Perkie’s Observations: Heather Sneaks Back into Port Charles on General Hospital

Franco opens the door to his room and discovers Heather there to wish him a happy birthday.  He tells her that all of his charges have been dropped and he can’t be caught harboring a criminal.  Heather gives him a gift and tells him she’s not leaving until she gets what she was promised.

Ava promises to tell the police about AJ. However, in return she wants Sonny’s help in throwing a party to celebrate Kiki and Morgan's marriage.  Sonny says it’s not a good time for a party, but Ava promises to take care of everything.  She tells him he needs to focus on the positive and figures Connie would want him to embrace his future.  Sonny finds it insulting that Ava would presume to know what Connie would want.

Silas lets Sam and Alexis know that, despite signs that Danny’s body is fighting the transplant, it means he’s moving in the right direction and will be okay.  The women are thrilled and Alexis heads off to let Derek know.

Felix runs into Carly and the two discuss their love lives, until Carly lets it slip that someone is interested in her.  Felix is shocked when she says that it’s Franco.  Carly claims it’s all harmless, but Felix insists she should end things now or Franco will continue to pursue her. He also points out Sonny will react negatively.

Derek bumps into Anna and Duke and comments that they caught him.  When Anna questions what he meant, Derek tells her that went into his office after Connie’s death, despite the police tape.  Anna lets it slide, but warns him not to get on her wrong side.

Ava says she understands Sonny going to a dark place and spots his bottle of Lithium.  She sympathizes and says she too has experienced the highs and lows, but wanted to feel the pain because she felt it was penance.  She points out that it’s only his decision whether to take the pills or not.  As she’s leaving, Sonny tells her to plan the party for the kids.

As Derek is leaving, Duke grabs his arm and asks if he can send Derek his resume, because he’d like to work for him.  Derek agrees to take a look.  After he leaves, Anna feels there something too slick about Derek.

Sam wonders when she can take Danny home, but Silas wants to keep him a little longer.  He wants them to celebrate. Sam wonders if he’s asking her out on a date.  Sam says she hasn’t been out on a date in a long time, but Silas just wants dinner.

Heather says Silas promised her BLTs in exchange for her DNA swab before the transplant, but never followed through.  She tells Franco to get her a sandwich from Kelly’s or she’ll tell everyone that he helped her escape.

Shawn and Max insist Vince tell them the name of his boss or they’ll kill him. Franco arrives, insisting on a BLT. Shawn gives him Max’s half eaten one.   Vince eventually caves, gives them what they want and they send him off.

Carly and Felix knock on Franco’s door. Heather grabs a knife, ready to defend herself.  Franco arrives before they have a chance to get into the room.

Shawn tells Sonny that Vince’s boss is Julian Jerome.

Julian and Ava find Vince ready to make a getaway.  Vince swears he didn’t tell Shawn anything about their plans, just the name.  Julian is fine with that since he doesn’t look the same as he did and mentions neither Anna or Duke recognizing him.  Julian shoots Vince and Ava kicks his body into the water.

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    Phoenix Tremayne

    I hope they are not putting Ava with Sonny; but the two of them on the screen is really good as adversaries. I think if Ava got with Sonny she would be watered down. Loved seeing Ava tempt him not to take his medication and him going off on her about not knowing Connie and without breaking a sweat she turned him around.

    Unlike Jason whom came off like a hero, “Even though technically he wasn’t” Shawn as the lead enforcer just seems too much like a thug. I hope that he has a positive story coming soon. I heard a possible spoiler and hopefully that will change the direction of his character.

    I really do like Derek and Alexis together; his desire to be with his “family” makes him human and 3 dimensional; I’m guessing Sam and Alex will know the truth by New Years or February sweeps.

    Anna and Duke seemed out of place in this episode.

    Big fan of Heather Mathison, so anytime they find away to sneak her back on to the screen more power to them. What’s up with that picture? I think it may mean more later on down the line. RH as Franco is fun to me; haters go have several seats.

    In real life, Sonny would have killed Vince for threatening Connie and Olivia from day one so seeing him get away twice was a little far fetched. Showing Julian kill him and Ava get her kick in was a little over the top but much needed for my sanity. I can only look the other way so much before you just say, “Common Sense” must prevail. Goodbye Vince won’t miss you.

