Former All My Children Star Bobby Steggert Comes Out

  Former All My Children star Bobby Steggert nonchalantly confirmed he's gay in an interview with OUT discussing his latest Broadway project. Here's an excerpt:

"I think it's a gay actor's responsibility to give full-blooded life to gay characters"—the 32-year-old actor spent years starring in coming-of-age stories. He played a conflicted gay soldier in the Off-Broadway World War II musical Yank! and earned a Tony nom for his performance in the 2009 revival of McNally’s Ragtime. His work in the latter actually inspired the four-time Tony-winning scribe to write a role for him in Mothers. “Now I’m playing men dealing with adult issues,” Steggert says.

Steggert, who portrayed Edmund (John Callahan) and Maria's (Eva La Rue) adopted son Sam Grey on All My Children, is set to star in the musical Big Fish, which opens October 6. The production is currently in previews. Steggert received a Tony nomination in 2010 for his role in the revival of Ragtime.


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Shocker! Next thing you know Richard Simmons will be coming out.

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LoL @Nysam..... I was gonna say, I didn't know he wasn't "OUT"!!!! But good for him anyway....

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Sam Grey? LOL Wasn't he 13 years old on the show?
I had no idea who he was until i read the bottom of the article.

Anything to get some attention I guess.

Now all the acting offers will come his way? lol

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Took me a minute to remember him. He didn't leave much of an impression for me. And I felt he was somewhat of a waste. Especially since Maria left.