Wishful Casting: Tuc Watkins and Josh Kelly as Phillip III and Chance on The Young and the Restless

With One Life to Live "shelved", several of the soap's biggest stars are likely looking for work. While I don't think any of the existing network daytime suds should go on a casting spree akin to Maria Arena Bell flying low over the carcasses of the ABC Daytime version of All My Children a few years back, I do think several suds roles could be smartly filled with OLTL vets. For starters, imagine the hilarious dose of brazen sexuality and bon vivant energy Tuc Watkins would inject into the role of Phillip Chancellor III on The Young and the Restless.

Let me backtrack a bit to set up the story that would facilitate the return of Jill Foster Abbott's (Jess Walton) first born son with the late Phillip Chancellor II. Chance (played by OLTL hottie Josh Kelly in my fan fic wet dreams) returns to Genoa City on the heels of his step-grandmother's death, with plans of going to work at Chancellor Industries. Nina (Tricia Cast) and Phillip's son has had his fill of dodging bullets as a cop, and at long last wants to explore his birthright. Chance hopes to take an entry-level position at the firm and learn the ropes from CEO Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard).

Understandably a bit wary, Cane still readily agrees to teach the son of his best friend—whose identity he once assumed—everything he knows. Lily (Christel Khalil) assures her husband he has nothing to fear from Chance — he's a good guy! There's no way Chance would return to the family fold, under the guise of learning the business from the ground up, while secretly plotting against Cane, she reasons.

"That just isn't in Chance's nature," she promises.

Unfortunately for Lily and Cane, it most assuredly is in Jill's nature.

Still feeling slighted over Katherine (the late Jeanne Cooper) passing her over for the CEO position, Jill sets about making things right for the next generation. She becomes determined to see her grandson seated at the late Phillip Chancellor II's desk. Phillip died wanting Jill and their son to have his legacy, but Kay stopped that from happening, when she had Jill and Phillip's marriage invalidated. Since Phillip III wants nothing to do with the Chancellor empire, Jill vows to see to it that his son gets what is rightfully his.

To that end, she teams with Nina, who also wants Chance atop the family dynasty. Nina was the person who initially exposed Cane's "I'm The Real Phillip" con. While she's pretended to accept his precarious role in their family, Nina has been desperately waiting for the "Chance" to get rid of the Aussie grifter.

The two women team up to begin buying up shares in Chancellor Industries. Jill sells her interest in Fenmore's Department Stores, Inc. to Adam (Michael Muhney), in order to secretly buy Tucker McCall's stake in Chancellor. Nina uses the considerable liquid assets she inherited from Kay's estate to set up a dummy corporation, Prodigal Inc., with the sole purpose of acquiring enough stock in Chancellor to force a board of directors vote that rids the company of Cane.

Jill and Nina aren't the only women in Genoa City thrilled about Chance's return. A newly-divorced Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) wonders if this is her and Delia's opportunity for a second "Chance". With Esther's (Kate Linder) encouragement, Chloe begins to pursue Chance again — much to Nina's chagrin.

Nina still maintains Chloe isn't the right woman for her son. Jill is quick to point out Chloe is a lot like Nina was when she was younger, a shameless schemer on the make. Nina doesn't miss the opportunity to remind her frenemy she was no slouch in the gold digger category back in the day!

"Touche," Jill quips.

Chance's meddling grandmother and mother decide beautiful young heiress and model Summer Newman (Hunter King) would be a much more suitable match for the heir apparent, than a multiple divorcée with a baby, who happens to be the maid's daughter. Now here's where Tuc comes in.

When Phillip (now played by Watkins) gets wind of what Jill and Nina have been up to, the jet setter returns to put a stop to their shenanigans. He tells Nina he expects this sort of behavior from Jill, but he's surprised by her. Doesn't she realize she and his mother are interfering in Chance's life, the exact same way Kay and Jill once played god with his, Nina's and Cricket's (Lauralee Bell) lives?

"What's next, are you going to pay your male secretary to seduce Chloe?" Phillip wonders.

Nina shoots back that maybe if his two moms had been successful in busting them up, she wouldn't have spent years pining away for a not-so-dead gay man!

While back in town, Phillip strikes up a surprising friendship with Chloe's ex-husband Kevin (Greg Rikaart). Over drinks one night at On The Boulevard, Kevin relays his disastrous history with women to Phillip — who is in talks to buy the restaurant from his brother.

