Victor Has Jack by The Fish Hook on The Young and the Restless (SNEAK PEEK)

Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) won't be mumbling today on The Young and the Restless. The corporate raider will be enunciating quite clearly when he lets Jack (Peter Bergman) and Adam (Michael Muhney) know he's on to their top secret partnership. Watch a sneak peek of today's Y&R after the jump!

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    I actually liked this developement:

    (a) I think that ole Mr Depends is going to lose it all, but not money. One he finds out another bee’s stinger pollunated his pure flower Nikki, I think his ego is going to get out of hand…


    (b) Now that Victor discovered that there is a Victor III, Victor will rally with Adam in the search for the missing child once Dylan runs off with the infant.

    Loved seeing John Sr today and the background lightening effects!!

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    Pretty damn good Y&R, today. Great music, stories lighting and a storm.
    Villy, the champs, cake and set was a beautiful family scene with Delia in play.

    Jack and Victor at the Penthouse with Adam can I just say, awesome!
    The artwork, piano view it looked great. Victor telling Adam off and vice versa. Just amazing.

    Chancellor park was gorgeous. Avery and Nick it was beautiful, her jewelry and the music outstanding. Excellent scene.

    Dyldo, last but not least was actually on his A-Game.

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    Living in DC meant that I was not able to watch the entire broadcast; but the half I saw made me glad I did.

    It was good “Soap Opera”…

    Good to see Steve Burton bring his A game,maybe now some of the non GH fans watching can see why “Jason” was loved.

    Great father/son episode;I hope the “stormy” weather continues.

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    I liked the episode as well.

    Yes it’s been done. But it’s classic YR like the Kay/Jill feud was.

    ALL soaps repeat, no? I just saw yet another Stefano pic for Days. How many times has his story been told.

    Brooke on BB is always on the same cycle.

    I’m sure GH does it too.

    If it’s done right, and if it’s changed up a bit, I always enjoy the Vic/Jack fighting. Like most, I just don’t want to see Victor always come out ahead.

    Josh was right to back off of this story for almost a year, so I think we’ve all had the break we need. Now it’s game on again, and with Adam in the mix, it makes it all the more interesting in my book.

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    I don’t mind them revisiting the hatred these two dudes have for each other, but I’m sick to death of Victor always having the upper hand and always knowing what’s going on. That sucks.

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    I fast forwarded thru the crying Cupcake and Niclueless seens….

    but I must admit ( not being the best Dylan fan on this board ) that SB brought his A game.

    I noticed the hair team is styling his hair in a new style, perhaps evan a stylish cut, but it looked good.

    About time Chelsea got what is coming to her… but the crack detective team of Chloe and Chelsea are going to sol-ved the case!!

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    I personally found the episode a zzzzzfest except Victor\Jack…In my opinion Steve Burton didn’t bring nothing to this but a boring story but another chapter of Dylan is such a good guy, he’s saint and can’t do no wrong…cut me some slack, he’s one dimensional. I mostly FF through the whole episode except Victor\Jack\Adam. It took less than 15 minutes to watch.

    Speaking of Victor\Jack, this is how I want to see Victor (in business) “ruthless” as hell. I do like the idea of the story but I fear Josh will deliver another stinker and fall flat.

    Now, with Jack will he fall off the wagon, because they’re temping Jack a lot lately, I wish they would hold back because it hasn’t even been a year. It would be more true and believable if they let Jack just simmer for about 3-5 years. Bill made Katherine sober for years (10+) before Bill sent Katherine on a bender…OH :O man was it bender, made her an old lush again for 2 years.

    There wasn’t nothing like Jeanne playing a drunk Katherine for pure entertainment…

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    pferrando, the biggest difference between the Kay/Jill and Jack/Victor rivalry is that Kay won some and Jill won some. They both got some great hits off of each other over the years. Jack and Victor -ZZZZZ – same old, same old. Victor ultimately wins. I think that’s why even with Jeanne Cooper’s passing, the Kay/Jill feud will always stand as one of soap opera’s best.

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    Jack has never been close to being an alcoholic, so am having a hard time when they show him, pickup up a bottle and then set it down. He was hooked on pills. Why would a drink affect him?

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    Actually Victor got reamed by his kids to, what was it, a billion plus dollars? He doesn’t always win…

    Jack also got Nikki at one point, so it’s been a little one sided, but still fun for me to watch.

    In the right writers hands of course.

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    I am just tired of the writers portraying Victor as an angry old miser and Jack as a idiot who plays his cards way too early.

    That being said, I am not sure if Victor will ever SHUT up long enough to see what is happening in front of him where Adam is concerned and not call out Victoria for her waste of time jealousy.

    That being said, I am still trying to wrap my head around why Jack would do this at all when he already owned a sizeable chunk of NEWMAN. DOes he still own that stock because that would have been a major part of this story since the same writers were the ones who wrote that Jack had a sizeable chunk of Newman, already!

    I can’t wait for Summer to find out and run to her new dad Jack crying “how could you do this to my grandfather” and utter the words “I knew you were bad” or some dramatic line.

    Jack nice to Victor?! NO. He can be a friend to Adam but after so many years of Victor torturing Jack’s family, causing the death of Colleen and just being a thorn in his side, Jack loaning Adam billions to take control of Newman back… which Victor would surely use to destroy Jack… was one dumb plot.

    Though I like anything that includes Jack and Victor.

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    It drives crazy that Victor can’t see what Adam’s real intent was. He can’t even listen to his own wife’s sensible take on the matter.

    It also drives me crazy that Jack is constantly being painted the villain by most around in all matters these days when in reality the true villain is and always is Victor. Jack has actually been fairly decent ever since his deplorable treatment of Gloria. The same certainly can’t be said of Victor ever since his miraculously carefree heart transplant.

    However, I would be very happy to see Adam and Victor pair up to locate “Connor”. But in the end he should finally lose and retreat into the shadows.

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    [quote]Actually Victor got reamed by his kids to, what was it, a billion plus dollars? He doesn’t always win…[/quote]

    Yes, but he DOES always win against Jack and that’s what everyone is pretty much tired of.

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    hey mon

    Hey Kool aid!

    I like the Victor and Jack feud, and its good to see Adam try to see which side is going to win, and kind of play the odds.

    Lets face it, when JFP sent Blake Hood packin; she totally eliminated any chance of Kyle being involved in Diane’s wishes of Victor being close to Kyle. There is no way to believe that Lantern-Jaw (LJ) would have anything to do with Victor Newman. In fact, LJ isnt close to anyone at all.

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