Felix’s Sister Taylor Recast on General Hospital

Samantha Logan is out, and Pepi Sonuga is in as Taylor DuBois, the younger sister of Sabrina's (Teresa Castillo) sidekick Felix (Marc Samuel), according to Soap Opera Digest. Reportedly, Sonuga will debut later this month.

Photo Credit: Pepi Sonuga

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    Yes, she is beautiful. Samantha Logan won me over, after I had determined I wasn’t going to like Taylor. I hope Ms. Sonuga adds to the momentum of the character. I look forward to seeing what she brings.

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    She’s beautiful, but I did like Logan a lot. However, why the recast? This character really wasn’t going anywhere…the only thing remotely interesting about the character was what info she held over Felix’s head…something we still don’t know. Maybe they are going to dive into that a little more.

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    What a gorgeous young lady. I, too, really liked Samantha Logan as Taylor, but wished FV/RC had brought Taylor and Felix on as Ward’s or even Dr. Tom Hardy and Dr. Simone Hardy’s children.

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    Ms 45

    Click the SOD link and you’ll see that Ms. Logan is shooting a film — hence the need to recast. Too bad, SL was good. Hope the new gal can match her energy.

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    The actress is gorgeous but based on how RC has written storyline for young Black actresses, I don’t hold out much hope for great things where this character is concerned.
    One need only look at how Destiny was written as an example.
    I’m curious about Samantha Logan’s exit and how it came about, now that people are mentioning it.

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    [quote=stephanieleo]She is pretty and she is African born in Lagos Africa and she 20yrs old I guess Samantha was to young for the role.So wend Pepi debut in the role let see if she could act.[/quote]

    It wasn’t about Samantha’s age, she got another job. But you could be onto something, they can do a lot more with an older actress. However, I think Samantha Logan fit the role better, and that’s probably why she was cast originally. But when she left, they may have taken the chance to get an older actress to be able to put her into different scenarios.

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    Is there really a need to recast a character that has only been seen on the show for about 10 episodes and hasn’t been seen since July? Especially seeing the cast is too large as it is.

    The secret she has about Felix could have easily been shared with Britt off camera. It seems a lot of story takes place on GH off camera this could have too.

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    Samantha Logan was a talented actress who came from prime time to daytime. They have not utilized her for several weeks now. It makes total sense that she would leave the show.

  9. Profile photo of katehhoward

    Samantha Logan was a talented actress who came from prime time to daytime. They have not utilized her for several weeks now. It makes total sense that she would leave the show.

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    I liked the former actress. I thought she was gorgeous and feisty. But the writers weren’t doing anything with her anyway. So I get why she would grab another opportunity.

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    jeremy in chicago

    This actress was appealing enough but the character is literally soulless and completely unnecessary. The only reason they’re having her on is the TJ/Molly/other kid storyline. And to give Felix (who is merely a talk-to) a talk to. On top of this, she’s another newbie on a show very full of newbies and with at least one other coming (Sabrina’s ex – another very unnecessary character related to another unnecessary character). You guys, I’ll say what I’ve known since watching RC write OLTL for its last few often painful years: RC writes with bad taste, particularly with bad taste in original characters.

    And man, he brings on the show’s first gay character since Lucas Jones, and it’s just a vapid stereotype with a stick up his ass, a talk-to? Felix was funny for like a day, and now he’s the most judgmental and anal character next to Jennifer Horton on Days. When he goes off on Britt, I actually finding myself yelling at him to shut up. And when he’s finally given a “love interest,” it’s someone already established as a conniving, smarmy, unattractive, slimeball (Brad) who is into blackmailing male rape victims into sex. It’s a very internally homophobic storyline, one where the feminine talk-to (Felix) is considering dating someone he is not even remotely attracted to (Brad), out of PITY and GUILT? This is what gay writers are doing for gay characters? Giving them a relationship grown out of whining arguments about why they should try to date? Whereas straight characters just start kissing or having sex because they are hot for each other? Brad and Felix are disgusting together, because they are being put together merely out of some idea about what gay people should be like on a soap. At least on Days the boys are really into each other (even if they are married and raising a baby whereas in real life they would be doing ecstasy and cheating on each other and a bunch of other things). I find Carlivati’s characters especially Felix and Brad insulting, both for what their “relationship” is, and for how unbelievably dull they are.

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