General Hospital Bad Girl Maura West Talks Port Charles Invasion

 Mob heiress and art aficionado Ava Jerome (Maura West), has the denizens of Port Charles, New York wondering what her next move will be on General Hospital. West chewed the fat with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan and dished what viewers can expect from Ava.

TV Guide Magazine: As if going up against Sonny isn't foolhardy enough, Ava is in cahoots with her brother Julian (William deVry). That could prove really dangerous, right?

West: There's growing friction between Ava and Julian over who's in charge. Ava thinks they're equal and wants them to be co-bosses. But there was a GH storyline [in 1990] where Julian killed their sister, Olivia, because she wanted to be boss.  He wasn't gonna let that happen. [Laughs] So, yeah, this is dangerous!

West also opened up about how she landed her contract role on GH, after being told it was for only a few episodes.

TV Guide Magazine: What were you told about Ava when you agreed to take the gig?

West: Next to nothing. You have to put your faith in people, which was hard because I'd never met [executive producer] Frank Valentini and [head writer] Ron Carlivati, but they are so fun, so infectious! But, then, Ava was not intended to hang around all that long. The role was original written for just five episodes. Basically, she was there to drop off Kiki [Kristen Alderson] and then leave town. By the time I left my meeting with Frank, it was up to seven episodes, with the possibility of it becoming recurring. Then I was offered a contract before I even started my first day.

To find out what West thought about her stint on The Young and the Restless and more, click here!

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    i loved her as Carly Tenney on ATWT & even followed her to Y&R but after they started ruining her on there i quit watching & was SO HAPPY that they cast her on GH since i’d started watching it a few months back when Roger Howarth started on there & i think GH will treat Maura so much better than Y&R did.

  2. Profile photo of coffeebean

    She is trying too hard to be different from her most famous character Carly on ATWT. As a result her acting choices come across as over-dramatic and contrived in my opinion….almost like a cartoonish Bette Davis impersonator.

  3. Profile photo of SoapsRHere2Stay

    For someone who never watched ATWT I never saw Carly T. So I never got to experience her in that role. What I did experience is her on YR and she was fab even though they didn’t know how to use her. I feel Ron loves his soap divas and knows how to write them. He’s writing to MW strength being a minx and I love it. I find Ava refreshing in a Faith Roscoe sort of way.

  4. Profile photo of Yoryla

    Wow, nice interview, another great one from Michael Logan. Love how the stars always want to go to him, he seems to really be the trusted one.

    Can’t believe she has five children, she looks amazing.

    Had no idea Ava was just meant to be a guest.

    I didn’t like Ava in all the Franco/Q/Silas mess, but if she is now going to get down to business with Julian, Sonny, Anna & Duke, then I’m all for it!

    LOL, loved that Michael asked about Y&R, and loved Maura’s candid answer. It has become clear through her Twitter feed that she did NOT like the way that gig went down and that she never wants to think about it. Well, ditto for us viewers!

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    Great article AND EVEN GREATER actress! I love Maura West and from her and then the sexy DeVry and his really even and good performance as Julian/Derek, I am enjoying catching GH 3-4 times a week (time only permits so much for me these days).

    But I will argue the point that if fans only HATE her then her time will only short lived on the show and she will become a victim of WHO SHOT AVA? storyline. It is important that the writers start to rekindle her relationship with Kiki (and damnit rename the child) so that we see more motivation for Ava’s dirty deeds in providing and protecting for Kiki.

    If you look back at all soap villians who were women, the ones with longevity were always those with a purpose and not just written that way. Helena Casadine was not that one and only able to survive on this show in story arcs because she had become such a cartoon.

    With the likes of Lucinda on ATWT, she was a villian until the 2000s when she became a grandma on the show but her motivations were always to make Lily’s life wonderful. It wasn’t her only motivation to do “bitch” but we always saw she had a heart when Lily was in the room. The same with Iris on Another World, her love for her daddy and her son Dennis motivated her to do all those lovely BITCH moments and when we saw her with Mac or Dennis, we saw the softer side. Stephanie on Bold and the Beautiful, the same because of her love for her son Ridge and then her other children (honestly, they were always “those other kids” to her) made her a great soap villian.

    SO, Maura, I would hope that the writers do not forget this cardinal rule of soap villianess’. It is utmost to make us hate you but also to make us LOVE to hate you by showing your softer side every once in a while.


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