WHO?: The Young and the Restless Places Casting Call For Andrew Abbott

The Abbott clan is growing again, just not with anyone The Young and the Restless viewers are familiar with. Soap Opera Uncensored’s Nelson Branco is reporting Y&R has put out a casting call for a never-before-mentioned Abbott cousin named Andrew. According to Branco, the role will be placed on contract and Andrew is said to be:

handsome, driven, educated, and sexy.

I guess Jack’s (Peter Bergman) oldest child Keemo will forever be ignored, huh?

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    Maybe Ivan (John’s brother) had children. Who knows…

    Keemo would be the logical choice instead of someone never mentioned. But if he’s Ivan’s son, I could possibly see…

    I agree Peter Bergman needs to just deal with it. It happened and its hurting the show to ignore that entire story, not to mention its hurting his own character. He still seems like a deadbeat.

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    And so it begins…..think of the influx of CASH Jeanne Cooper’s death created for Jill Faren Phelps. She can hire TEN pretty boys who can’t act for SHIT and will work for nothing.

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]And so it begins…..think of the influx of CASH Jeanne Cooper’s death created for Jill Faren Phelps. She can hire TEN pretty boys who can’t act for SHIT and will work for nothing.[/quote]

    So true, he’s probably Keemos son. Jack having a grandson would be great.

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    Restless Fan

    JFP is one special bitch! Nothing learned from her past mistakes. All that’s happened since she’s arrived is an influx of new characters, many of whom are tied to no one special :cough: Dylan, Gus, Melanie, Hilary, etc. Vets histories are being rewritten. Also there has been an incredible amount of scenes between said vet characters reminiscing about past events that never happened. Then there is the production model which did away with classic Y&R and turned into an ABC soap. When will this cow be put out to pasture? Enough!!

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    Never heard that before about Peter Bergman….can someone please give me the Reader’s Digest version of why he hated the Keemo/Luan story?…..thanks.

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    This casting call should be fore Keemo. Unless it is a recast of Billy, the casting call is ridiculous. The character Jack seems to have run his course mostly because it is time to graduate him to meddling patriarch. Victor is only still relevant because he has many children and grandchildren. Without them, he also would be a tired character. By PB leading the mob of protesters against recasting Keemo, he is sealing his own fate…that character will not last much longer, I suspect. Where there is Andrew, there is Ivan, hopefully played by Jerry Douglas.

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    hey mon

    Andrew Abbott has to be the son of Ivan Abbott. Jack is going to get some more youngsters to boss around, which will be good. It will keep Jack in the camera eye.

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    hey mon

    The Story of Keemo Volien…

    Twas during the troubled times of the mid-90s for the Abbott family.

    The Blade and Rick Bladeson had just devastated the canvas of The Show, and Brenda Epperson as Ashley wanted out. Mary Jo Mason was playing itself out, as well, and Jack was direction-less.

    Enter Bill Bell’s failed ret-con — that Jack had impregnated a Vietnamese girl named Mai Lynn/Luan during his 2 years in US Army in Saigon, in the early 70s. And Keemo was his and Luan’s offspring. Keemo, Luan, and his sister, to boot(!), join the canvas of The Show. Twas awkward to say the least.

    This man/playboy/spoiled brat/manwhore John Abbott Jr suddenly found himself with a son, a step-daughter, and his baby’s momma. Too much too soon for the viewers, and Peter Bergman felt that the s/l had been rushed, and he felt, rightly so, that it was awkward for the ‘Jack’ character.

    Keemo wasnt testing well in the romance department with any of the female ladies of The Show. Bill Bell had placed in him, awkwardly again, in the arms of Mary Jo Mason, the show psycho. So as Bergman bitched, Bell gave in, Luan was given a terminal illness, and killed off. Soon after, the whole Volien Clan thing was abandoned, per Bill Bell, one day in 1996.

    The way we venerate Bill Bell is not accurate. It was literally, Keemo and his family were here one day, and gone the next.

    A completely failed ret-con.

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    hey mon

    I like that bobbyew, could be Keemo’s son. But then, it would bring up the whole “Volien” thing again. And the question would come up, ‘Where’s Keemo?’

