Elisabeth Hasselbeck on The View Exit: “There’s a Lot of Misinformation Out There”

Elisabeth Hasselbeck was The View's conservative voice for years, and her departure from the ABC gabfest was covered extensively by the mainstream and online media. In an interview with TV Guide, Hasselbeck weighed in on viewers allegedly tuning in for controversy on The View and claimed a lot of misinformation had been published about her.

TV Guide Magazine: Even viewers who didn't agree with you politically liked your feistiness on The View. How are we going to get that spark out of you when you're sitting with a couple of like-minded co-hosts?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: There is understandably the big misconception that controversy is what people enjoyed about [The View]. But there are numbers and focus groups and viewers who say they enjoyed the conversation. I'm a person who believes that if you are who you say who you are, it doesn't matter where you are or you're with — you can be full of spark. I have incredible co-hosts who have already been doing a phenomenal job. It's the least of my concerns.

TV Guide Magazine: You mentioned focus groups earlier. We heard one reason changes happened at The View were related to research that showed the political discussions became a bit predictable. You knew which side everybody was going to come out on. Were you feeling that at all?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: I really have no comment. There's a lot of misinformation out there so there will be a ton of reasons why or why not, or did she or didn't she, and that's all rear view mirror. I'm thrilled to be a part of Fox News.

 Read the entire interview at TV Guide. You can watch Hasselbeck's Fox & Friends debut on September 16.


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    You don’t have to do much digging to know she was fired in March. She was mainly absent through most of the spring tapings, and showed up at the end to save face.

    When they like you, they love you on that show (balloon drops, and when they are done with you, you’re thrown out head first. EH is another one in a long line.

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    TV Gord

    [quote=Dyllan]You can tell the View is copying the Talks format and being less combative. That’s why Joy is getting the boot, too.[/quote]

    That’s a laugh! The View copying The Talk’s format. Some of you sure know how to twist reality into the exact opposite of the truth. It’s even more amazing to me that others will buy it!

    Rather than talk about issues that really matter, The Talk is almost exclusively choosing their “hot topics” from tabloid entertainment stories, regardless of whether they’re true or not. The View gets slammed for talking too much about politics, but The Talk only talks about the Kardashians, Biebers and Lohans of the world. What a sad reflection of the daytime audience that they are riding that formula to success!

    I also had to laugh this week when Sharon Osbourne and her daughter were the target of a false tabloid story and the show let her predictably refute the story. Then, the topics that followed were based on what? MORE TABLOID STORIES, without anyone questioning the accuracy of any of THOSE stories. To my utter amazement, they did it with straight faces. What a joke!

    I guess it’s true that the daytime audience gets the programming it deserves. While The Talk still lags behind The View in the ratings, it is gaining on the ABC show, so I guess it’s only a matter of time before The Talk comes out on top. It’s sad that pandering to the lowest common denominator wins again.

    I wish I knew The Talk’s secret for getting people–especially soap fans–in its corner. While ABC soap fans will delight as Katie goes down in flames (even though her show didn’t really replace GH), and will slam The View at every opportunity, many are embracing The Talk, which actually REPLACED a soap! Now, I don’t subscribe to the belief that new shows should be blamed for what they replace, but many do just that! Yet, for some reason, The Talk frequently gets a pass from those same soap fans. Head shaking hypocrisy.

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