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    I was really not happy with this episode. I don’t like what they’ve done with the character of Heather and I’m astounded that Robin Mattson would agree to portray her in the way Ron/Frank are painting her. I see the writing on the wall, they are going to kill this character off before too long.

    Heather was once a great villainess but now they are treating her like they did Roxy on OLTL and making her the “comic relief” alongside Franco.

    Ilene Kristen is such a great actress but the comic way they portrayed her as Roxy just became annoying. It made me pine for the days of Ryan’s Hope when she played Delia. If I really want comedy, I’ll watch 30 Rock or Seinfeld reruns, not soaps.

    I don’t like Franco doing comedy on GH. It’s just not funny and it adds to poor decision to have RH recast in this unbearable character.

    I would love to see Heather come out of the looney bin and start working for Scottie as his secretary again but this is where Ron/Frank just ignore GH history.

    I also did not like the violence of the deep fryer scene and the shooting, especially on the day of the shooter in DC. It’s disturbing to me and I wont’ watch mob stories. They are despicable.

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    Heather is back and she wants her BLT. LOL
    I can buy this version of Heather because the version as the vixen has been gone since the 80s. Heather spent years in a mental hospital. It gets to you. You don’t stay sane, you change. I can buy that.

    I don’t mind the mob at this point since it’s not front and center all the time. Mob stories have a long history on GH. The problem is that Guza overdid it a bit and constantly tried to sell us Jason and Sonny as the heroes of this town.
    Anyway I like Julian and Ava and think that they are great for the show. William deVry and Nancy Lee Grahn really do have some serious chemistry going on. And Maura West seems to have chemistry with everyone. LOL

    DON’T like Carly falling for Franco. I don’t like that since RC is writing the show Carly comes off as weak when it comes to men. Back in the day, Carly was the one using them and playing them against each other. Now she comes off as if she falls for the wrong guy over and over again. It’s seems pathetic.
    Anyway I like her friendship with Felix.

    I also don’t like that some scenes seem too staged. The one where Duke grabs Julian’s arm or Ava wants Sonny to host some party … I don’t need these non-cliffhangers in episodes. More character driven, less plot driven scenes please.

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    Well it’s always enjoyable seeing Heather and Robin Mattson but these constant returns and all the comedy are getting tedious, and not very believable. And even though RM and RoHo have good acting chemistry, I don’t want Heather wasted on this insipid non-character (F.)

    Enjoy Carly & Felix’ relationship, even though Felix can be quite annoying. Somehow he is just far less annoying with Carly than with Sabrina. I actually enjoyed him forcing Carly to go to Franco’s door and trying to bang the despicable thing out. I somehow can well picture that Carly could have a friend like Felix. Plus, he looked really dapper in his suit jacket.

    Love Ava & Julian’s sibling team and chemistry. When they were both talking to Vince at the harbour I almost felt shivers knowing what deep shit he was in. And I liked the teamwork aswell. Julian shot him and Ava kicked him to the abyss. Very mobster-y.

    Also love Ava smokescreening Sonny. I don’t think Sonny entirely buys it yet, but since Ava has the advantage of throwing in the Kiki/Morgan card, Sonny’s such a sucker for those types of things. And now she knows about the bi-polar disorder. Am I sensing a big relapse coming up for Sonny in his medical condition?

    Loved the Anna/Duke/Julian meeting. I’m sure Duke knew something has to be up. Loved Alexis watching that meeting from a distance and wondering what it’s about.

    I’m gonna want Alexis to be a little less infatuated 12 year old school girl and a little bit more professional and lawyer-ly. Now remember, you know nothing about this person except his bone marrow. Dig something up, Alexis. I’m sure you can at least discover that there is no such person as “Derek Wells”.

    The scenes at Kelly’s were just Lol-inducing. A deep frier, really?

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    Soapjunkie, you’re very kind to accept the way Heather’s being written and I can accept it myself.. to a point. Robin Mattson plays the comedic role well but I just felt it was a bit of a waste for it to all be about a blt. I’m hoping she drops the other shoe on today’s show and leaves us hanging. I’m guessing this is just a 2 episode cameo? If Franco, a serial killer, can be redeemed, so can Heather! Bring her back and make her as bad as she can be without having to send her back to the asylum or jail.
    I find Sonny the most irritating character on the show. Time for storyline to dictate his departure and free up that fat salary for other vets we’d like to see more of! Laura, Leslie, Lucy, Scotty etc.
    Loved Ava gut-kicking Vince while he was already down! Then, kerplop! Another corpse in the Port Charles harbor!