Kevin jokingly wonders aloud, "Maybe I should give up and play for the other team?"

Realizing his remark may come off as offensive, Kevin apologizes. Phillip tells him no offense was taken. He then leans over to kiss Kevin passionately, as Billy (Billy Miller) looks on in amused shock.

Kevin freaks.

"Dude, what are you doing?" he demands.

Phillip apologizes, saying he got the impression Kevin was interested. Kevin insists he isn't and rushes off.

"What…the…hell was that big bro?" Billy asks, still chuckling.

"Screw you, Billy," Phillip returns, getting up to leave, dejected.

Kevin heads straight home for the shower. Thoughts of Phillip's lips pressed against his cause him to quickly turn the water temperature down a few degrees.

What do you think? Is it high time for the real Chancellor heirs to return to claim what belongs to them? Sound off in the comments!



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  1. Profile photo of Nk3play2

    DEFINITELY agree with Tuc Watkins… It would give him a chance to play some really meaty material instead of the usual comedy. He also resembles Thom Bierdz, and is a much better actor.

    As for Josh Kelly, I’m not sure about him as Chance.

  2. Profile photo of mk1814

    I’m torn. I grew up watching Thom Bierdz, and even though he is not exactly a great thespian, it is hard to picture anyone else in the roll. On the other hand, it would be fantastic to see Tuc Watkins back on screen. And Josh and Elizabeth would be FIRE!!!

    However, even if they were hired, it all goes back to the scripts and right now, the scripts suck!!!!!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    “That maid” is earning 2.4 million a year while Jill is worried about affording the cost of maintaining the mansion’s expansive grounds. I don’t get why Jill was worried about affording the mansion when she has her own load of money.

  4. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I love, LOVE the whole wishful scenario Jamey set up to bring the two characters back.

    I’ve always wanted Tuc Watkins to play a recast Dr. Daniel Jonas or Mike Horton on Days, but I definitely could get behind (in more ways than one ;)) his playing Phillip III on Y&R.

  5. Profile photo of BetseyD

    [quote=SoapArmageddon]I love, LOVE the whole wishful scenario Jamey set up to bring the two characters back.

    I’ve always wanted Tuc Watkins to play a recast Dr. Daniel Jonas or Mike Horton on Days, but I definitely could get behind (in more ways than one ;)) his playing Phillip III on Y&R.[/quote]

    Dr. Mike Horton!

    I have really missed that character from the canvas, and Tuc NEEDS to be on one of these shows – or should I say that I NEED for Tuc to be on one of these shows, as well as Josh Kelly!

  6. Profile photo of lightbringer

    juicy,juicy…juicy: if the show is looking for writers they just need to come to this site and read the ideas from the D.C.’s staff and from the fans(stoney)!

    Keep writing Jamey, Harding Lemay would be proud!!

  7. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Though BRILLIANT, the “problem” with this scenario is that it mines too much history and involves too many veterans and legacy characters. So, we would never see this scenario come to fruition, Clearly, the “new” Y&R wants to focus on new and “alluring” characters. This past 6+ months, the three characters who have been front-burner and/or received the lion’s share of story have been Dylan, Avery and Chelsea – three characters who have been on the show for less than 3 years and who, to me, are not very interesting at all. But they have been driving story. Having watched Y&R faithfully since 1976, my loyalty and interest has been sorely tested for the last 7 years – starting with the Lyn Marie Latham debacle to the high highs and very low lows of Maria Arena Bell to its current incarnation with a woefully “miscast” Jill Farren Phelps. Y&R has not been consistently good since before 2005. And for the past six months, I have probably watched one episode every two weeks and I always seemed to get a show that was, in my opinion, just awful.

    Now, I do not want to sound like one of those people who long for the days of Bill Bell, Sr.; even though I do. But I am a realist who knows those days are long gone. The riches and opportunities of this show have been squandered time and time again. With as much history and as many characters still playing their roles 20, 25, 30+ years later, some of the stories can write themselves. But, instead we get attempts to recreate the wheel. Y&R was not broken. And every attempt to fix it the past 8 years has only broken it a little more with each attempt.