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    If he’s a never heard of abbot then he could be an adopted racial minority. He could be portrayed by an African american actor. An asian american actor would be good too bec day soaps need more racial diversity and the only way for racial minority actors to be weaved to the fabric of a show is to have them be adopted chars who are part of core families that are white bec most of these sudsers are still very hesitant to have more white chars from core families be paired w/ racial minorities.

    This unheard of abbott should not be cast w/ a white actor especially when description of handsome and educated and whatever else are casting calls for pretty much every leading man that’s white. Enough already. If y&r was committed to more racial diversity then this unheard of and never before mentioned abbott must be portaryed by a racial minority actor. If they do cast an actor of color then he’ll probably be part white w/ lighter skin and more anglo features to make him more palatable for “progressive” and “tolerant” hollywood.

    y&r should have keemo abbott return bec they really need Asian american chars on all day soap operas.

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    Well….call me the minority opinion, but I didn’t think Keemo was a failed retcon. I loved the story of Jack and Luan, but I hated how Keemo and Jack was just dropped. Because of that and Kyle, Jack became the man that raised other people’s kids. Bell may not have wanted that story to continue, but once it airs, it is part of history. I mean, Lily’s father is still Malcolm….

    Anyway, I LOVED the actor that played Keemo. I also loved JiMin. Ahhhh….

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    The casting call for this so called Andrew Abbott did not say he had to be young …

    But if he is young then I guess he could be the lost and forgotten/never known son of almost any true adult Abbott living or dead.

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    I’m kind of thinking Jerry Douglas could be playing “Ivan Abbott”…especially now with those pictures Eileen Davidson is posting on twitter. Ashley, Traci, Jack, and “JOhn” all together.

    Maybe JD will be playing Ivan, and this new guy will be Andrew. If they did it that way, it would be awkward, but I may be able to get used to it. Though that could kind of be a “Jump the shark” moment…IDK. I’m just so confused.


    I don’t know what the hell I want.

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    Can anyone elaborate what was written on this board abt peter bergman being against bringing keemo abbot back to y&r?

    Did bergman really say that? What exactly did he say?

    If this is correct then it’s shocking that any white actor would be vocal abt not bringing back an Asian american char to y&r.

    It’s especially horrid when y&r and other sudsers are really backwards when it comes to racial minority representation. And that’s especially true for Asian american representation. There’s never been any day sudser w/ an Asian american romantic leading male and female on the level of any of the remaining day sudser’s romantic leading males and females.

    Heck there’s never even been a core family that’s Asian american. days and gh and b&b and y&r are ancient tv shows and they have never had Asian american core families. Horrid.

    Yawnfest b&b’s recasting lesbian char karen specner who came out when she was much older. What if don diamont was vocal abt not bringing a recast of b&b’s lesbian spencer char? There definitely would be a backlash from entertainment press.

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    hey mon

    bottomchef — I dont remember anything RECENTLY about Peter B even speaking about Keemo Volien, his son. But I remember at the time, that Peter B had told Soap Opera Digest that he felt that the Abbotts ‘had lost their way’ a bit.

    So, Bill Bell did another rushed re-cast, and hired Shari Shattuck, Ron Moss’s then-wife, as Ashley Abbott. Shattuck played Ashley as a total bitch, devoid of any of the positives that Eileen D & Brenda E had given her. She had a failed romance with Cole Howard(boring), and was gone after 18 months.

    It wasnt until Eileen D Came back as Ashley, bringing Billy home from Board School in the form of teenage Dave Tom, and bringing back Phyllis as Jack’s girlfriend and then wife, that the Abbotts were finally front and center were they belonged.

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    hey mon

    I hope that Jerry Douglas does return as Ivan Abbott, who was John Sr’s twin brother, if I remember correctly.

    Bringing back Jerry D, with a new character of Andrew, would be FANTASTIC. JillPhil would go to #2 in my book, after Maria. Then have Eileen D return as Ashley. Then get rid of Tyler.

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    [quote=ldylkng]I just hope they are not recasting Billy! But it sounds like they are describing him.[/quote]

    Naw, it says the character is *driven*. That’s not Billy. Not anymore, anyway. Now he’s just Victoria’s lapdog and serves food and drinks at *On the Boulevard.*

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    [quote=Coffee_Junkie]And so it begins…..think of the influx of CASH Jeanne Cooper’s death created for Jill Faren Phelps. She can hire TEN pretty boys who can’t act for SHIT and will work for nothing, AND U MEAN, JUST LIKE DYLAN IN THE ACT DEPARTMENT.

