Big Brother's Howard Overby Dishes Bold and Beautiful Guest Stint

 Big Brother fan favorite Howard Overby may have gotten the boot from the game, but he received one heck of a consolation prize. Overby has landed an upcoming guest stint  on The Bold and the Beautiful. The reality star chatted with TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan about what viewers can expect from his role.

TV Guide Magazine: I hear you're playing the DJ/Host on Karaoke Night at the Bikini Bar, when Wyatt and Hope drop by with some of the Forrester Creations international buyers.

Overby: Getting to work with Darin Brooks and Kim Matula was great. We get a real happy-go-lucky, very sexual but laid-back vibe going in the bar. To be at CBS with all that soap-opera and game-show history was a frickin' dream, man! I've done some plays and a little extra work in films with Sylvester Stallone and Nicolas Cage, and have always wanted do more acting. [Laughs] So let's pray for that, America! While I was at CBS, I got to meet Kristoff St. John [Neil] from The Young and the Restless. The whole day I had goosebumps. Rachel Reilly, Brendon Villegas and Jeff Schroeder from Big Brother are also in the same episodes, plus Malcolm Freberg from Survivor.

Look for Overby's episodes to air Oct. 24 and 25. To find out what Overby had to say about the current controversial season of Big Brother, click here!

Photo credit: CBS



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Please, B&B wouldn't (& won't) know what to do with all that MAN!

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Yes ma'am and sir.

That's all I will say.

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Baaaaaaaby bye!!! B&B cast this man please and soon!!! I'm so in love! Howard was the saving grace and Eye Candy of Big Brother this year! Yummy!

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Since he's at Bikini Bar, is it too much to hope that he's a shirtless DJ? If only we could be so lucky...

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He's hot alright.

Why do they keep hiring the best lookers for day parts? Hire him as the new Marcus and put him in a storyline! I can't stand waste, lol.

However, why was he a fan favorite from BB? I thought most of the people in there this year were obnoxious as heck. I haven't watched.