth. Ugh.

    Damn. Julian is smoking hot. Damn. This man is not Sam’s Daddy or Alexis ONS! Free Julian so that he can romance the woman of Port Charles!

    I hate with the passion of 1,000 suns that RC is determined to force Kiki and Michael as some kind of “Starr crossed lovers”! Ugh.!

    Olivia needs to shut her trap. When your baby Daddy shoots your kid in the chest, you don’t sit around crying about his wittle feelings. Ugh.

    Team Britta for the win. I don’t think RC has a clue who fathered Britta’s baby, but it sure would have been soapy for it to have been Patrick’s kid all along!

    Bhwhhahahhaha. Sabrina’s little changing table fell down.

    Sam and Silas look like twins. One short and the other one tall.

    Alexis needs to push the girls back into her blouse and stop leering at Julian’s body. Once she finds out that Julian is just as dangerous as Sean, she’ll kick him to the curb or give him her speech about his choices in life.

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    “Alexis needs to push the girls back into her blouse and stop leering at Julian’s body. Once she finds out that Julian is just as dangerous as Sean, she’ll kick him to the curb or give him her speech about his choices in life.”

    Amen to that

    The only parts of the Danny story I like is Julian and the fact that it doesn’t air often. Seriously, who cares? They have turned the baby into a prop and there isn’t any tension at all over whether he will live. McPain is as attracted to himself as he was on Port Charles. They change the name of the character but he is still the same actor who loves the sound of his own voice and is really enamored with that single facial expression.

    Someone should save Julian from Davis family hell.

    I like Olivia and I like that she isn’t a pretty crier. Who is? If Sonny was serious about a possible suicide after a new grandchild was just born and Luke told him about his illness, he is such a douche. Suicide is selfish and Sonny is selfish but he sheds women as often as nuMorgan sheds shirts. He isn’t going to kill himself over Connie especially with Olivia waiting in the wings.

    Brad was too surprised by Patrick’s announcement to really be the father. He is still covering for Brit. She is still lying. Patrick needs to order a new DNA test. I liked Nik remembering Aiden and his possible paternity. I hope he doesn’t also get hurt by Brit.

    I laughed at the changing table collapsing and the extra parts. Been there!!!

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    Brad was shocked that Britt said he was the father my theory remains the same Britt’s child is Dante and Lulu’s so that after all of the custody drama hits the fan and Maxie and Spinelli get their kid back, “Plot Twist” Lulu and Dante had a baby all along… “Britts” who will tearfully give him to them. I hope this story isn’t as easy as this and that Britt is having somebody other than Lulu and Dante’s baby and just have Lulu have a miracle kid like Sam. A great twist would be that Nicholas donated sperm way back when and Britt happened to use that for artificial insemination.

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    Someone should save Julian from Davis family hell.

    This! Julian is too smoking hot not to be sexing it up with all of the women of Port Charles instead of Sam’s Daddy and Alexis ONS. William deVry and ME are the same age, so why is one actor playing Sam’s Daddy and the other actor her love interest?

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    Lucy D.

    Think it’s obvious Brad is not the baby daddy. And he will likely confess to Felix. Thought it was interesting that Britt said her mother “PUSHED” her towards Patrick. Which says to me it’s not a Dante/Lulu baby, but something more relevant to the situation. Could it be a Jerry spawn and they need something from the baby to help cure Jerry??

    Nicholas is such a gentleman. Loved the I’m OCD about manners comment. But Britt is not worthy of him.

    Hope Kiki remembers that her mom was visiting before that gun was found. And I think (really wishful thinking) that the reason Michael suddenly waxed poetic over Sonny is he’s about to find out that Sonny lied for and supported Morgan. And Kiki–get a divorce–or an annulment NOW!!!

    I am a non-violent person. Partly that’s why I detest Sonny so much. But I wanted to physically harm Olivia today. Her sanctimonious judgement of AJ while being in love with a mobster who has people killed for fun and shot HER SON IN THE CHEST without hesitation. You deserve to be miserable for the rest of your days Olivia.

    My dream match would be Julian (so damn hot!) falling in love with Elizabeth who would end up as Sam’s stepmother. I know it won’t happen, but it could be fun.

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    “My dream match would be Julian (so damn hot!) falling in love with Elizabeth who would end up as Sam’s stepmother. I know it won’t happen, but it could be fun.”

    I would so love this!!!

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    Nikolas is no Jason Morgan. He does not take in stray pregnant women!