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    I remember Peter Bergman in a video interview. I’m not sure which interview it was…or where I saw it. It may have been one of those recent Y&R interviews for the 40th, or it could’ve been something else. But it wasn’t that long ago when I saw it.

    He said he didn’t want to revisit that story because it was kind of “out there” and bringing it up would be kind of pointless. He said he think Jack would like to go on with life as if that never happened, same way he does.

    Meh..now I’ve got to find it. I know I’m not crazy lol. In fact, I didn’t even REMEMBER the freakin’ story because I was like 7 years old at the time. lol. After seeing that interview, I went back and read the synopsis of the story.

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    I’d rather Dina Mergeron return. Y&R needs a salty grande dame who can mix it up with Jill while wielding (probably unwanted) influence in the Abbott household.

    If they’re going to add an Abbott, why not add someone that adds to the historical fabric of the show?

    I know this doesn’t fit in with JFP/Y&R’s obvious drive for youth but with no Katherine Chancellor, no Mary Williams, no Mamie Johnson and no Liz Foster, we are missing an entire generation of Matriarchs.
    And that means we’re missing all those richly complex mother/son and mother/daughter relationships.

    Nikki is not a meddler in her children’s lives and the writers only just started remembering that Billy is Jill’s son (and not Cane).

    Maybe adding Dina might help revive that aspect of relationships all around.

    Too late now, I guess. Le sigh.

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    This is an EPICALLY stupid thing to do, yet again.

    I’m sorry, if you want to beef up the Abbotts, bring back Traci full-time, bring back Dina Mergeron, get Brenda Epperson to play Ashley again, bring back Keemo, recast Kyle, make Summer a real Abbott, have Traci adopt a child and get Steve back for her or have her in a new romance, and get Jack a *wife*, a real one who wants him and not the moneybags or anyone else. And get Billy, Vikki, Delia and Johnny into the Abbott fold.

    There’s your Abbotts!

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    [quote=truthtakestime2000]most of the time when these things come out, they use a fake character name right? it could be anyone – new or old character. could be Chance[/quote]

    If it were Chance they would have cast him right before the funeral. I think Dylan took Chances place. I still think he may end up to be Brock’s kid. I can’t see JFP letting her favorite guy be the son of a rapist. I just can’t.

    It SHOULD be Chance though. We knew Chance when he was in Nina’s tummy locked in Katherine’s attic. We knew him as an infant, and as the little boy “little Phillip”. We knew him as a war hero & pretty nice guy until Heather came to town. I’d much rather see legacy characters cast than all these last minute relatives we never heard of. I could care lees if cousins came to town.

    Chance is ambitious, and I think his military experience prepares him to run any corporation in town. Those in the military can do more than be policemen. It’s no wonder service men & women have a hard time getting a job , Hollywood and many others think they can’t do anything important. (Look at the Kennedy’s people!) Heck, Chance could even be Dylan & Stitches war buddy, so he would fit right in.

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    I have never heard that the *audience* didn’t like the Keemo/Luan story, in fact I don’t believe it for one bit. The vast majority of the audience LOVED that storyline, and still answer “Luan” to be Jack’s true love in many polls on boards. I loved Luan at that time a lot, and even though I still felt Jack & Nikki, I was fine with Jack & Luan. It was Keemo that was a bit of a fail. They really did not know what to do with him, so they did nothing. The only one I know is against it is Peter Bergman. And it’s true, it’s unnecessary, silly and weird. Why on earth would he be so against it if the fans loved it? It’s not really good PR from him, is it. Although I do agree with the part that Jack as young millionaire playboy might not ever have enlisted to go to Vietnam.

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    Could “Andrew Abbott” really mean recasting call for Billy Abbott??…IJS You never know what going on with this show. Killer Miller could be ready to throw up the deuces-

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    I for one loved the Luan story and Keemo (he was easy to look at) but what the hell do I know.