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    Lucy D.

    I was disappointed (naively I know) that Julian shot the man. I was hoping Ava was the heartless one and Julian wasn’t quite as ruthless. Not a big fan of mob stuff, so now I don’t know how Julian invested I can get. Kind of tired of Alexis getting involved with the wrong man.

    I hope (but I doubt) that Max & Sean will share the news that Julian is alive with Anna.

    Kind of feel a little in love with Silas yesterday.

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    I liked the episode but dislike how Anna who was fooled by a plastic mask would instantly think something was up with Derek just from one meeting. Give some context to motivation and not always this “he’s a bad guy” feeling while sonny gets a pass all the time.

    And don’t get me started on the way heather is always able to get out of prison mental ward so easily and no one contacts the gcpd especially since the last hundred times she had been caught its been in gc! Again, I said it that Anna should have heard even as a side bit in an update of the days proceedings at the station.

    HATE the Carly scenes even with Felix! Not sure why Felix is even chummy with her or how he knows so much abt sonny when he’s not even from gc.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the ending. I will love it if Derek and Ava turn out to be husband and wife and not bro n sis! They are dynamic and the stories would be so much more compelling and dangerous that way for me, anyway. Still love them and that diabolique scene at end with Ava kicking the dead body into the river was soooooo oh sooooo good!!

    Evil without being cartoony

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    I agree with everyone saying Heather is being wasted. Her coming to his room because she wanted a BLT was the most stupid thing ever!

    Felix and Carly, just no. They have turned Felix into a nosey, annoying character. It’s like he serves no purpose except to butt into other people’s business. Carly acts like a teenager around Felix. Carly is now in her 40’s, time to grow up her.

    I also agree that Franco shouldn’t be doing comedy. He is annoying calling Heather crazy when he is just as crazy. Just because some piece of meat came out his head doesn’t mean he’s this good guy.

    I love Duke looking crazy at Derek. Don’t worry Duke, you are the sexiest geriatric man in PC!

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    Really hope Ava and Sonny are not paired…would be a waste of Maura’s talents. Maurice is becoming unbearable to watch, way over the top with facial contortions,etc.

    Silas is a assest to every scene is in…love his smiles. Wish Kiki and Morgan would MOVE AWAY to some other town. Just really bad actors…

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    I like how Silas said to Morgan, “don’t call me dude”. I’m starting to like Silas more and more that he’s showing more feelings yet still has that “steel of emotions” look. Easton plays that so well. I really will like to see Sam and Silas go out on a date. Please don’t rush them as a couple, take it slow. They have that “eye contact” between them that is sexy. I think Silas has some issues in his past that will eventually come up.
    I really like RM as Heather but enough of the BLT. Give her a story with Scotty (where is Kin Shirner and Genie Francis????) Give them a story PLEASE!!!
    I feel bad that OLTL was shelved. I was starting to get into it again since it’s been on the OWN station. The actor that plays Clint,(can’t recall his name right now), has been doing some great acting!!! I still wish they would cancelle Katie Couric and bring back OLTL, even as a half hour show, with AMC as a half hour also. This way they could drop all the law-suits and RH could return as Todd on OLTL.

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    I so much wanted Derek (Julian) to be a good guy. I remember the first protrayal of Julian he was a good guy (at least I think so). Now we just have another mobster on the show that really is unredeemable in my book. Mobster stories equal boredom. I thought (okay I guess hoped) that Ava was going to be the one to shoot Vince and not Derek. I liked Derek up to now. I so much just wanted him to be a bad guy but not a killer. We do not need another Sonny. Still praying for the day when Sonny leaves the mob (or leaves the show).

    Now Alexis gets another killer for a lover. Seriously?

    I really disliked the deep fryer stuff. All the mob stuff just needs to leave. I have never rooted for the mob guys. Most of the time I just laugh at Sonny or just fast forward through him. I have no empathy for him at all.

    I love Heather. @FaisonFanInTexas thanks for pointing out it was a painting of layers of a BLT. I was driving myself crazy trying to figure it out. Priceless.

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