    Some questions

    1)Where was Britt living before she moved in with Bert and Ernie? Why can’t she go back to her home? She is a doctor, a specialist at that. She makes good money, she can’t rent a room at Metro Court?

    2)Like it was mention, Olivia’s face crying over Sonny’s loss of Connie but didn’t cry that he shot Dante? And she honestly thinks Sonny would kill himself over Connie when just like 3 weeks ago he was kissing on Olivia’s face wanting to be with her? And are we really to believe Sonny was up there napping?

    3)Why are we forced to watch KiKi and Michael? Why is Michael so quick to believe AJ can kill someone but he always doubts that his father killed someone even though he knows Sonny is violent? Also seeing as how Michael tried to kill Kate/Connie once by accident, shouldn’t he give AJ the benefit of the doubt?

    4)Who else loved Sam/Silas kiss then their little flirting then kissing again?

    5)Anyone else disappointed that Derek/Julian is so eager to help Sam and get to know them but yet ignores the son he knows he has? And why was that budge so small in his underwear?

    6)Why does the Davis women breast heave so much?

    7)Is Sabrina the thirstiest trick in PC? She’s putting together Britt’s baby carriage? And why is she wearing Punky Brewster’s shirt?

    8)Nik knows about having a child taken away from his TWICE. So why is he letting Britt stay with him?

    9)Does anyone really believe Brad is the father? Seriously how could Britt ever trick Patrick into thinking the baby was his when the baby would come out with ethnic features? Also does anyone care about Felix/Brad?

    10)Anyone else miss Matt when Patrick mentioned his name today?

    11)Nik staring at the picture of Aiden and Liz, do I smell paternity change?

    Oh and please send out vibes to the soap gods so Julian can fall in love with Liz and be Sam’s step mother!! Great idea!

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    Julian falling love with Liz ……………….NO WAY,She looks like a little girl.They going to hook Julian with Alexis.But they should pair Julian with a older character like Laura Webber and Luke will be concern wend he find out she is dating him because of Julian background. No Brad is not the father of Britt baby she is a liar……liar liar pants on fire she should loose her medical license and get a job at Macdonals .and Alexis is acting stupid around Julian like a high school girl.Kiki, the actress need to go to acting class she is a bad actress.Britt belly look so fake they could have make it more real.

  10. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    [quote=justsomeguy]Liked Michael’s scenes today, guess I’m in the minority.[/quote]

    I thought those scenes were good too, in spite of the awful Kiki being there. It makes sense for Michael to be conflicted, but AJ’s fans think everyone should kiss his ass all the time. And he DID assault Connie!

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    I would totally get behind seeing a Julian and Laura pairing, however Genie Francis would have to lose some extra weight she regained. If Genie had remained slim as she was on Y&R it would of been a nice change from Scott and Luke.

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    Nikolas should have thrown Britch and her bags off the island. She gotta apartment or she can at least get one with her oversized doctors salary. I was mad at him for being to nice.

  13. Profile photo of bobbyew

    Logan Echolls Wrote: 1)Where was Britt living before she moved in with Bert and Ernie? Why can’t she go back to her home? She is a doctor, a specialist at that. She makes good money, she can’t rent a room at Metro Court?

    Excatly, what I am saying!

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    WdV is smoking hot. Whew, how I love a man in tight black drawers! It’s too bad we couldn’t have had a screenshot of that at the top of this page instead of boring Michael and Kiki! Instead of Morgan running around in shorts all the time, let’s just let Derek do it instead.

    I don’t really see romantic chemistry with NLG and MdV (yet?), however I think I would have really seen some with him and KeMo if he’d been brought on to play someone other than her father. I still think VI would’ve been a perfect fit to play Alexis’s love interest.

    Loved the Sam/Alexis mother daughter time.

    Couldn’t care less about Olivia’s pain. Sonny would never kill himself. He’d have to bring Jason back from the dead to pull the trigger.

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    Does anyone know the song playing at the end of the episode yest 8/4/13??

    Love the Sam & sylis thing too! He’s actually gotten very funny!
    Love the Sam & Julian relationship as well.

    I don’t think AJ did it. I think it was Ava bc she found out Connie knew too much AND about the Kiki article. She has just as much motive. Notice they skipped the actual shooting. Going to miss her very much. Yesterday’s episode was amazing.

    Love Felix!

    Can not staaaaannnnd the new Lulu!!!!! Please get rid of her!

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    Just a couple of points or comments.

