DeVanity to End With a Bang After Four Delicious Seasons

The fourth season of DeVanity will be its last. In a heartfelt post on Facebook, creator and star Michael Caruso reveals he wants the delicious web soap to go out on top. Read Caruso's message to DeVanity fans after the jump!


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27 November 2009
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I'm sorry to see DeVanity go. However, I am looking forward to the next story Michael Caruso has to tell. I hope his next project gets picked up for television and we get to enjoy longer episodes. The production values on DeVanity were exceptional, surpassing even what we see typically in daytime. Good luck to you, Mr. Caruso.

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29 July 2009
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I love DeVanity. I think is is the best web soap. I hope someone snatched up Michael Caruso. His talents could be well used in Daytime.