    Dylan is all that matter’s now, and why wouldn’t JFP make her boy the child of a rape, she has a thing about that just look at her history.

    About this Andrew Abbott bit, why couldn’t it be for Billy Miller, isn’t his contract up about now? He looks bored off his ass carrying the wooly mammoth’s purse around.

    Speaking of looking bored off his azz, me don’t think Mr Muhney likes playing second to wonder boy because he just leaves Mr single expression in the dust.

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    [quote=Angie Lucy]Add me to the list of Jack/Luan fans. I do remember that Keemo and Cricket had absolutely no chemistry, but I still liked the character (if not the name).[/quote]

    That’s what I’m saying.

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    I just discovered that the TV Guide Network is showing the Canadian episodes ( ones that are a day ahead ).

    I missed today’s reading of the will and wanted to catch it on TVGN and the first scene is Jill’s reaction to the music box / Paul and Nikki at Nicki’s front door.

    A lot of good it does me…. we are having major storms in the Detroit area ( mixed in with a power outage ) so I will have to hope I can see today’s episode on line!

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    Why on earth would they recast Billy and then call him Andrew??? I sure am glad that some of you guys are not writers for Y&R (are you?) or else we’d never know which way was up or down ever.

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    We don’t need anymore new characters right now, because they aren’t utilizing the cast they have and new character will push someone else off…

    I could like the idea of another Abbott and being from John’s brother but this canvas is stuffed with no direction.

    I hope these new writers aren’t going to do another round of “their” new characters, this is not needed at this time! |(

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    [quote=tedew]Why on earth would they recast Billy and then call him Andrew??? I sure am glad that some of you guys are not writers for Y&R (are you?) or else we’d never know which way was up or down ever.[/quote]

    Tedew…Cha-ching! :bigsmile:

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    This isn’t a recast.

    Phelps is thinking she’s beefing up the Abbotts. But this isn’t what the audience wants UNLESS Jerry D is part of the package.

    Bring back Traci…Ashley….and cut your losses and recast Kyle. Then you have your Abbott clan.

    I was never a huge fan of Jack’s sudden family either, but Keemo should absolutely be mentioned.

    So I guess this will be one of the first of many new characters for these new writers to give airtime to.

    Think of what happened about a year ago. Here we go again.

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    When they were looking to recast Lily they did not use the name Lily. They don’t do that. So yes this could very well be a recast, if not for Billy, then another major player. Not saying it is. But that is the way they do it.
    Go to SOD or Michael Fairman, or just ask Jamey or Luke.

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    My recollection of Keemo/Luan the Asian branch of the Abbott family as a viewer:
    It was a great story for Jack as a character as far as getting into his history as a soldier and adding depth of backstory. But as far as Jack in the present and moving forward…it kinda made him into Jason Quartermaine, not in a good way, complete with festive sweaters.

    It felt like Jack was de-fanged by his domestic bliss. Lovely wedding though.
    Luan was a very nice woman who had suffered much in life. With the exception of the aforementioned moments when the actress was given the opportunity to show the steel underneath Luan’s exterior and chastise someone, she was bland. Why did the wife of a business titan like jack run a vietnamese restaurant? It felt oddly stereotypical.

    As Keemo, Phillip Moon was pretty damn sexy, but not in the typical Y&R/CBS (dubbed by some as the Caucasian Broadcasting Network) way. He never quite broke thru the racial barriers as Shemar Moore’s Malcolm did. Though they did try. As I recall Moon’s Keemo was one of the hunks who participated in Y&R’s efforts to push the envelope with male nudity (side butt mostly) before networks pulled back on sexy content after Janet Jackson’s SuperBowl performance (on CBS iirc).

    In the end, wasn’t he written off and all of his participation in storyline replaced by a letter he’d written?

    The Asian Abbotts of Y&R were like the Wards on GH. Too boring to propel story.

    Dreaming of a super-sexy amerasian additon to the Abbots. :-) Wishful Casting…

  34. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I don’t know why Peter B. disliked it but I remember Luan and loved the love story between Jack and Luan. Luan had her restaurant – the Saigon Shack.
    I also thought it brought very much needed diversity.
    Keemo was a sweetie.