    1. I can see Dr. O. finding a lot of irony in Jerry Jax being the father of Britt’s baby. Maybe Dr. O. plans to kidnap the baby and use it to cure Jerry but doing so will kill the baby. With her attitude toward Anna and Anna’s family, including Patrick (Anna’s son-in-law),she would be laughing up her sleeve at Patrick raising Jerry’s child while Jerry is the one holding Robin captive.

    2. Britt is going to need a lot of redeeming in order to stay in PC. Maybe she will eventually be paired with Derek/Julian since there aren’t very many other options for him if he doesn’t renew his association with Alexis. Maybe Olivia since she is only going to be a temporary band-aid in the Sonny universe.

    3. I’d like to see Liz go to medical school and become a doctor after she marries AJ. I like the pairing. I want AJ to finially get his act together and come out on top for a change.

    4. So Ethan is rumored to be coming back and staying in town. Who is he going to romance this time? Will he inherit Liz?

    5. So tired of the Michael – Kiki story. These two are as exciting as watching Lulu and Dante, that is to say, they are as exciting as watching paint dry.

    6. If Sam says, “My son,” one more time I am going to jump into my tv screen and pull her hair out. Damn, the kid has a name, USE IT!

    7. Let’s get the Franco truth out there and straightened up. He isn’t Jason’s twin; he is Steven Lars’ twin. This will de-Q him and his shares will be up for grabs. Of course, this is not the way things are going for the character who never should have been created in the first place. Not even the removal of the tumor makes Franco less despicable and repulsive.

    8. Why are Ava and Kiki and now Morgan still living with the Quartermaine’s?

    9. The show is bogged down with too many stories and threads. I am to the point where I just don’t care what happens to anyone any more.

    10. The use of rapid, miniscule scenes to tell viewers what they already know is not working for me. I feel like I am being subjected to a high school writing exercise: tell them what you are going to tell them; tell them; tell them what you told them. This style of show running doesn’t bring in viewers; it turns daily viewers into sometime viewers since they know they can expect constant reviewing of what absolutely everyone things about everything. You can’t get invested in characters who constantly live in the past. Only ACTION and forward movement is going to keep viewers tuning in daily.

  17. Profile photo of engradypind

    Who is VI? Have we seen this actor before? As who?

    I would rallyy like to see the actor who played Joe Jr. back on the show. If they can invent a role for the Livers 3 then they can do it for him too.

  18. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    [quote=engradypind]Who is VI? Have we seen this actor before? As who?

    I would rallyy like to see the actor who played Joe Jr. back on the show. If they can invent a role for the Livers 3 then they can do it for him too.[/quote]

    VI is Vincent Irizarry who plays David Haywood on AMC. Some of us were championing his name as a candidate for Sam’s father when AMC was originally cancelled. He would have been an excellent choice. But that’s me…. 0:)

    Edited to add-He also played Lujack on GL (Fabulous with Judi Evans’ Beth Raines) and David Chow on Y&R….

  19. Profile photo of FloridaDreamin

    VI plays David on All my Children :)

    Also does Julian/Derek know about Lucas?? I was under the impression that he was already “dead” when Lucas was born. Either way they need to bring Lucas back ASAP!

  20. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    I enjoyed most of yesterday’s scenes.

    LOVED Britt and Nikolas together. :love:

    Sam being conflicted over Silas is good, so was Alexis seeing Julian half-naked.

    I also like that Michael showed how conflicted he is. It was great to get his point and that he has doubts about trusting AJ, knowing how reckless he can be.

    Olivia is another story. Two weeks ago she compared her feelings to Sonny for those Michael has for Kiki and now she gets involved again, telling Morgan almost the exact same thing!? :tired:

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    [quote] 6. If Sam says, “My son,” one more time I am going to jump into my tv screen and pull her hair out. Damn, the kid has a name, USE IT![/quote]

    Oh heaven curse people like Sam who likes to call their children “my son” or “my daughter”. Gawd forbid if Sam enjoys calling Danny “my son” as a sign of affection towards her precious child. So ridiculous!! LOL

  22. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Haha! I knew people were going to warm up to deVry once he started airing. I just thought it would be because of his acting skills, not because of his unslacky blackies (a variation on tighty whities). :-D

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    [quote=heatherwebber10010]Brad is not the father. Is they guy that plays Nicolas gay in real life?[/quote]

    No. He used to be married to Eva Longoria 10 years ago or so. Don’t they have a child together too?

    Julian doesn’t know about Lucas.

    Brad is not the father.

    Loved Nik & Britt.

    I hope the baby is Lulu & Dante’s, although I feel zero sympathy for them and don’t think they really even deserve a child at this point. I hope there will be a long drag out custody battle.

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