Will Katie Couric Replace Barbara Walters on The View?

If this bit of news turns out to be true, it's quite an indictment on the state of Katie Couric's daytime talk show. According to New York Daily News, Katie's low ratings make it vulnerable to cancellation, but if the show gets axed " viewers could soon see the peppy TV queen replacing Barbara Walters on The View."

One tipster says network honchos believe the timing is perfect for a switcheroo — as soon as Walters decides to go, Couric could seamlessly step in, with the network making it look like Babs had appointed her own successor.

So let me get this straight. Couric flopped as anchor of CBS Evening News, her expensive daytime talk show could soon be cancelled—while The Talk is nipping at The View's stilettos in the ratings—and Disney-ABC thinks Couric would be a good fit for The View? It doesn't make sense, but I'm sure it will cost more than a few dollars.

Walters denied the report to the newspaper.

“I love Katie and we are good friends,” she told us. “She is always welcome as a guest on ‘The View’ and I was recently a guest on her show, but there is no truth to the rumor that she will be taking my place on ‘The View.’”

However, as Deadline points out, Walters denying such reports is less than credible. Meanwhile Couric alluded to the story on Twitter:

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    I think she needs group. She is boring alone. She made the biggest mistake leaving Today and Matt. The chemistry between the two is what made her popular. I still remember. Seems Matt survived better at least until the last year or two.

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    TV Gord

    There are two reasons why I’m skeptical of this story. First, it’s too easy. Any first-grader could come up with the idea that Katie’s show will be cancelled, and her association with ABC puts her in the lead for a View spot. It’s too simple to think up. Second, The View needs YOUTH! They should have at least ONE co-host who’s under 40 (under 30 would be better). This isn’t The Golden Girls, for goodness sake! The lineup this season is already going to be murder on the show’s demos! Hiring a 57-year-old when Barbara leaves would be a huge mistake.

  3. Profile photo of discomusic

    Thanks Katie,you pushed our General Hospital to an earlier time slot for your bore fest,now that it is suffering low ratings(no surprise)you may replace Barbara on the view,oh god now you will bore all of those ladies and the audience at an earlier hour

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    I think this would be quite plausible. Katie is kind of a mini Barbara in some ways and this would be better than for her to have her own talk show.

    I have to say I don’t mind Katie. She’s not a ratings hit, but she’s not one of the worst ones either.

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    I became of “fan” when she knocked down Sarah Palin in that fantastic two part interview on the CBS Evening News.

    I don’t think she’s that great of a talk show host. But she at least is a journalist.

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    [quote]I became of “fan” when she knocked down Sarah Palin in that fantastic two part interview on the CBS Evening News.[/quote]

    And then her ratings tanked and she got canned. If you can’t stay on air after that interview, then you suck at your job.

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    Katie’s ego wouldn’t allow herself to be on a show called “The View”. Maybe if they renamed it “Katie Couric presents – A View”. As TV GORD says, this story is probably fake, and probably planted by Katie herself.

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