Summer’s 10 Worst Soap Couples

 No. 10: Adam and Melanie, The Young and the Restless

Can someone please explain why anyone at The Young and the Restless thought having Adam (Michael Muhney) sleep with a newbie lucky charm like Melanie (Erin Chambers)—who then accused him of rape—would provide riveting television? Anyone? Anyone? We didn't think so.

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No. 9: Sonny and Connie, General Hospital

Just when we were cheering Sonny (Maurice Benard) on for putting scenery chewer Connie (Kelly Sullivan) behind him—in favor of her sexy psychic cousin Olivia (Lisa LoCicero)—Connie had to return from the loony bin. Faster than you could say "mood swing", Sonny went back to chewing Connie's shrubbery. Whoever busted a cap in that nitwit deserves the key to Port Charles and free room and board at Metro Court.

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    AMC is on a break and Dylan and Chelsea on Y&R has gotten less boring. The pairing that we will never be free from, it seems, is Days’ Dr. Dan and Jen. And I’ll say it again: She is not the problem; HE IS.

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    I almost puked when I was watching Y&R today and they had LANE in bed in their hide a way hotel room…. Daniel Goddard showing off the goods under those “fitted” sheets.

    And did someone say Genoa City needed an exorcist? Ding Dong…. Dylan calling….. he does that job, on the side, too….

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    I can agree with MOST of these pairings.. but I like Pete & the GORGEOUS Celia.. Love the thought of Cutter & Natalie & can’t believe I never thought of it before (even enjoyed JWOWW).. but the one I MOST disagree with is AJ & Miranda.. BOTH perfectly cast and have the sweetest chemistry. Of both my reboots, this slowly building pair is definite my favorite tale.

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    I would have added Todd and Blair to the list. Prospect Park took one of the genre’s most interesting super couples and made the boring. I can’t believe they had to have the character of Todd back for that crap.

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    All of the pairings are awful.

    Victoria and Billy have been totally ruined. Sharon is unwatchable and watching rapist Chelsea passing of kid number three as someone elses has been pretty boring. Of course Steve Burton’s lack of showing emotions doesn’t help. Is Dylan supposed to be brain damaged as well?

    Lane is almost a atory for itself. What an icky pairing. Definitely would deserve to be on that list.

    The summer is over but Carly and Franco seem to come in on top these days IMO. Wright and Howarth have chemistry but pairing these two is all shades of wrong.

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    I am enjoying Dylan and Chelsea these days. JG’s story bringing them together was bad but its been better since Chelsea gave birth. I hope they actually reunite once them this baby lie ends.

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    guilty pleasure

    I STRONGLY DISAGREE with Cutter and Natalie being on this list of worst summer soap couples! Cutter and Natalie were definitely hot and heavy with each other, and it was NOT a non-romance relationship between them!

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    [quote=LauraWrightCrazy]I can agree with MOST of these pairings.. but I like Pete & the GORGEOUS Celia.. Love the thought of Cutter & Natalie & can’t believe I never thought of it before (even enjoyed JWOWW).. but the one I MOST disagree with is AJ & Miranda.. BOTH perfectly cast and have the sweetest chemistry. Of both my reboots, this slowly building pair is definite my favorite tale.[/quote]

    Totally agree with all of this–Pete and Celia are a tad chaste, but hardly worst couple-list worthy when Y&R’s Lane is still running wild and free. And while the guy who plays AJ needs to turn it down about a hundred notches, I do think he and Denyse Tontz have good chemistry.

    As for Cutter and my girl Natalie, I think that, like a lot of OLTL’s stories, there wasn’t enough momentum behind that pairing to get them off the ground. They got their flirt on in the first episode then ended up on, what, one official date/hook-up after that? One of many missed opportunities on that reboot.

    @SoapArmageddon–Right on regarding Dannifer; Daniel is the most polarizing male character on daytime right now(well, right next to Y&R’s high-on-himself Cane). And the more I watch, the more I realize that I think Shawn Christian is the problem–he was decent on ATWT as original Mike Kasnoff(though I strongly preferred number-one stunner Mark Collier) but I think he makes terrible acting choices on DAYS. A stronger actor might actually make that couple at least bearable. As is, I’m just happy that Jen’s grown something of a backbone and that she continues going in on JJ’s truant ass(not to mention cokehead Teresa’s deliciously nasty self).

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    The couples I would pick are Kiki/Morgan/Michael, and Sabrina/Patrick on GH. I can’t stand either pairing.

    I used to love Sabrina pre makeover but she’s so boring now. I have no idea what Patrick sees in her other than she’s a great mother figure for Emma.

    As for Kiki, I thought she had potential when she started but putting KA back with CD isn’t working. I really don’t care who Kiki ends up with, I just want her to take a long vacation. I’m over her.

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    Are you kidding me with this list??? LMAO!

    How could you Totally MISS the most OBVIOUS clunkers from this summer?

    From GH: Kiki & Morgan and Kiki & Michael. Both horrific painful disasters. Anything Kiki is a FAIL. Also, Putrina! Patrick & Sabrina are so bloody awful, it makes my teeth ROT.

    From Y&R: Summer & Kyle and Nick & Avery. Forced pairings lacking in any chemistry whatsoever. If I hear that annoying “Unstoppable” song one more time, I’ll throw something at my TV screen. The new Kyle, aka, Lurch, is an eyesore and that contrived pairing with Summer is vomitous. So glad Josh Griffith was FIRED! He was a stupid hack.

