Julie Chen DENIES Additional Plastic Surgery, Provides PROOF (VIDEO)

After her gut-wrenching admission of having plastic surgery on her eyes in order to make them look less Asian, Julie Chen is coming out swinging against speculation she's had more than an eye job done.

It turns out Chen may have one of the best makeup artists in Hollywood. She shared a video of everything done each morning to make her look like the Chen-Bot we've come to know and love. Watch the before and after video after the jump!

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    [quote=angrierblackerman]I think she looks younger and cuter with no makeup. That ‘contouring’ does change a person’s features drastically. Drag Queens and trans-gender females have been doing it for years.[/quote]

    Funny I was gonna say the drag queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race show should take notice! lol

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    This topic is more than nose contouring thru makeup. Julie chen’s plastic surgery is abt a discussion on racism towards Asian americans particularly from mainstream media. While hollywood often bashes Asian americans thru lack of representation and thru fictional portrayals on tv shows and films. Racism towards Asian americans is a relevant topic bec a lot of recent racism is being hurled at Asian americans.

    Newest miss america winner is Asian american. Racists that hate her are attacking her by calling her miss 7 11 bec she’s Indian american. That’s the mildest attack among all of the hatred hurled at her. She is Asian american. She is Indian american and born on american land. Yet racists don’t consider her american and representative of america. Those racists prefer pageant loser miss kansas who is deemed american bec she’s blonde haired and hunts and is white. This is what media and often hollywood idealizes as what it means to be american and what it means to be considered a beauty. And yet hollywood and media love screaming abt how “progressive/liberal” they are. Giggles.

    Fox’s newest “edgy comedy” called dads is racist towards Latin american female char who is called a maid of course. It’s racist towards chinese people. It’s racist towards Japanese people. And it’s racist towards Asian american chars portrayed by Asian american actresses brenda song and vanessa lachey.

    One of white chars even uses an antiquated term w/c is offensive towards Asian americans! Would that white char ever use n word towards an African american char? Of course not. Would that white char ever use a homophobic slur? Nope and there would be screams of homophobia from glaad and entertainment press and hollywood actors who campaign against gay bullying only.

    2 broke girls is very racist towards Asian americans even if its showrunner would never depict homophobic jokes bec he’s openly gay. 2 broke girls has paved the way for show like dads w/c is even worse w/ its racism towards Asian americans. Shows like these speak of hollywood’s climate and how it’s acceptable to be racist towards Asian americans.

    It’s not only abt julie chen’s plastic surgery to change shape of her eyes. That need for Asian american like julie chen to get plastic surgery is more abt broader topic of racism from hollywood and mainstream media. Racism towards Asian americans should be discussed more often bec Asian americans are 1 minority group w/c hollywood and media love being racist towards by saying that it’s “edgy comedy”.

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    There’s a guy from Bangalore, India in my office who strongly claims that racially speaking, Indians are Caucasians, not Asians. How can that be? I refuse to argue with him.

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