    I get why the show wants to bring in new talent/characters on screen. The veteran cast of this show must cost a mint. But the issue is in the poor development of the NEXT generation of young and restless characters. For every Billy and Adam, there is a horribly miscast Kyle and Victoria – therefore it appears the writers are clueless as to what to do with them. Chloe should not be supporting Chelsea’s story, she should be driving story – and, as referenced, Jamey’s story treatment above is a brilliant showcase for E. Hendrickson (and those inspired recasts.) Nick should not be in an insipid and uninspired love triangle with Avery and Dylan, he should be, if we must, in a love triangle with Sharon and, again, if we must, Dylan. Characters that we know and care about should be front and center – be it a veteran who has been on the show “forever” or a recast legacy character. And, yes, sprinkle in some new characters (played by knowns and unknowns) who have meaningful, believable ties to the characters on canvas that we know, love and care about.

    I rarely ever post anymore because Y&R, which was my first daytime drama to watch and love for years and years and years, just is not worth it anymore. Fool me once (Lynn Marie Latham), shame on you; fool me twice (Maria Arena Bell), shame on me; fool me a third time (Josh Griffith/Jill Farren Phelps), and you will not get to fool me a fourth time (Jean Passanante/Shelly Altman/Jill Farren Phelps).

    So, I will be taking note of what you guys here at Daytime Confidential (Luke, Jamie, Jillian, et. al and the posters) have to say about the new regime; but my once bi-weekly watching will likely not change. Sigh…

  8. Profile photo of DanMan869

    I’d like to see the return of PCII and PCIV to the canvas as they not only are legacy characters, but they’re connected to Katherine in ways that continues to keep her memory “alive” on the canvas.

    I would probably prefer to see Thom Bierdz return to the role, but in the years that he’d been gone, he neglected to continue to work that acting muscle. That said, I’m fine accepting Tuc Watkins as PCIII #2. A strong leading man is just what the role needs now as an adult who has come into his own during his years being “dead” in Australia.

    I totally could see Kevin Fisher finally exploring his homosexual feelings he’s buried for so long when he has the kind of encounter described by Jamey above. What it needs though is a bit of a twist. Kevin needs to go to the police station to work and he’s clearly distracted and confused. That’s when Detective Chavez begins to tease Kevin about why he’s so distracted. Kevin finally says he needs to talk with someone impartial–and who better than Chavez who “isn’t really his friend”–which elicits a slightly hurt look from Chavez that Kevin doesn’t see. Kevin explains what happened with PCIII at On The Boulevard and how “he doesn’t have anything against gay people,” but it really threw him when PCIII kissed him…and well, he wasn’t sure how it made him feel. He just didn’t know how he really felt about things and–well, nevemrind. He should be working–just forget it. When Kevin makes an excuse and goes down the hall for something, the Female Detective (whom Abby suspected was trying to come between her and Chavez when they briefly dated) steps out of the shadows and quietly asks, “did Kevin just say he kissed a guy? I didn’t know he was gay?” Chavez quickly responds that he doesn’t think Kevin is gay, but… And that’s when the Female Detective says, “So does Kevin know that YOU’RE gay?” They fade to commercial on a grinning Chavez. When they return to the two of them, Chavez tells Female Detective that he’s never come out to Kevin–he was keeping things professional between them. Female Detective seems surprised, telling Chavez she had kind of gotten the impression that there had been flirting going on between Chavez and Kevin when they were working together at the police station. Chavez grins again and admits that maybe HE was flirting with Kevin–just a little bit! But from the way Kevin said he reacted when PCIII kissed him, well… maybe he’s barking up the wrong tree. Female Detective smiles and tells Chavez that if he waits too long to find out for sure, Kevin may just have figured out what he wants–and it might not be him. If you want him, let him know!

    And thus, the love triangle between PCIII, Kevin, and Detective Chavez would begin!

  9. Profile photo of pferrando

    Sorry. No to Tuc. Not a good fit for YR. At all. He’s needed at OLTL.

    Josh isn’t as well known, so he could work as Chance.

    But if they were to return, which isn’t needed right now with the still large cast, I’d much rather have our originals.

    No more recasts. Except maybe for a new Phyllis SOMEDAY.

  10. Profile photo of lance_prentiss


    Love your ideas! I hope that someone over at Sony/CBS reads this and brings back the Chancellor family to the forefront. The characters of Jill, Phillip, Nina and Chance have so much history with this show. Aside from Jack and Adam vs. Victor, there are no great rivalries on this show anymore (especially among the female characters). The Kay/Jill rivalry was epic and drove story for decades. A rivalry between Nina and Chloe would be delicious.

