SHOCKER: Dylan McAvoy’s Secret Genoa City Past Revealed on The Young and the Restless! (PHOTOS)

Dylan McAvoy's (Steve Burton) connection to Genoa City has been slimmer than a Thin Mint so The Young and the Restless is working overtime to connect him to the canvas. Now Daytime Confidential can reveal the hush-hush truth about Dylan's pivotal role in Genoa City history. Learn more after the jump!

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    LoL that post cards from Dylan thing is what really got me. U know if Burton EVER quits, or Dylan is ever presumed dead, then that’s how he’ll go out, with post cards from his bucket list.

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    Steve Burton has been kicking ass on YR lately. His scenes with Chelsea and Connor today were so moving. He works very well with Melissa Claire Egan and he is so much better now that he has layers and is out of the mob stories on GH.

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    Somebody was having fun!

    It scares me to think Phelps has her three new “writers” mulling over all these possibilities for more Burton stories and screen time.

    There’s probably an early morning script meeting under way right now with this up on a story board!

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    I dislike his character so much and now they are going to make him more permanent, He is just as sullen as he was on GH which I did not watch except for a minute here and there and he was always so miserable the few minutes I caught his acting. He is like watching paint dry because the character has no personality or oomph. I think it is basically the actor himself that is dry. I hate this story line immensely. The show has taken on a dark side with the addition of this character.

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    Writer’s meeting?

    Hell, they write their ideas on pieces of paper and then JFP pulls them out of a hat.

    Dylan + winter sweeps storyline + strip club + mystery = Dylan going undercover at a strip club to find out who is raising the prices of coffee beans in Genoa City will be the major story for the winter sweeps period.

    In one heavily emotional scene, Dylan is captured and the Columbians ask him why he is smuggling those coffee beans out in his jock strap.

    Dylan breaks down and cries.

    EMMY winner for sure!!!

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    traceyAbbot101 … face up to it; Dylan seems to be a permanent fixture and I don’t think he’ll be smuggling coffee beans in his jock strap. So what does your writer’s mind really think he’ll be up to (realistically)?

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    Wow – do I get the hate mail.

    I know Dylan is not going anywhere.

    I just hope he is NOT Nikki’s son.

    I would like to see a 3 way custody battle over Connor : Dylan, with Avery at his side; Adam; and Chelsea.

    Or a possible relationship, again, with Avery as it is possible her marriage to Nick will never happen.

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    TracetAbbot101 … I hardly would call my post hate mail. (I’m just getting annoyed with the fairy tale faux synopses abundant in here these days.)

    However, I agree with most of what you say; especially about Dylan’s parentage. But just not quite sure why Dylan should go for a custody battle for Connor since he is his son on paper only.

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    Tedew: I was not refering to just yours…. there are others directly to me.

    I just think it is odd that some people take the time to privately comment to ME about my posts but they will publicly admit to loving everything Y&R offers up to us on a daily basis.

    I have to have a little humor in my life.

    That is all that I meant.

    You asked what I thought was next for Dylan. I had to scratch my head.

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    RealityCheck 33

    Steve Farren Phelps has been a crashing bore. When he went cray-cray and stole Adam & Chelsea’s kid, he got a little better. Now that he’s Nikki’s long lost son, he’ll become ingrained into the Newman family bullshit.

    Can’t wait for Thanksgiving. Nick and Adam already can’t stand him. Fun.

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