5 Other Soaps TVGN Should Start Airing

With TVGN experiencing a ratings boon—in significant part due to re-airings of CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless—I can't help but wonder if both the cabler and suds lovers alike would benefit from additional soaps finding a nighttime home on the Lionsgate/CBS-owned channel. Below are five sudser I think TVGN should acquire.

No. 5:  Guiding Light

Fans of the world's longest-running broadcast drama are still mourning the loss of Guiding Light. TVGN would generate a lot of good will—and possibly find the perfect companion for Y&R—by airing classic episodes of the Procter and Gamble sudser. I say start with the lush 1991 season, when glamorous monster Alexandra Spaulding (the late Beverlee McKinsey) was exacting revenge on trophy husband Roger Thorpe (the late Michael Zaslow) over his affair with oil heiress Melinda Sue Lewis (Kimberley Simms). Did I mention Mindy's father, Billy Lewis (Jordan Clarke), and Roger were mortal enemies and Alex's long-lost son Nick McHenry (Vincent Irizarry) was the love of Mindy's life? Soap opera perfection.

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    If somebody would air Edge of Night I would actually get cable. I wonder why nobody has started a classic soap streaming service. Santa Barbara, Capital, Texas, Another World, Ryan’s Hopes.

    So many good shows.

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    Jamey, that story is hilarious!!! I admire the fact that you didn’t make her call you back. HA! I might have.

    I would love to see Falcon Crest again. I wouldn’t mind seeing some short-lived nighttime soaps return, like “Pasadena”, “Models Inc.”, “Central Park West”, or Aaron Spelling’s “Titans.” I would always get upset these shows would get cancelled just as they were getting good. Who knows, one of the shows could land a much-deserved and better conceived revival.

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    I agree on the Santa Barbara!

    Hey, whatever happened to Soapnot?? I used to get it until….. Last summer? (I’m in Connecticut). What a piece of shit soapnet became… I was just wondering if it’s still around. Around here it morphed into Disney Channel VIXVI.

    SO GLAD TO HEAR TVGN is reaping the beni’s of airing a daytime show. MY SHOW! lol. Sure it’s seen better Days (no pun!)…. Maybe they can buy the right fron OLTL from Prospect Park??

    We never shoulda lost the folks from Llanview in the first place. :-(

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    Falcon Crest was da bomb!! It introduced me to one of my very favorite actresses, Jane Wyman. That lady was so good as Angela Channing. It also brought Lana Turner into my movie world. I heard Michael Reagan say that his father never missed the show. Kristan Alfonso said one time that she was sitting next to JW when her assistant informed her that President Reagan was on the phone. JW replied, “Tell him I’ll call him back shortly”. Great show!! The opening credits were beautiful with the Napa Valley as the star. I have season 1 on dvd. Waiting for more to be released.

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    Yes, I love Jane Wyman and her hot grandson played by Lorenzo Lamas. Bring back Falcon Crest. Soapnet owns most of these shows I think and that’s a Disney corp. They would have to buy the rights from them to air them and I don’t think ABC wants to sell them. Unless they came with some big money.

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    I agree 100% about Knots Landing. Its hands down the best prime time soap of all time and should be airing on some network or at least on Netflix or Hulu.

    I also think they should add a couple of the British soaps particularly Coronation Street and Emmerdale. I’ve been watching Coronation Street on Hulu since January and its amazing and I’ve been watching Emmerdale on youtube. We really need to get the British soaps on tv in the US.

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    Whoo Hooo for Knots Landing! Knots is and will always be my favorite show of all time! I think they outlasted their soap counterparts mostly because they always (for the most part) kept it about the people. Crazy plots are great, but it’s the human relationships that keep people tuning in.

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    Yes to Santa Barbara! Why doesn’t Soapnet air these shows now? They have been showing Beverly hills 90210 and One Tree Hill for years! Enough already!!!! :Sp I wish they would just sell the rights.

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    Since GL’s ’91 season was mentioned…I’d also add the Douglas Marland years, and also his tenure on ATWT.

    It’s exciting to see the response to YR on there in addition to what Oprah’s network is getting numbers wise for her soap airings.

    Obviously there is a market for this type of programming. SOAPNET just failed miserably at being a “soap” channel. Much like MTV is a “music” channel.

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    I say start GL from the time they started saving the episodes in the late 70s and show them in order to the end. I hate watching episodes out of context. But that’s just me.