    It is senseless that these regimes don’t write for these characters as opposed to others.

    Not sure about Tuc as a recast though but love the rest.

    Great work Jamey.

  11. Profile photo of pferrando

    And SoapSnob, what a brilliant post.

    So many of us understand where it all went wrong (Latham), where it could have gone right (Maria).

    Phelps never was the answer, but I’m sticking thru this until I read on DC or somewhere that she’s gone.

    Bringing in more ABC faces sours more of us during this tenure so I’ll just keep hoping for the best with these 3 new writers hoping they mine the talent they have.

  12. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Thank you, pferrando. I always enjoy/appreciate your thoughtful posts as well. Sounds like you are one of those Y&R fans like me, weened on the very best filet mignon (Y&R in its golden years) who will not eat this horrid dog food/pig slop (Y&R now). :-)

    Since you will be “sticking through this”, I will be watching for and reading your Y&R-related DC posts very carefully as I trust your opinion. No pressure there. :-D

  13. Profile photo of guilty pleasure
    guilty pleasure

    Jamey, why are you putting OLTL actors like Tuc Watkins and Josh Kelly in one of your “Wishful Casting” posts to be considered for recasted roles on Y&R? The OLTL actors’ contracts aren’t going to be expired until January 2014 (according to what Erika Slezak said in an interview with the Examiner website), and OLTL is only shelved until the PP/ABC lawsuit is settled, and the show IS NOT CANCELLED!!!!

  14. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=guilty pleasure]OLTL is only shelved until the PP/ABC lawsuit is settled, and the show IS NOT CANCELLED!!!![/quote]


    Thanks. I needed a laugh tonight. ;-)

  15. Profile photo of MissBubbles

    Love your wishful storytelling Jamey its brilliant, classic character driven, multi generational, finely threaded storytelling that pays homage to history. This is something we could have expected in the Gloria Monty, Bill Bell Sr, Irna Phillips, Agnes Nixion era of storytelling. Those storylines would have drove story for years, I wouldn’t trust the new regime with something like this. Knowing them those storylines would have played out in 6 months oops I’m sorry 3 months then it would have been forgotten.

  16. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    [quote=guilty pleasure]@TV Gord: Do you actually think OLTL is done for good again? If so, then I guess you’re not a real OLTL fan after all![/quote]

    I am a real OLTL fan. I also have a grip on reality. The two concepts are not mutually exclusive.

  17. Profile photo of Yoryla

    [quote=TV Gord][quote=guilty pleasure]OLTL is only shelved until the PP/ABC lawsuit is settled, and the show IS NOT CANCELLED!!!![/quote]
    Thanks. I needed a laugh tonight. ;-)[/quote]

    Gord :D

  18. Profile photo of pjc722

    I’d accept either actor on the show. And I could even see tuc as Philip the 3rd but can’t see the other as chance because tuc, albeit in his 40s looks too young even if Phillip III was a teen when chance was born. Chance would have to be DE-aged to work. Lol

    But I could see him as a love interest for Abby to give Tyler a run for his money or even for Sharon.

    And while I’m on it, summer lusting after her new brother whether he is or not is gross. And vice versa. Honestly it’s just stupid. Any and all of us would change that love into brotherly

  19. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    @bobbyew Picture it: Jess Walton and Tuc Watkins as a fabulously-bitchy mother/son combo.

    Tuc Watkins and Tricia Cast as snarky exes-turned-BFF’s who wage war about who is right about their hunky son’s life.

    Tuc Watkins and Billy Miller as BROTHERS!

  20. Profile photo of pferrando

    Soapsnob- Thank you. :beer:

    It might have been more reassuring to hear Jamey was hired as the new HW than the three that will soon start spitting stuff at us.

    I REALLY hope I’m wrong here, but I just don’t see HOW it could work.

    Is there a “YR for Dummies” text we can be sure they read. They need to focus on the 1973-2006 years. I’ve torn most of the pages out of the 2006-present book.

  21. Profile photo of ldylkng

    [quote=Jamey Giddens]@bobbyew Picture it: Jess Walton and Tuc Watkins as a fabulously-bitchy mother/son combo.

    Tuc Watkins and Tricia Cast as snarky exes-turned-BFF’s who wage war about who is right about their hunky son’s life.

    Tuc Watkins and Billy Miller as BROTHERS![/quote]

    GO JAMEY GO JAMEY!!!!! Love it!!

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