    I’ll never forget when Luan went off on Mari Jo.
    Jo’s balls were handed to her. Luan wasn’t having it. :beer:
    Elizabeth Sung was a great performer in her role as Luan.

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    Other day sudsers and y&R have had such ridiculous and stupid and convoluted arcs abt evil twins and rising from the dead and demonic characters and etc.

    But peter bergman thinks it’s “out there” and silly for jack abbott to have Asian american keemo abbott as his son?

    This is exactly what turns people off from day sudsers. The fact that they’re really backwards and openly vocal abt it too.

    Much appreciation to everyone that replied abt keemo and abt peter bergman’s disappointing comments.

    There definitely would be a backlash from sudser press and entertainment media if peter bregman had mentioned he was against a gay abbott returning. If peter bregman called a storyline w/ a gay abbott as “out there” and silly and weird and not something he’d wanna revisit then everyone would be screaming homophobia.

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    [quote=Grimm]The Asian Abbotts of Y&R were like the Wards on GH. Too boring to propel story.[/quote]

    IMO, the mistake that many soaps seems to make, is that they introduce an entirely new family of AA, AsianA, Latino, or ethnic group. This keeps them segregated on their own island, and their storylines really never become that interesting to viewers if they don’t interact with the main players.

    The rule is always the same: know who your major players are, the ones people want to watch and slowly bring in a new person to interact with (one of) them. Don’t concoct an entire new family and then have maybe one veteran character interacting with *them*. It doesn’t work that way. Then later on, you can ease more family members onto the scene *slowly* and with purpose.

  37. Profile photo of pferrando

    It didn’t have anything to do with the characters being Asian. Bell probably had the most diverse show at the time.

    It was just a story that came out of nowhere…even unusual for Bell in the day, IMO.

    And I agree with Yorla…just too much too soon.

    The actors were actually all great, but it didn’t seem to fit with Jack’s past or current story at the time.

  38. Profile photo of pferrando

    I think Tracey did the same thing a lot of us did. Didn’t know they were starting the show “ahead” of the will reading and then going back.

    I was confused at first too thinking I’d missed a day.

    It didn’t really add anything to the show, but the overall episode was good.

  39. Profile photo of TraceyAbbot101

    i goofed……. TVGN does only show the current day’s US telecast.

    I didn’t/couldn’t watch that day’s CBS episode and when I turned on TVGN, I thought I was watching the next day….. storms blew out the cable.

    I live very near Detroit, MI.

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    It has been so many years since the Jack/Keemo story, that I had almost forgotten it. I did some checking though and Jack in reality, is barely 8 years older than Keemo. Really surprised me. Keemo is almost 52 and Jack just turned 60. Always seems strange to me to cast someone that close in age and make a son or daughter.

  41. Profile photo of bottomchef

    Horrid statement from peter bregman!

    Didn’t jack sleep w/ jill who was his then step mother? Never mind disgusting storyline of sleeping w/ a relative. Never mind sleeping w/ psychos like phyliss and sharon and drunk like nikki. Never mind all these rehashed storylines abt corporate wars between jabot and newman. But it’s a “strange detour” if it’s abt an Asian american char being his son. Yet sudsers like y&r are known for being ridiculous and completely unbelievable and very strange. Numerous back from the dead arcs? Plastic surgery that changes a person’s height and voice when actor’s recast? Really strange.

    It’s unrealistic and outta char for rich lothario like jack to have gone to vietnam? Back from the dead arcs and plastic surgeries and sleeping w/ relatives are a lot stranger than jack being a vietnam vet and having a Vietnamese american son! Diane jenkins getting younger w/ recast maura west is a lot stranger than jack being a vietnam vet and having a Vietnamese american abbot.

    And there are how many Asian american chars w/ storylines on y&r? How many Asian american chars on any sudser for that matter? Ancient sudsers y&r and b&b and days and gh still have no Asian american core families and romantic leads who are Asian american chars portrayed by Asian american actors. Lack of racial diversity on sudsers is exactly what turns people off and keeps sudsers like y&r as irrelevant and backwards.

    What if bregman’s statement was abt an abbot that’s gay?

    There would be an uproar if bregman mentioned that he didn’t want to revisit a storyline abt a gay abbot and that it’s a “strange detour” to have a gay abbot.

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