    From B&B: Maya & Rick…BARF!!! What a joke. I howled with laughter during their awkward sex scene. It was comparable to Y&R’s Neil & Fat Sophia in the sex appeal department. Brooke & Bill are another gross repellent coupling.

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    jeremy in chicago

    The worst couple BY FAR was/is Patrick and Sabrina. VOMIT.

    I saw them on the preview for GH tomorrow and literally screamed, “Noooooo” super loud at 2am in my apartment. I hope this new Insta-Rivera chops her head off.

    Agree with most on the list but not Natalie/Cutter. I only watched the “show” a few times but they were one of the only interesting things on there. However, I do agree that JWOWW atrocity hampered it greatly.

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    Yes, omg, Patrick & Sabrina, that is possibly the worst couple of GH after Franco/Carly. Also, Kiki/anyone, hideous. I’m also gonna say Ava/Franco and Ava/Silas. MW is a very chemistry-full actress and she has chem with everyone, but I can’t think of her romantically.

    Brill is disgusting. Lope is unwatchable and done. Wype is no better, it’s just a re-do + it’s forced. Rick & Maya another forced pairing with totally zero chemistry. Bitchy Caroline does not go with Rick.

    Days has pretty good pairings overall. Dannifer is the big horrible mess.

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    Technically, I don’t think Cassie is a ghost. She’s a figment of Sharon’s addled, off-her-meds brain. Right? But yeah, it’s a horrible pairing, especially when compared to the delicious work done by Sabryn Genet and Rick Hearst when her crazy Tricia Dennison used to conjure up his deceased Carter Mills (Matt Clark) to talk things out some 12 years ago on Y&R.

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    I know that there are a lot of horrible summer couples and it had to be narrowed down to 10…but I think many on this list could have been replaced with….


    Even though I hate Patrick and Sabrina, I realize that they have their fans. Lane has fans too, but that has never stopped this site from giving them the hate that they so rightfully deserve.

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    On GH, Sabrina/Patrick is awful. He’s great as always–but Sabrina character and actress are no match for Jason Thompson.

    Days-yes Dannifer is awful but as for Abigail/Cameron, I think they have potyential, and its Chad I haven’t been liking. Casey Diedrick started off strong on the show, but he is the one who has been playing it flat and personalityless all year

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    I agree with ALL of the Y&R couples..yuck! But I also agree with SoapStalker, NuKyle and Summer…how could you miss that one?! they were downright PAINFUL to watch. I still can’t get over NuKyle’s creepiness factor. And yeah old Kyle and Summer had a LOT of chemistry.

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    RebeccaJ, too bad that the powers to be, don’t realize how terrible this Kyle character is. The hair alone would make me fire him. Of course Y and R rates very high in the bad hair characters and their terrible hair pieces.

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    lm cee

    I agree Dylan and Chelsea deserve to be number 1 and along with them should be Ron & Frank pet Silas with Sam. If they weren’t shoved down our throats since the moment Michael Easton walked on to the GH set they might have worked. But whatever chemistry they have 10 years ago I just don’t see it now. Too forced. Just like Dylan and Chelsea. All for the TPTB pets

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    lm cee

    Dylan and Chelsea deserve the number 1 spot along with GH Sam & Silas. This pair have been shoved down our throats from the moment Michael Easton stepped on to the GH set. Whatever chemistry they had 10 years ago is now lost. Both couples have been so forced. Why, because they are Jill, Frank & Rons Pets.

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    You guys are WAY OFF on AJ and Miranda, they have a wonderful, natural chemistry with one another. If anything, AJ and Heather should have been on this list.

    Also, I don’t think Pete and Ceila should be on this list. Jordan Lane Price can be painful to watch sometimes but their storyline wasn’t that bad…it was just kinda cheesy.

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    I just can’t in a million years put Sonny & Connie on a list that wouldn’t include Kiki with ANYONE or Lane from Y/R, the latter i was vehemently opposed to a few years ago. Heck, i practically boycotted Y/R for the overexposed and propped up Cane, played by an actor just a slight less cheesy than Ron Moss. Maybe for the hot minute that Connie was shoved down our throats during that whole plagiarism storyline and was on about 15 eps in a row i could merit Sonny & Connie making a Springtime list, but other than that i’ve seen way worse than Sonny & Connie. Let’s also give a brief mention to how OVER THE TOP LiLo (Olivia) is playing all her material the past couple weeks since Connie was offed. The constant snot-nosed hysterics are just more than this viewer can stand. Tone it down LiLo, you’re more annoying than usual. >)

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    #1 for me has always been Lily/Cane
    #2 Hope and whoever she is with
    #3 Katie/Bill
    #4 any one Kevin Y&R is with. I see no chemistry w/the ladies and him
    #5 Paul/Nikki
    #6 Any one Christine is with
    #7 Kyle/Summer
    #8 Brittany w/any one
    #9 Taylor/Eric
    #10 Taylor/Ridge

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    GH’s Kiki/Michael (or Kiki/Morgan) definitely should’ve been on this list. DAYS’ Abby/Cameron may have been boring but they weren’t nearly as annoying as the Kiki drama.

    Props for using the word “shrill” to describe a male character for once.

    Dannifer is a leech sucking the soul out of DAYS.

    Steve Burton in any pairing is automatically a nonstarter AFAIAC.

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