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    I really want to see Another World. I remember when I started visiting this site a couple of years ago, I kept hearing so much about AW…so I went on youtube. At the time, there were tons of Another World episodes uploaded by youtube itself I believe. I cant remember.

    But I was home all day one day and while cleaning up, I had it playing on my computer, and before long I was hooked. I have never been able to be hooked on another soap besides the 2 I’ve watched since birth..lol. But Another World felt…different. It felt like an actual place and these felt like actual characters.

    I don’t remember much about the episodes, but Cass was stuck in some snowstorm I think. And there was a weird doctor (a woman) who I think was psychotic. It had to be either late ’80s or very early ’90s…anyway, I’d love to see Another World.

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    Bring back all the classics and the ratings will follow!!

    I agree with Pferrando, Marlands ATWT is definitely deserving of being brought back for Soap Opera fans both young and old.

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    the greatest actress of all time….beverlee mckinsey ruled the daytime dramas…..would love for tvg to air the 80s of when alexandra spaulding first come to town….love that storyline….wanna see as the world turns….love that lucinda walsh…..i wanna see another world……santa barbra……capitol…..sunset beach….. edge of night…. paper dolls……central park west….the colbys……texas……search for tomorrow……darn…i miss the 80s!

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    [quote=rjm118]Beverlee Mckinsey was the sh*t back in the day!![/quote]

    Guiding Light from around ’90-’92 was a soap opera at the peak of it’s creative powers. And it’s an exemplary showcase for why Beverlee McKinsey is considered the greatest soap actress of all time–when was the last time a soap had a fiftysomething year old woman driving story four-five days a week? Again, Kim Zimmer who? That show was never better than when Beverlee was front and center.

    While I’ll agree with anyone who says Knots Landing was arguably the greatest primetime soap of all time, Falcon Crest always held a soft spot in my heart(never followed Dynasty and was only a casual Dallas viewer). Between Maleficent-come-to-life Angela Channing’s battles with Chase and Richard, nutty-crazy Emma and psychotic-crazy Julia, and sex-on-two legs Lorenzo Lamas strutting in a speedo, that show had all the bases covered. Not to mention providing one of soap’s all-time great bitch goddesses in Ana Alicia’s Melissa Agretti. Classic stuff.

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    I agree with you Richard – Knots Landing is my all time favorite tv show and I would give anything to see all 14 seasons again. I’m also down with revisiting Guiding Light, Edge Of Night, Another World, and Falcon Crest.

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    would love to see alexandra spaulding…..reva lewis (when she was married to HB…that was a blast!)… india von halkein……lucinda walsh….gina capwell…..cecile depoulignac……donna love……rachel cory…..myrna clegg….angela channing…..abby ewing……alexis colby……sable colby…..racine…..iris carrington wheeler….carrie fairchild…rachel dennis…..I WANNA see ALL those BITCHESS and the GRAND DAMES back .they dont make those ladies anymore! today the women are so weak and boring and not memorable…we want the names like alexandra spaulding back on tv!!

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    Knots Landing, hands down!!! I aquired all of the seasons on dvd, and the day they arrived, I started to watch. It took me 6 months to watch all 14 seasons…..couldn’t stop watching…..watched at LEAST 4/5 episodes a day. I’m actually thinking about starting all over again watching it. I love love love this soap, never missed an episode when it was on TV….Karen, Mack, Sumner, Gary, Val, Paige, Abby……….ALL of the cast…….FANTASTIC!!

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    Well hell, Jamey 3 out of 5 are definite big winners in my book…I watched fervently over Knots, and someone who also loved Falcon Crest…it was my favorite primetime soap. Angela Channing could eat JR, Cliff for lunch but dine on Alexis for her evening meal. Jane Wyman ruled and had the talent to back it up…

    but you had me at number 5…always and forever my GL, during the period of Nancy Curlee era, with the brilliant Pat Mulcahey on her team, later HW after she left…the man can write, and now on BB, excellent soap opera writer of character driven stories.

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    I just recently watched some clips from summer of ’86 of ATWT.

    The “Who Killed Tad Channing” whodunit is probably my favorite of all time on any soap.

    I generally don’t like them, and never cared much for them on YR since it wasn’t Bell’s strength, but Marland was damn good at it.

    When he took over up through 87, that show was must see for me. It was the last time, I believe that ATWT actually rose in the ratings.

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